Flamingo Dance.

Flamingo Dance is now available in the Etsy store. $5 special price for the PDF pattern. There is also a printed version available.

Sorry about the terrible photo, it was a very gloomy but intensely glary day. I’ve taken 300 photos LOL. I’ll update the photo when we get a clear day.

However there is a full quilt diagram provided in the pattern to help with block placement and if you zoom in on the pattern photo you will get a clearer look at how they are placed.

Monday Bliss? ROFLOL

Did you read my calm, blissed out post this morning? Well quite literally the minute I pressed the ‘publish’ button my phone rang. It was my daughter, her class was cancelled and she needed a lift home from the train station.

Then just as I got home and put my keys on the table, my phone rang again. My son needed picking up from Uni because he wasn’t feeling well.

flamingo border 2Then we discovered our had roof leaked during the Cyclone Debbie downpour.

Then I spilt my entire cup of tea all over my work table, sewing machine, and flamingo quilt.

Monday was NOT blissful. ROFLOL & giggles!

border flamingosRemember this from last night? I used the fusible ‘applique paper’ needle turn method. The glue is supposed to wash away, leaving a light paper residue. Everything looked wonderful, it was crisp and lovely, and I was feeling particularly pleased with my super neat, near invisible stitches.

needleturnI hand-washed the block this morning to remove the glue and… blech. I’ve tried to love this product, I want to love this product, but it fails me every single time I use it. It just doesn’t seem to stand up to washing. The wrinkles can’t be ironed or steamed out, the glue/paper prevents it, and the stitches distort and become visible.

So many people love this paper, but I can’t seem to get it to work for me. I can only think I’m doing something wrong, but whatever the reason the result is always the same and it’s going in the bin.

It’s back to the needle turn drawing board for me! Happy Monday lovelies, I hope your Monday isn’t a good as mine LOL. xx