Free Projects

Hi! Welcome to our free pattern page. From time to time I will upload a free project for your use.
Some of our free patterns will be released for a limited time only, and may revert to paid status at a future date.

Pocket Bunnies! These little guys are perfect as pin cushions. Download the file by clicking on the photograph to the left.

The blocks below are designed to fit the Paper Dolls quilt pattern. Click on the images below to download the templates.

I’ve had a few requests regarding skin toned fabrics. I mostly use Kona Cottons and I’ve listed some colour choices here – Kona Peach, Kona Ice Peach, Kona Bellini (flesh), Kona LT Parfait, Kona Shell, Kona Eggshell, Kona Caramel, Kona Earth, Kona Honey, Kona Leather, Kona Suede, Kona Latte, Kona Raffia, Kona Straw, Kona Tan, Kona Wheat, Kona Sable, Kona Mocha, Kona Coffee & Kona Brown.

Mr & Mrs Claus Christmas aprons. Easily adjusted to fit most sizes.

Limited time! The Flower Fairies.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our free Valentine’s heart block.

Download our sweet Plum Pudding Bird Christmas ornament!

Download Mrs Claus in her bikini to celebrate Christmas in the tropics!

Our Tiny Little Reindeer ornaments look gorgeous on the Christmas tree!