Free Projects + Bonus Blocks

Hi! Welcome to our free pattern page. Some downloads are for complete patterns/projects and others are bonus blocks for existing paid patterns.
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“Little Princesses”
Bonus Blocks

“Cottontail Bunnies”
Snack Mat Pattern

Going on an Egg Hunt”
Simple Bag Pattern

“Pocket Bunnies”
Tiny Bunnies Soft Toy Pattern

“Erik the Christmas Gnome”
Snack Mat Pattern

“Tiny Little Reindeer”
Easy Christmas Ornament

“The Land Down Under”
Bonus Blocks + Adaptation

I’ve had a few requests regarding skin toned fabrics. I mostly use Kona Cottons and I’ve listed some colour choices here – Kona Peach, Kona Ice Peach, Kona Bellini (flesh), Kona LT Parfait, Kona Shell, Kona Eggshell, Kona Caramel, Kona Earth, Kona Honey, Kona Leather, Kona Suede, Kona Latte, Kona Raffia, Kona Straw, Kona Tan, Kona Wheat, Kona Sable, Kona Mocha, Kona Coffee & Kona Brown. You can purchase them from all good quilt stores.

Mr & Mrs Claus Christmas aprons. Easily adjusted to fit most sizes.

Paper Dolls Quilt Bonus Blocks

The blocks below are designed to fit the Paper Dolls quilt pattern. Click on the images below to download the templates.