Saturday night live…


Hi y’all, how’s the weather at your place? It’s hot and humid here, unpleasantly so. Did you know that Sydney was the hottest place in the world last week? We haven’t quite reached those temperatures (and I truly hope we don’t this Summer) but it’s hot enough to be uncomfortable. It’s heading towards midnight and we’re still soaked with sweat. Yuck.

I’ve been playing around with 4in Sawtooth Star blocks today. I think they are going to look good in this quilt. You really can’t tell if a component will work in a design until it’s are made. They look good in my sketch, but frequently when you transfer a design from paper to the real thing everything falls apart.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend, it’s time for a cool shower and some sleep for me. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy apparently, even hotter than today. xx


Space Giraffe

Hi guys, another week has flown by and I’m still trying to get motivated. I’m working, but it’s coming in fits and starts. Everything is fine and I’ll be back on track soon; all of those 2am finishes in December took their toll and I’m not quite back on top of things yet.

I have giraffes, rockets, and pugs on my work table this week. I need a shopping trip to Peppermint Stitches to buy some more background fabric, I’m down to scraps in my stash.

My sweet boy turned 21 today. Twenty-one! I’m not sure where the time has gone.


You know how they say never work with kids and animals? Kate found this on her phone. Rem is the devil when it comes to quilts. If I put a quilt on the floor, he does this (even without the laser). Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

The happiest quilts…

Have you tried mixing and matching the templates from the ‘Happy Quilts‘ book to make new designs? Take the pigs and farmers from the Windyhill Farm quilt and the borders from the Princess quilt and voila! This little piggy went to market 

piggy quilt watermarked

How easy is it to change a pattern to suit the recipient? Easy peasy! Liz asked if I had a photo of a boy’s version of the Snuggle Bears pattern in the ‘Happy Quilts‘ book. I didn’t but it’s easy to adapt using the star template from the Hound Dog quilt.

*The colours are a bit off because I used Photoshop but I think it worked a treat.
*No lectures about pink vs. blue etc. please 

You can use the super heroes templates to make multiple Prince Charmings for the princess quilt. You will need to resize the boys a little using your printer options – try printing at 89% of the original size to begin with. Each printer will be different so experiment until you get it right.

prince charming

And you can adapt the super hero soft toy to make a prince by using the crown from the Princess doll and changing the colours of the clothing! Aren’t my photoshop skills amazing! ROFLOL.

prince-1The possibilities are endless! Happy Monday and happy quilting everyone! toni xx


On my work table tonight… I’m working on the preliminary shapes for Geraldine the Beaver Giraffe. My first ‘happy quilt’ for 2018!

IMG_1589# gives me an excuse to use up all my orange fabric!

Back in the saddle…

The past couple of weeks have been creatively barren and I’ve been getting a little more panicky by the day. A small kernel of an idea has bloomed into a can’t-wait-to get-started plan for a happy quilt.

Thank goodness!

racy rockets1

These quilts were made a donkey’s age ago and were taught as beginner’s quilts. I found the photo when I was clearing out the folders on my hard drive :o>