A land of sweeping plains…

We made our escape from suburbia today and headed for the hills and my favourite local watering hole. The sky was incredibly blue and it was so peaceful. My anxiety and stress disappear out here.somerset 1somerset 2We were being watched the whole time. Can you see our visitor? Hint, he’s next to the big termite mound.kangaroo 1Ps. the sky was really that colour, no filters or Photoshop.

When we got home this photo was in my inbox and it really capped off a brilliant day. This is Gay’s Land Down Under quilt. Isn’t it gorgeous and fun and happy. I love how Gay has put it together and her fabric choices are amazing.gay thomas aussie quiltI hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine. All I need to do now is find a willing volunteer to cook dinner and it will be perfect ha ha! toni xx

Hey lovelies, it’s $4 Fun Friday

Hiya lovelies, it’s $4 Fun Friday.

The Wild West, My Family dolls, A Mermaid’s Tale, Mr Fox’s Garden, Little Mermaid Pins, and The Rabbits at Hyde Park are all on special in our Etsy store this weekend.

$4 for the PDF patterns, $11.50 including postage for the printed patterns, and $15 plus postage for the two Little Mermaid Pins. These a great stocking stuffers!

Our latest free pattern “Scrappy Bears” is available for download from our Freebies page. Did you know we have a whole page dedicated to freebies? Pop on over and have a look, there’s a great selection to choose from. Simply click on the photos to download the files.Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.18.42 pmI’m still muddling along and feeling a bit out of sorts. I’m not feeling particularly creative which always feeds my anxiety and leads to a lot of frustration. I know everyone is a little over snowmen right now, but I’ve been playing with these guys this week. They were in my scrap bin and I thought I’d resurrect them. Never fear the cows are still on my worktable ha ha!

snowmanOkay I have to go and change the sheets on the beds before the weather turns gloomy and wet again. Then think of dinner. Then maybe, maybe I’ll get to do some sewing ha ha! Enjoy your weekend everyone, toni xx

Friday Stuff.

Hi lovelies, how has your week been? It’s been a fairly unproductive week for Red Boots, but I’ve had some much needed personal down time and I’m starting to feel a whole lot better.

Our new business cards arrived this week and they look great. I’ve decided to also use them as backing cards for our pins. The photos aren’t great – why can’t I work out how to use this new camera!?? – but you get the idea.

We had a visitor to our backyard this week. This guy is a Pacific Baza or crested hawk. Isn’t he (or maybe he’s a she?) beautiful. Kelly snapped the photos. These guys used to visit a lot but they’ve been a bit scarce lately.

Amazon dot com has a few copies of Happy Quilts back in stock if you are chasing a copy. There are supposed to be more on the way but they have been slow showing up. I’m not sure how close we are to the end of the print run.

This months giveaway will include a reusable cup from the lovelies at KeepCup plus a pack of HeatnBond Lite and a pack of HeatnBond Fusible Interfacing from the fabulous folk at Thermoweb. You can find the details on how to enter on our giveaway page (in the menu). We have a cupboard full of KeepCups, most coffee shops accept them, and it takes all those one-use plastic cups out of the environment (no sponsorship, I pay for most of these prizes myself).

That’s about it from me tonight. I’m hoping to get some sewing done this weekend, in between dividing and re-potting the Zygocactus and close on 50 succulents that is! Have a fabulous weekend y’all, toni xx

Drink Milk.

I’m playing with cows. Once I get the shape right I’ll knuckle down and work on colour and layout. I’m also suffering from a bout of anxiety which is leaving me a little unsure of myself and my work. This too shall pass. xx

bw cow