The OK Corral

Good morning lovely quilters! I’ve finished revamping the old (original) Wild West quilt pattern and have uploaded it to the website and the Etsy store. It’s been renamed “The OK Corral” to save confusion. As always the introductory price is cheap as chips :o) If you are wondering about the original pattern, well it’s old […]

Freebies Update!

Good morning y’all, it’s an overcast day here in the Sunshine State and it looks like the gloomy weather brings the gloomy news of a possible Covid lockdown for us. I’ve updated the free projects page so pop on over and sew some happy projects. I’m currently working on the next group of new designs, […]

Happy Monday!

Good morning and Happy Monday lovely quilters! How are y’all? It’s an overcast day here, we’re hoping for rain as everything is bone dry again and the water tanks are almost empty. Positives this week – it’s study week for Uni which means I’m home more than usual which means I might, just might, get […]

This Little Fishy.

Howdy, super-lovely quilters! How are you all on this slightly chilly Spring/Fall day? We’ve been muddling along, my hubby’s step-brother passed away suddenly and left us reeling a little. Life is so unexpected, it’s made us step back a little and re-evaluate everything. As always sewing has been my happy place, a place of safe […]

Gosh hello. Let’s start again.

Well gosh hello, let’s start this again. I’m afraid today’s horrible news reports made me grouchy as heck. I have some updates on shipping within Australia – AusPost in NSW is under pressure, hundreds of staff are in lockdown, and they’ve suspended all standard processing until 7th September. Unfortunately letter post is being caught up […]

Fairy Tale Friday!

I’ve updated the Snuggle Bears soft toy pattern to include the templates for these smaller bears. They measure approx. 12 1/2in tall and are perfect for little hands. If you already have the pattern simply print the templates at 75% of their original size. You can do this in your printer preferences. For the scrappy […]