Miss Molly is in da house…

I found this pattern in my archives. I was thinking of releasing it as a freebie. Any takers? It will take a week or two to reformat, redraw, and rewrite it.

All Etsy patterns will be back to full price this afternoon, so get in quick if you want a $5 bargain!

Happy Friday, xxweb-small-miss-molly

Pattern Update – Campfire Quilts

Hi everyone,

I’ve reformatted and updated the Campfire Quilts pattern. I’ve emailed everyone who is on my Etsy sold list for this pattern and attached the new version.


It always was a hard one to write and when we reformatted for US paper sizes a couple of the instructions got mixed up. I’m much happier with this version of the pattern.

If you’ve purchased the pattern and haven’t received your updated copy please message me. Let me know where you purchased the pattern from and I will arrange for the update to get to you.

Happy Tuesday! xx

Happy Quilts with Happy Flowers

This is Melody’s first ever quilt. I think it’s the happiest version of Citrus Blossoms that I’ve ever seen, isn’t it gorgeous! Thanks for letting me share Melody, you’ve done a brilliant job. xx

melodys quilt

Please email me photos of your Red Boots projects, I love to see them, and I will do a post every so often showcasing them. I think I’ll probs do a giveaway too. Let me think how I will work it, and I’ll get back to you. My email is redbootquilts@bigpond.com