Shipping Delays to USA

Hi, I’m letting all my US customers know that there are currently severe shipping delays within the US due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Because of this shipping times may be extended to anything up to 12 weeks, possibly more.

Unfortunately I can’t control this or give a delivery estimate as each State has different pandemic protocols in place. Tracking is NOT available on standard letter post from Australia.

If you would like me to send you a PDF version of the quilt pattern/s you have ordered – to get you started on your project – please message me with your invoice and email details.

Thanks for your understanding in these trying times. Stay healthy and safe, toni xx

J’s Scrap Bin Sheep
J’s Hound Dogs

Paper Doll Sew-Along #7

Hi lovely quilters, it’s time for the next instalment of our Thermoweb Paper Dolls Sew-Along. Click on the photo below to download the file, or pop on over to our Paper Dolls Sew-Along page where you will find all of the instalments and more. Row 2 is now complete, Autumn/fall is next to come!

I’ve had a lot of requests in recent weeks for the old Flower Fairies pattern so I’ve uploaded it to our free pattern page for a limited time. Keep in mind this is an older pattern and I haven’t updated it yet. Please take care with the wing and body templates, make sure the overlapping pieces do overlap properly, especially around the hair.

I’ve been unpicking this old quilt top I found in my scrap bin. I was never entirely happy with it and being in lockdown has given me the time to revisit the design. It’s been trimmed, pressed and re-set in plain framing strips. Now to fix the borders! This is a procrastination project, I can’t quite get the sloth quilt right and it’s driving me crazy LoL.

I hope you’ve all been well and taking care. Are the lockdowns easing where you are? I’m hoping to be able to stock up on fabric in the coming weeks as the stores start to open again, my stash is seriously depleted LoL. Love to all, toni xx

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hello lovely quilters! How has your week been? I’ve been diving into my scrap bins, getting creative with recycled materials, and catching up on admin. I completely forgot our wedding anniversary last week, not that we really celebrate beyond marvelling at how we’ve put up with each other for so long. Ha ha ha! But it shows that my mind has been elsewhere.

I’ve put together a sweet little (medium sized) quilt made from scrap fabrics and an old, recycled sheet (for the borders). Rem has claimed it for his own, but I’m really pleased that something so.. so happy, can be created from left over scraps. If you look closely you can see where I’ve joined fabrics to make whole shapes.

My local supply/fabric stores have been closed under the Coronavirus lockdowns so I had to get creative with fabric, especially for the borders. I found an old, orphan sheet in amongst my linen; I gave it a good starch and pressing and took to it with the rotary cutter. Voila! a finished quilt top!

It’s been pressed, de-furred and packaged up ready for quilting. I’ll have the pattern uploaded to Etsy in the next day or two. Now to make a proper start on the Sloths. I wonder if I have another orphan sheet somewhere to cut up for borders LoL. Have fun, take care, stay healthy, give someone a virtual, virus free hug. Much love, toni xx

Paper Dolls Sew-Along #6

Hi lovelies, we’ve uploaded Instalment #6 to the website – see the Paper Doll Sew-Along tab in the menu. You can also click on the photo below to download the files.

We’ve also made up some bonus blocks – doctors and nurses. Again click on the photo or head to the Paper Dolls Sew-Along page via the menu.

I’ve got to run, I hope you’ve all been safe and well, take care, toni xx

Paper Dolls Bonus Blocks

Hellllloooo everyone! How has your week been? Are you still working or are you self-isolating? I’ve drawn up some bonus paper dolls blocks – a wedding group – bride, bridesmaid, and groom. I’ll upload the templates to the website later tomorrow. I’ll be adding more bonus blocks over the coming weeks including doctors, nurses, and their vehicles etc.

Message me with any requests (for paper dolls) you have and I’ll see what I can do – no promises, but I’ll try to draw them for you. All templates will fit the current sew-along. You can resize the templates by using the resize option on your printer (to add children to your quilt). Try resizing at 90% to 95% to begin – experiment with the sizes until you are happy with them.

Our Thermoweb giveaways will be postponed until the end of the sew-along because of CV-19. International parcel post has been suspended due to a lack of airline services. We’ll have one giant giveaway instead of six little ones. In the meantime I’m hoping I can rustle up some more prizes for you!

Take care everyone, toni xx

Paper Dolls #5

Helloooo lovelies, instalment five of our Thermoweb Paper Dolls Sew-Along is ready to go! Click on the image below to download the file. You can find all of the instalments on our Paper Doll Sew-Along page here.

I hope you’ve had a great week. If you pop on over to our Etsy store this weekend you’ll receive 25% off all of our PDF patterns. A small thank you for your continued love & support. Take care, stay healthy, happy, and safe, toni xx

Here Comes the Bride

Hello everyone, how have you all been? I hope you’re all happy, safe, and healthy.

We’ve had a difficult week; our nasty neighbour’s behaviour has gotten worse and he’s started exposing himself (to us). It really got me down, being in lockdown means we can’t leave the house to escape him.

Are there any benevolent millionaires/billionaires out there who can help get us out of here? Message me… ROFLOL.

A little while ago I was asked to draw templates for bride and groom paper dolls. I’ve finally got the bride looking good. There will be a groom and a bridesmaid too. You’ll be able to reduce the size of the templates to add children to the mix. I’ll try and get them uploaded (free) this week.

Kate and I cheered each other up today by planting sweetpea seeds and sunflower seeds. The last time we planted sunflower seeds the cockatoos came from far and wide to eat them. Hopefully come Spring we’ll have a new crop for our feathered friends.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter break despite the current restrictions. I know it’s been very hard on so many of you. Take care won’t you. I’ll pop in again with those templates and hopefully some new sewing. Much love, toni xx