It’s $4 Friday!

It’s $4 Friday!

Fun at the North Pole, Camp Grizzly, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, The Wild West, and Frosty’s Christmas are all on special this weekend. $4 for the PDF patterns $11.50 (incl. postage) for the printed patterns.

Our Aussie quilt is coming along. I’ve spent all day today trying to get an echidna right. I’m not sure whether I’ve cracked it yet, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve also found that wombats need their eyes and noses placed just right otherwise they look like fat koalas LOL.

The white background fabric is still giving me a little trouble from a (lack of) colour point of view. I’m thinking of adding some colour and texture via some hand-stitching. This quilt could be adorable but it could also go very wrong. I’m actually finding it very difficult to get right.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I’m hoping to get some sewing done, but there is so much to do around the house, I don’t know where to start. toni xx

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May-giveawayHappy Quilts is still on super special on Amazon. It’s terrific value for money so grab a copy before they are all gone.


Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.

Hey guys, it’s Friday night (actually it’s 12.06am so officially it’s Saturday morning) and I’m not really sure where the week went.

I’m struggling along with the koalas and kangaroos – they’re the reason why I’m still awake LOL. I’ll eventually get them right but in the meantime it’s as frustrating as heck.

After some tweaking tonight I think it comes down to the fabric I used for the kangaroos not quite fitting in with the grey/brown I used for the koalas. Sometimes it’s the simplest things! xx