I have received many requests asking about my licensing terms and conditions. After some thought I have decided to offer my patterns licence-free. This means that you don’t have to pay me a licence fee to make my patterns into items for sale when you are using them for a small home-based cottage industry. This does not apply to commercial use or manufacturing quantities. Please take the time to read the following.

No permission is given for commercial mass-production.

All of my patterns are unlimited for personal use – such as gifts. 

If you are a home sewer and have a cottage business where you personally make items to sell to your friends, family, at market stalls, or in your personal online store – you can purchase my patterns for that purpose.

My free patterns are included under the conditions listed on this page. Items made for charity are included under the conditions listed on this page. Items made from my patterns that have been published in magazines, in Australia and overseas, are also included under the conditions listed on this page.

It is not okay to purchase one pattern to share at a craft group, sewing bee, or sewing class. This is theft. Each sewer must purchase a pattern for themselves. Please be fair and understand that designing and writing is the way I make my living.

Production is limited under “no mass production”. This limitation applies as follows. Please limit your “The Red Boot Quilt Company” items to no more than six (6) items at one time. This means that you can have no more than a total of six (6) “The Red Boot Quilt Company” items listed in your online store or for sale at your market stall at any one time. Once those six items have sold you can, of course, make another six.

As a courtesy please give me credit for the design/pattern on each listing, and also on the hang/swing tag on each item. Eg. “Original design by Antonie Alexander” and a link to my website

My designs are my own work. Please do not sell copies of my designs or pass off my work as your own. Please support designers by respecting copyright laws.

Please note that copyright on my patterns still stands. You may not copy, resell, share, distribute, or publish (online or otherwise) any portion of any of my patterns without prior written permission from me. Anything that involves sharing any part of my patterns with anyone else is not allowed. Group sharing of PDF patterns or posting PDF patterns online is a definite no-no. The scanning of printed patterns or books and then distributing them online is also a no-no. Please support designers by respecting their work and their legal rights.

Please do not use any of my photographs, images, logos, badges, or graphics to promote your site or market stall. This includes yours signs, logos, flyers, tags, headers etc. These images are copyrighted. Please do not use my designs as all or part of your business/store logo.

Minor changes to my designs are allowed, but please credit me for the pattern. Please also note that it is a variation of the original design.

I would love if you send me a link to your online store, or the times and places of your market stall. I can then share the information on my blog and website. Please message me at if there is anything you don’t understand about our licencing conditions.

Thanks, toni xx