A Sunday Favourite. Scrap Bin Sheep.

Hi everyone,

This EU business has left me feeling very down. If you haven’t read about it, please Google it (EU VAT Digital Tax Law 2015). This is important, everybody should read about it even if you don’t think it affects you. The US is looking very closely at what happens within the EU with a view to implementing it there. The EU have stated that it is a test law for physical goods also. This affects everybody selling and buying online. I won’t be able to sell to the EU because I can’t do the tax paperwork for 28 different countries, all with differing VAT rates. South Africa has brought in their own very special little hell of a legislation too.

To celebrate what could be the ruin of many a small business, I’ve put Scrap Bin Sheep up on the website for $4 for the next 24 hours. xx

vibrant sheep 840

New EU Digital Tax Laws

Is everyone aware of the new EU digital tax (VAT) laws that are being implemented on 1st January, 2015? These new laws affect everyone, not just EU residents; and there are no threshold (income) exemptions. It is going to effectively wipe out small business PDF sales to Europe, unless sellers want to register with the 28 countries involved and then pay individual VAT payments to each. Sheesh the paperwork alone makes me want to leave the planet.

A large number of sellers are rethinking sales to Europe, and some are completely closing down the digital downloads section of their shops.

Any thoughts?

toni xx

A message from Me and My Red Boots.

Hi y’all,

It has been a pretty nasty week here at Red Boot Quilts. Really nasty. I’m a tough old broad but I’ve been reduced to tears on more than one occasion.

The future of Four Dollar Friday is shaky. I’m not sure what it is about ‘on sale’ items that brings out the crazy-nasty in people, but OMG it does. This week I hit the mother-load of horrible.

I rarely get complaints about missing orders. But occasionally shit happens.

About 1 in 100 PDF orders will have a glitch in the instant download option. This is standard, across-the-board for anyone selling e-products. There’s nothing individual businesses can do except to rely on their customers to send an email advising of the glitch which includes all details of the order. We can’t fix something we know nothing about or can’t track.

My website has an instant download service. You will receive an order confirmation (incl. receipt) via email with the downloads listed. Please look for this order confirmation, it’s your link to the e-pattern downloads.

The following are the source of 99.9% of problems and they are out of my control. A very small amount of printed patterns go missing in the post, usually averaging about one a year.

When you order printed or PDF patterns please check the following:

1. Make sure you haven’t used an outdated postal address. If you given the wrong address you won’t get the pattern. No matter how many I send out.

2. Check for errors in your email address. It’s really easy to type an extra letter and not notice.

3. Always check your spam or junk email folder. 99% of missing e-patterns and/or order confirmations are to be found there.

4. Check your husband’s spam or junk email folder. Many of you use your hubby’s email address/account when buying online, and I’ve found that nine and a half times out of ten he will delete emails he doesn’t recognise because he thinks they are spam.

5. Some email providers are problematic from the start. Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are usually the worst. If you can, please use an alternative email address. I don’t on-sell details so you won’t be spammed by using your ‘real’ email address.

6. If my email address is blocked (ie. you need to authorise your mail server to allow me to contact you) it makes life very difficult. You won’t receive your order and I can’t reply to your enquiry because I’m BLOCKED. It’s no use sending dozens of angry emails if I can’t reply to them. This would have to be the most frustrating thing ever.

If you have a problem with your order please email me, Facebook message me, or phone me before you hit the nuclear option and report me to PayPal or my bank. All my contact details are available on the website, the blog and Facebook. All you have to do is contact me and I’ll correct the problem as soon as is humanly possible. I’m a really nice person, I’m not here to rip you off. Remember time zones vary between country to country, I may not reply immediately because I am asleep.

Thanks everyone, toni xx

A Sweltering Hot Sunday Favourite

Is it hot at your place? It’s sweltering here, abnormally hot for this time of year. 41*C or 106*F.

fairies bed 840

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all the hot air being pumped out by the world’s politicians as they congregate in our lovely city for the G20! As soon as they go home temps should go back to normal ;0P

full fairies 840

To celebrate their leaving, I’ve put up the Flower Fairies quilt as a Sunday Favourite special. $4 for the PDF pattern, today only, on the website here.

Have fun, stay cool. Hubby has just filled the kiddy paddling pool and that’s where I intend to stay until the temperature falls to a human level.

toni xx

A Christmassy Four Dollar Friday

Hi everyone,

Four Dollar Friday has a Christmassy theme this week. Pop on over to the website for some super specials.

I’m going to crawl back into bed an. We had takeaway for the first time in ages last night and I think I have food poisoning. BLECH. xx

bordered 560