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Love is a pair of hand-knitted socks.

Look what Kate is knitting for me. To be truthful they are too big for her feet so I scored myself a pair, or soon to be pair, of scrummy hand-knitted socks.


I love a daughter who can cable :0>

The yarn is dyed by the amazing Claudia from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise in Germany. This skein is on my ‘OMG I’ve got to buy it’ list. One day, when I’m old and rich, I’m going to fly to Germany just to visit Claudia’s shop!

Image courtesy of the Wollmeise website.

Image courtesy of the Wollmeise website.

Oooh I can smell the delightful scents of freshly brewed coffee; which means back to work for me, unfortunately. Miss Janome came back from the repair shop all sparkling and as good a new. A huge thank you to the guys at Janome at Everton Park who did a wonderful job.

It means I no longer have any excuses for sitting on my butt playing Angry Birds or snoozing on the lounge though :0D

Have a wonderful Thursday, toni xx

The flowers and the bees…

I’ve finally snatched a moment to sit down and write a blog post, grabbing a few minutes between the end of a busy work day and the beginning of the dinner routine, and my mind has gone blank, my thoughts have vanished.

Maybe it’s the smell of spicy slow-roasted pork wafting from the kitchen, or the heady aroma of a fresh cup of coffee that has overloaded my senses, but I find myself relaxing for the first time in weeks.


I’ve stitched 133 blocks in four weeks and I’m more than a little tired and sore. I’ve questioned why I am doing this to myself; usually at 3am in the morning when sleep won’t come or the pain in my shoulder won’t be stilled; and I keep reminding myself that there will be a book at the end of all this hard work.

A book. With my name on it. How amazing is that.


When the February deadline is met, I’m going to take a leaf out of Spud’s book. I’m going to quietly sit and watch the birds in the trees. And do nothing for a week!

toni xx

Jaws lives under my bed…

Today was one of those frumpy, grumpy, nothing goes right days; right up until my buddy from on top of the hill phoned for a chat. And we got on to the subject of Monsters Who Live in the Cupboard.

Do you have a Monster Who Lives in the Cupboard?

Jaws lives under my bed. He’s been there for 40 years, ever since my mother plonked me in the front row of the movie theatre when I was a kid. I know, I know, what was she thinking! Those rows of chomping, flesh snagged triangular teeth were burned into my nine year old brain never to leave.


Then there is the scary thing that lives in the mirror. Only at night. Only after midnight. I blame Twin Peaks for my mirror nightmare. That scene scared the ever-living willies out of me and my relationship with mirrors has been fraught ever since.

I’ve spent 25 years soothing my children’s fears. There is nothing living under the bed; the cupboard is free from ghosts, ghouls and goblins; and the dark spot at the end of the hallway isn’t inhabited by flesh eating zombies.

I’ve never told them that I have a shark living under my bed. And if I get up to pee in the middle of the night he will eat me.

toni xx

Four Dollar Friday – Farmhouse Daisies

Hello everyone, and welcome to what is shaping up to be a fantastic 2015 for Red Boot Quilts. Work is progressing on our first book, and the first eight projects are almost finished and ready to be shipped to the publishers in the US.

January has been a special month. Our son Chris turned 18 this week. I don’t know where the time went, I really don’t, but my gorgeous little boy is now six foot tall and ready to start University in a few weeks time. I feel very old all of a sudden LOL.

happy birthday

Four Dollar Friday is back! Farmhouse Daisies (previously named and listed as RUBY) is our PDF pattern this week. I’ve had to list it on Etsy, we’ve not sorted out our VAT issues yet, so please head on over there to purchase the pattern for the special price.

farmhouse daisies

The winner of the December Birthday Club draw is Noela Young. Congratulations Noela. I’ll be in touch via email.

There will be a redraw for the November Birthday Club at the end of this month making the January draw a double draw. The November winner (drawn in December) has not contacted us, and all emails sent to the winner have bounced :0<

Have you signed up for the Birthday Club yet? Pop over to the website to sign-up now! Each month you will go in the draw to win a free pattern and a $25 quilt store e-gift voucher from one of my favourite stores.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, toni xx

Vintage Red.

Hello hello! It’s late Sunday night, the cicadas are singing and the humidity is making the air warm and sticky. It has been a long week here at Red Boots. The days and nights have been filled with drama (other people’s), and heavy, deadline inspired workloads. Our usually quiet suburban street has been the scene of multiple police and ambulance call-outs, resulting in several almost-no-sleep-at-all nights.


Have you seen the new Pantone Colour of the Year? Dried Blood Red… Marsala. I find it ironic that I have a garbage bag full of old, ugly red fabrics that I couldn’t giveaway; and all of a sudden, thanks to the very clever marketing department at Pantone, it’s highly desirable and people are clambering for ‘vintage marsala quilting fabric’ :0D

What do you think of the new ‘colour of the year’ and do you bother with this kind of thing? The hype and hysteria surrounding the announcement each year always makes me laugh at how easily we are all manipulated by clever marketing. Are you going to make a marsala inspired quilt or project?


I’ve been working overtime getting the projects for the book stitched and ready to be sent off to the US in time to meet the second deadline. I’m being slowed down a little by the hole in my shoulder where the Doc removed a skin cancer this week. Curse the searing hot Australian sun, a childhood spent at the beach and on boats, and a doctor who recommended a slight, regular sunburn to control teenage acne!

I’m paying for those sunscreen free (it just wasn’t available) years with regular trips to the butcher’s block and wrinkles that would make an elephants bottom proud! Oooh every time you think of me now you are going to imagine a wrinkly elephant’s bum aren’t you!


Remy-the-Lion has been getting his sleepy, furry butt in the way of me completing any projects too. All quilts in this house belong to him, finished or otherwise. I hope I can find the lint roller tomorrow, he’s shedding that thick furry coat everywhere. Wouldn’t you love to have those green eyes!?

Well I’m going to log-off and wind down a little before I crawl into bed and pray for a peaceful neighbourhood night. It’s just started pelting with rain, a beautiful end to a steamy hot subtropical night, and the perfect way to finish this post. Have a lovely day, or night, wherever you may be. toni xx


Due to the new EU VAT (value added tax) regulations on digital goods THE RED BOOTS WEBSITE HAS BEEN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

EDIT: Tonight I have advice from HMRC to the effect that selling instant downloads via Etsy is a viable solution, and leaves me free from having to worry about VAT compliance. This may change again, at the moment I swear they are making it up as they go. I have reinstated instant downloads to my Etsy store. When I have the chance I will reconfigure my website to include a link on each product to an Etsy shopping cart. It’s not optimal but it gives you your instant downloads back, and me the time to sew instead of being glued to the internet. Thanks for your patience, I wish they had sorted this out before they implemented the legislation! toni xx

We were advised by the HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs Service UK) that emailing PDF files was an acceptable work around. Unfortunately we have since been advised that only the UK is allowing this (so far) and it is only applicable from Marketplace platforms. If I email you a pattern from my website I am liable for VAT and storing your private information, including bank details, for 10 years. If I email you a pattern via a marketplace like Etsy I am not. Work it out. These are the same guys who argue over the bend in bananas, I’m not kidding!

Please follow this link to my Etsy Store. They are refusing to handle the VAT issue too, but at least I can keep trading from there. Thanks so much for your support and patience. We are desperately trying to work out a solution to this mess and keep trading.

Unfortunately I have had to block all EU countries except the UK. They are the only country allowing the emailing of files. If you live in an EU country, other than the UK, please email me at, message me through Facebook or convo me on Etsy and we’ll work out a way to supply you with a pattern. I want to continue trading to Europe, I want to move to the UK eventually, but I don’t have the resources available to handle the VAT issue just yet.

Thank you for your support and patience during this mess!  toni xx

The VATman Cometh…

Well here it is everyone, the 31st of December and as of tomorrow the new EU Digital Vat laws will take effect.

Quite frankly I cannot deal with the added administrative burden. It’s simply not workable for my small kitchen table business.

I was planning on writing an eloquent blog post about this mess, but I’ve been sitting at the computer for seven hours straight and I’m sore and stiff; and more than a little stressed and emotional. I’ve changed my website over to manual delivery of PDF files, this is a workaround for the UK at least. This has left the website in a bit of a mess but at least it’s functioning for the time being.

Unfortunately this penalises the rest of the world. None of you will be able to access instant downloads. I’m hoping, and praying a little, that this doesn’t destroy my business. Estimates show that I will lose half my income, and I’m not sure I can take the loss.

Most of us are sitting back and waiting to see what the EU’s next move is. There should be a review in February, 2015. Perhaps they will see sense and introduce thresholds for micro-businesses.

Of course things will move forward, as they always do. In time I will be able to find a platform that takes care of the VAT for me, but until then I have a book to write and I’m very much behind on my deadlines because of this mess. As soon as I find a platform that can sort this out for me, I’ll let you know and get things back to instant download!

You can read more about what other designer’s are doing about the VAT here –

Jodie from Ric Rac

Lee from Freshly Pieced

Sam from Hunter’s Design Studio

Linda from Inklingo

Happy New Year’s Eve and all that kind of stuff. toni xx