EU Digital Vat Tax. Please, please, please have a quick read…

Hi all,

Please have a read about the new EU VAT Tax legislation coming into play on the 1st January, 2015. This affects you! Everybody, including those of you who don’t live in the EU, will be affected by this legislation. The USA too, it’s already being discussed by your legislators. This excerpt is taken from the EU VAT Action Group website here. This is real. You can read more online, simply go to the EU’s official sites, HMRC, or the VAT Action Group’s site. This page is administered by crafts people, artists, musicians and others who are affect by this legislation. This could be the end of PDF patterns for everybody.

“Businesses all over the world must soon capture personal and financial data about their customer in order to find out where they are in the world. They must then charge and administer VAT to that customer according to each EU country’s rates – which, confusingly, means understanding 75 different rates in 28 EU Member States. These businesses must also keep customer records securely for ten years, become a registered data handler and take on the responsibility of ensuring none of their customer’s personal data is compromised or leaked.

These technical requirements are unachievable for most tiny online businesses, which are often run from people’s kitchen tables or in their spare time to supplement their income. Suddenly selling a £2.99 eBook from Belgium to a customer in France becomes a costly, bureaucratic nightmare.

This new law applies only to digital products but the EU has made it very clear that if the 2015 rollout is a success they will be applying similar legislation to all physical goods and services from 2016 onwards. Other countries around the world are following suit, with South Africa, Japan, Canada and Singapore already implementing or planning similar digital tax legislation. Soon any online business, no matter the size, could find itself remitting tax to dozens of countries around the world.”

Happy Christmas!

How on Earth did it get to be Christmas? I swear 2014 just disappeared out from under me.

Do you celebrate Christmas? We used to do the full traditional Christmas but as the years have gone by I’ve become more and more jaded by it. Not that long ago I made Christmas hats, crackers and pinatas; hired play-sets and cubby houses for the kids; and generally immersed myself wholeheartedly in the merriment.


For years I could be found at 1am on Christmas morning stencilling Santa’s footsteps on the floorboards with spray-on snow; snacking on the cookies and milk left out for the big guy, and wondering whether I would be able to prise my eyes open when the kids finally woke.

I don’t really know what changed or even when it happened. Something broke and I don’t do that anymore. I’m not a Scrooge, there is nothing better than a joyful Christmas carol, or prettier than fairy lights and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. But I freeze at Christmas. It feels so fake to me. Damaged by a demanding family who wanted to own Christmas and make rules that were impossible to adhere to; all garnished with overwhelming quantities of guilt.


This year I was determined to do something joyfully merry. I thought about what used to be special about Christmas, my bestest memories. And it all came down to simplicity. No hype. No greedy present fest. No family demands or rules. Just good company, a few well-chosen presents and maybe a really good cup of coffee served with a slice of delicious chocolate cake. Christmas afternoon lazily spent reading a good book, with a kitty or two asleep at my feet. Heaven.

Our resident reindeer has been given a party hat, and we’ve set up jigsaw puzzles and Christmas scrabble. Kelly has been making paper chains, and Kate has bought party hats and spotty balloons. Most importantly of all we’ve given ourselves permission to say no to the hype. And to each other.

So Happy, Merry, Wonderful Christmas everyone. I hope the festive season brings you health and happiness, love and laughter, and most of all the strength to say no when the hype, or family, become too much.

See you in the New Year, toni xx

Ps. Remind me to tell you about the Santa pinata I made one year. A jolly old fellow who had to be dismembered with a hand-saw and a hammer. Wrong glue!

Did I really read that wrong?

Don’t panic! Don’t panic! and next time WEAR YOUR GLASSES when you are reading the deadlines for your book.

I read it as two to four projects are due, when in actuality it reads two to four CHAPTERS!

I’m doomed, doooomed!

Christmas is cancelled. I’m running away from home. xx


And Scissors Down…

It’s 10.45pm and I’ve been sewing non-stop since 9am this morning. It’s time to put my scissors down and whack a heat pack on my stiffening back.

foxy loxy

THE FOX QUILT IS FINISHED, and ready to be quilted. What a marathon effort. I think it’s gorgeous, I hope you all like it. I’ll post piccies when it’s ready.


Have you been reading about the new digital VAT tax that is being implemented in the EU come the 1st January? If you haven’t seen it yet, please google it and have a read. It affects all buyers and sellers of e-products (ie. digital PDF patterns and e-books) worldwide.


It’s a huge worry for digital sellers like me; it is a ridiculously complex law that requires us to store the personal records of our customers for 10 years. It also requires us to collect VAT for 28 different countries, with 75 different VAT rates. This will have a huge impact on your choices in the marketplace.

sunflower 4

At this stage I will have to close my Craftsy store or I will be in breach of the new law. I don’t live in the EU, I live in Australia, but this effects my business with disastrous consequences. Craftsy sales account for almost half of my income, without Craftsy sales I cannot afford to buy supplies. No supplies, no quilts, no Red Boots. Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time in the past week trying to make head and tail of the new VAT rulings. I’ll let you know what I decide to do when the law is implemented on the 1st January next year.

sunflower 3

Do you like my sunflower garden? These guys are keeping me smiling. They tower above our heads, smiling down on us, reassuring us everything will work out okay. I hope.

Did I tell you that our most loved kitty, Remy-the-Lion was sick last week? We had to rush him to the emergency veterinary hospital last Monday. He seems to be well again, fingers crossed, his symptoms didn’t fit any known ailment and the vet thinks poison might be involved. We’re not sure whether he ate forbidden fruit from the garden, was bitten by snake or whether nasty-neighbour was involved. Only time will tell whether it was that or an underlying medical condition :0<


Oh and I went to the hairdressers. The hairdressers! For newbies to this blog, I have a phobia of hairdressers. I hate going to them, the salon makes me feel really, really uncomfortable. Kate dragged me along. I walked in a brunette and walked out blonde. Eeek! I asked for subtle highlights and got this. I think I’ll probably get a caramel tint put over it until it grows out!


It’s enough to make a person buy a bucket of Gummi Bears and take to the couch!

gummy bears

Love to all from the couch, toni xx

A Sunday Favourite. Scrap Bin Sheep.

Hi everyone,

This EU business has left me feeling very down. If you haven’t read about it, please Google it (EU VAT Digital Tax Law 2015). This is important, everybody should read about it even if you don’t think it affects you. The US is looking very closely at what happens within the EU with a view to implementing it there. The EU have stated that it is a test law for physical goods also. This affects everybody selling and buying online. I won’t be able to sell to the EU because I can’t do the tax paperwork for 28 different countries, all with differing VAT rates. South Africa has brought in their own very special little hell of a legislation too.

To celebrate what could be the ruin of many a small business, I’ve put Scrap Bin Sheep up on the website for $4 for the next 24 hours. xx

vibrant sheep 840