Four Dollar Friday

Hi everyone, it’s Four Dollar Friday.  This week’s patterns are up on the website here.  Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

Miss Molly’s Doll House PDF Pattern $4 each









Scrap Bin Sheep PDF Pattern $4 each









Kitty Kat Stitchery PDF Pattern $2.50 each









Little Bears PDF Pattern – $2.50 each





All packaged up and somewhere to go.

The Meeses are go… I repeat… the Meeses are go.  After a marathon stitching session last night the wee antlered beasties are done!


The quilt has been pressed and the threads trimmed; a lint roller has been applied, three times, to remove the kitty fur; and the backing fabric has been washed to remove the excess dye.

meese folded

Next stop the lovely Fiona’s, where she will weave her magic and tame the wee beasties. xx

backing fabric

Are they ready yet? Meeses vs. Foxes

Hello hello everyone, it’s a glorious Sunday morning,  the house is quiet and I have a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast.  Bliss.  Even the cats are behaving.  I suspect the ceasefire won’t last long, they have momentarily joined forces against the enemy… me.  We have run out of cat food.  Please insert music of the evil villain kind here.  I have the distinct feeling that if I don’t provide kitty-dins shortly I’m on the menu!

I’ve had a few messages this week asking when the moose and fox quilts will be ready.

The moose quilt pattern will be ready in a couple of weeks time.  I have to (hand) stitch three more flowers and then it has to be quilted, bound and the pattern proofed.  Lots of work still to do.  I promise you will be the first to know when it’s ready.  I know it’s been a long time coming but it’s not easy turning a daydreamed moose with 3D glasses into an attractive, cohesive quilt LOL.

foxesAs for the foxes.  Here’s the brutal truth about the foxes.  The original test block I made looks great, but in reality it’s crap.  Difficult to handle, hand-cramping to sew… distinctly not fun.  So it needs tweaking, just a little bit of tweaking before it can go ahead.  The background will be the same, the general idea will be the same, but the layout needs to be re-thought.  As soon as the moose are sent to be quilted, the foxes will take priority.

My peaceful Sunday is at an end, I’ve got to run, it’s open day at Chris’ university of choice today and we need to get signed up.  He wants to be an author, so he’s looking at a degree in professional, creative writing.

Have a lovely Sunday, toni xx

Giveaway – Boris the Bear Mug Rug kit.

Hi all, sorry to spam you with posts tonight.

I keep forgetting to let you know that I do giveaways all the time on my Facebook Page.

I’ve been meaning to let you in on the fun on the blog too, it’s only 11.45pm and I’ve remembered!

Pop on over to Facebook and leave a comment on the relevant post telling me about your favourite childhood toy to win a Boris the Bear Mug Rug kit (not including thread).

bear cover small









Have a great weekend, I’m having the day off tomorrow!

toni xx

Wee Beasties… Maurice the Moose & Ragnar the Reindeer

Maurice the Moose and Ragnar the Reindeer are the first patterns in the new Wee Beasties series. They are super-easy and quick to make and lots of fun. $2.50 per PDF pattern this weekend only.  They are listed on the Four Dollar Friday page of the website here.

I’ve recycled my old jeans for their body. The denim is slightly stretchy which makes it easy to work with.  Ragnar ended up with saddle bag thighs though ROFLOL.  toni xx

wee beastie moose small










ragnar small









moose bum small










ragnar bum small

I’m late for a very important date… Four Dollar Friday.

I’m late for Four Dollar Friday.  I’m sorry, my shoulder is out and I’ve been Mum’s taxi these past few days.  The lovely Lisa requested Christmas at Santa’s House and because I’ve been working on a bear quilt, I’ve uploaded The Beary Bunch in Blue too.  On the website.  Four bucks each for the PDF pattern.

beary blue cropped small















I’ve got a couple of new mug rugs and a couple of sweet, easy to make softies to upload too.  I’ll upload them over the next couple of hours.  toni xx