Mazel Tov! It’s a book!

Did you guess my secret? It’s a book. A big book. A fantastic, exciting, terribly scary book. My first ever book.

smiley face

EEEEEK! It’s time for my big girl pants and every organisational skill I can muster. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. A big loving, huggy thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. Especially a certain Kris who has been a strong shoulder and a kick up the backside when I didn’t have the confidence in myself to keep going.

On another note, I’m also very pleased to say that I’m finally on the mend. A winter lurgy plus two wisdom tooth surgeries really knocked me about. I’m feeling very run-down but my mouth is finally healing and I’m able to eat and sleep and sew again! yay!

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First off the sewing block is the “Pandas in Pajamas” softie pattern. This will replace the current panda softie pattern that is on offer. The instructions are updated and written with a more experienced hand.

orange panda small standing

I played around with 100% wool felt this time. What a joy it is to sew! Any dodgy stitches were hidden in the wool, and it clung to the curves beautifully. I will be sewing with felt again.

purple panda i small

The pattern will be finished sometime this weekend. I won’t rush it, I want to get it completely right.

orange panda small

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I’ll be hard at work! Luv to all, toni xx


Friday afternoon.

It’s a lovely, warm Friday afternoon here in Brisi. A few storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and I’m hoping for some rumbly, grumbly, thundery rain overnight. I’m a pluviophile, which means I am someone who finds joy and comfort in rain. It feeds my soul and calms me down. I sleep better and live happier when there’s rain :o] and the sweet peas love it :0]


There is no Four Dollar Friday this week, that part of Red Boots has been put on hold until I decide on a better way to handle it. However I do have some stock that I want to clear out before the new A3 formatting comes into place.


These patterns will be sold off at cost price plus postage. Please message me at and let me know which patterns you would be interested in and what country you are in, and I’ll message you back with a price. They will average at $2 – $4 each plus postage which is usually $1.40 here in Australia and $2.60 overseas (depending on the quantity you buy).


The garden is awash with the smell of sweet peas and jasmine at the moment. I braved ‘snakeville’ to snap a couple of piccies of the sweet peas for you. We live in high density suburbia but are lucky enough to have the Aussie bush and a creek directly behind our house.


I would move in an instant if it meant less snakes though!  LOL


Does anyone know of any quilt groups that are open to new members on the northside of Brisbane? Now that my hubby isn’t working shifts I can start socialising again instead of juggling time!


I hope you have a lovely weekend everyone, I’m travelling up the hill on Sunday to visit the lovelies in Toowoomba. This weekend is The Stitcher’s Dream Day Out which is put on by Marion and Steph at The Quilters Angel. I’m looking forward to catching up with Lynda, Kris and Fiona; and all the girls at the naughty table! love to all, toni xx

Two weeks.

Over the past two weeks fabric parcels have arrived.

IMG_7564 IMG_7554


Spud turned one.



I’ve nearly stood on or grabbed five snakes. I feel like Indiana Jones! We’ve had more snakes in the yard in the past week than we’ve had in a year.

IMG_7466 IMG_7426 IMG_1544


Mess hasn’t been cleaned up.

















Half finished crochet blankets have been found and saved from the bin.
















Some little stitching has been done. I rediscovered some reels of Aurifil thread, purchased years ago, then mislaid. I’ve forgotten how much I like their silver thread.


An entire parcel of fusible webbing separated from it’s paper in the postal envelope and was unusable *grrr*.



And Spring has sprung in the garden. Unfortunately so have the snakes. One is currently living behind the sweet pea garden.


Antibiotics have kicked in and I’m not feeling so sick. Things are on the up. Have a happy Thursday everyone!  toni xx


Back to Basics.

Over the past few years there have been massive changes in the pattern writing business. We’ve gone from using brown craft paper and photographs for our pattern covers to the new, glossy printed covers. Hand-drawn templates have been replaced with processed computer images with smooth lines and magazine spiffiness. PDF pattern sales are far outselling printed patterns. The list goes on and it’s been quite a ride trying to keep up.

Over the past two weeks, while I’ve been too unwell to sew, I’ve taken the time to take stock and make a few decisions regarding the Red Boots pattern line. I hope you understand my reasoning behind the changes.

  • I will continue to print the pattern covers on recycled paper rather than glossy. This is my way of keeping things green and environmentally friendly.  Of course the inside pages are printed on recycled paper too.
  • The cellophane pattern sleeves are here to stay. The zip lock ones weigh too much for the new postal rates.
  • We will be going back to A3 sheets in the printed patterns. Even though it is much cheaper to print on A4 , a difference of 50c to $1 on each pattern, it means I can fit more on the page and keep most patterns under 50g. This is important because the new Australia Post postal rates mean that a 50g pattern costs $2.60 to post o/seas and a 51g pattern costs $6.40. The goods news is that in most instances you won’t have to deal with split templates! hallelujah!
  • Some patterns will only be offered as PDF’s or in some instances, only as printed patterns.
  • To be able to keep costs down I will be going back to hand-drawn templates. I’ve not had much luck with the computer vectored ones anyway, the lines vary from too thin to too thick, and I’ve had some lines disappear because the programme hasn’t read them. I will also be overlapping a lot of templates. I will keep them as clear as possible but I can’t put one image per page anymore. This will give me more time for sewing too, vectoring images is time-consuming.
  • Prices will be changing on printed patterns, both retail and wholesale. They will still be good value for money but I can’t work for free. My stockists also want a fair deal. In most cases the price won’t go up. At this point rather than increase the price of the pattern I will start charging postage.

There are other changes coming your way. I want to go back to the fun of designing and making quilts and softies rather than spending my days doing paperwork, including keeping up with the latest trends in pattern printing and template vectoring. I also want to be able to keep offering you value for money.

It will take some time to implement everything. I’m hoping the changes will all be in place before the end of the year.

Thanks for all your support,

toni xx

Here’s looking at your teeth kid.

Ingrid Bergman had beautiful teeth. Neat, white, and not a coffee stain in sight. Humphrey Bogart’s weren’t as pretty but he still had that Hollywood smile. Even Claude Rains was mocking me from the 30 foot high screen.

Do Hollywood stars have wisdom teeth? It’s something I was pondering whilst sitting in the dark of the matinée yesterday. Casablanca was playing on the big screen.

Bergman was beautiful, Bogart was more handsome than I ever thought possible. The script was sharp and witty, the acting superb. And all I could think of was teeth. And how much I hate them.

I awoke last week to these chilling words from my dentist. From memory it went something like this. Wisdom tooth. Urgent. Out. That’s all I remember before I passed out from shock.

God blessed me with tooth roots that descend to the very depths of hell. Actually I always picture Yggdrasil (a tree from Norse mythology whose roots extended into the heavens) when my teeth are mentioned. My last wisdom tooth extraction involved a four-wheel drive, a block and tackle, and three hours of cursing from the dental surgeon. A chainsaw would be more appropriate than those dinky little dental tools.

This time though they were prepared. Six numbing needles and the extraction was a doddle. Three minutes and it was all over. A doddle.

Except now my face is swollen, my jaw is throbbing and I feel very unwell. Me-thinks antibiotics are in order. And a sleep on the lounge.

I’ll bet Ingrid Bergman never had wisdom tooth troubles. Not with those pretty teeth.









Four Dollar Friday

Hello everyone!  It has been an amazing two weeks here at Red Boot Quilts, so much has happened and I’m so excited about where Red Boots is heading in the future.  Unfortunately I can’t share my secret just yet, but I promise I will be able to soon.

This week’s Four Dollar Friday is a little different.  I’ve put up a 33% off coupon which gives you 33% off all orders including printed patterns.  Simply enter the code FRIDAY8 at the order page/checkout to receive your discount.  You can find the website here.

Remember to pop over to the website to sign-up for the Birthday Club!

Each month you will go in the draw to win a free pattern and a $25 quilt store e-gift voucher from one of my favourite stores.

This month we are giving away a couple of extra prizes to celebrate my youngest daughter’s birthday.  I’ve got two cute little bag toggles from Lynette Anderson Designs to giveaway.  One is the little bluebird pictured below and I think the second one is a cute red toadstool.  Remember to sign up before the 31st August, 2014 to go in the draw.

lynette toggle

Due to some of our winners not responding to emails, and not claiming their giveaway prizes, we are going to put a time limit on replying to your winning email/notification.  If I haven’t heard from the winner of the Birthday Club Giveaway for any particular month within seven (7) days of the email notification being sent we will redraw the prize.  Thanks for your understanding. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I have to go fabric shopping, what a chore *giggle*.

toni xx

Photo courtesy of Lynette Anderson Designs.