$4 Friday!

It’s $4 Friday!

Canine Capers, Hound Dogs, The Kennel Club, and The Bunny Bunch are all on special this weekend. $4 for the PDF version, $11.50 with free shipping for the printed version.

The Space Quest quilt pattern should be finished this weekend. The pugs are still ongoing.

We are still without internet and it doesn’t look like we are going to get it back anytime soon. Our Telco won’t commit to a timeframe and are avoiding answering questions. It’s not a great situation, and I’m getting pretty grumpy with them.

pug meets tula

I’m taking some time out tomorrow to attend a lino cut printing course. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, but now I’m feeling a bit nervous. What if I make a complete arse of myself? I figure I’ll buy a jumbo bucket-o-coffee, swallow my nerves, and jump in feet first.

Speaking of coffee, it’s time for a late night cuppa and a cookie. Enjoy your weekend lovelies, toni xx

Canine-Capers-smallBunny-Bunch-Quilt-Smallkennel-club-etsyhound dogs 1

The Twilight Zone.

Hi y’all, we’re still without an internet service, however $4 Friday will be on tomorrow. We’ll be doing our February¬†Therm O Web¬†giveaway draw in a few days time too. I’m using my mobile to log in, but it’s not great, so please be patient. If you need to contact me for something, please send an email to redbootquilts@bigpond.com It’s easier to access messages that way and it doesn’t use too much of our meagre mobile data allowance.

Our service provider can’t tell us when we’ll be reconnected, they are being quite shifty about the whole thing grrr! If anyone knows a Telstra executive who I can kick up the butt about it, let me know LOL.

Take care, I’ll log in tomorrow and upload the $4 Friday deals. toni xx



I think I’ve been cooked today, the heat and humidity has been brutal and the storms that normally roll through and cool us down didn’t eventuate. Even now, at 11pm, I’m slick with sweat and wishing for an early Autumn.

Despite the heat I’ve been having fun with the pug quilt. After a few false starts these guys are really coming together and developing personalities. xx