This Little Piggy & Friends.

Hey lovelies, the first block of our free Thermoweb Block-of-the-Month will go up this weekend. 

The programme will run for 10 months and will include full instructions and templates. Details for sign-ups will be available with the first block.  toni xx




Grizzly Bears & Pumpkins…

Camp Grizzly is now available in our Etsy store for the special introductory price of $5.00 (plus appropriate taxes).


Don’t like using Etsy? WordPress is allowing us to put simple Paypal stores on our sites now *huzzah*.

It doesn’t allow a download option however and I will have to email your patterns to you. This will take anything up to 12 hours depending on time zones etc. Remember I may be asleep when you’re awake!

Click on the ‘Buy Direct PDF Patterns‘ or the ‘Buy Direct Printed Patterns‘ menu buttons at the top right of the page. I haven’t uploaded all the patterns yet. This is a bit of an experiment.

grizzly bear toy

Halloween pumpkins are on the menu this week. It’s my turn to make a free project for the lovelies at Therm-o-Web. I’m loving these wacky pumpkin dudes!

pumpkins toni

Happy Monday peeps, toni xx
* I am a proud brand ambassador for Therm-o-Web, the makers of my favourite fusible webbing, HeatnBond Lite.


  • trigger warning – suicide.

It’s Friday again and it is a glorious day here in the Great South-East. The sky is so blue and even though I live smack-dab in the middle of busy suburbia all I can hear are the birds in the trees and one of our cats chattering angrily at me because he’s not allowed to eat them. I’m a cruel and uncaring human apparently LOL.

I am very excited to announce that I’ve been asked to be a brand ambassador for Therm-o-Web again this year. High fives, woohoo! etc. I genuinely use a metric ton of their products in my work every year and I’m very happy to share the love. This means giveaways, free projects, and lots of fun. Stay tuned!

On a sad note, and hence the trigger warning, one of my favourite musicians died today in a suspected suicide. I’m guessing most of you have never heard of Chester Bennington or the band Linkin Park, but his/their music has been a huge part of my life in recent years. As my youngest daughter would say “I’m shook-eth”. Yep Kel, I am shook-eth to the core.

I can remember when Elvis died. 1977 wasn’t it? I was still a kid, still in primary school, with crooked teeth and knobbly knees. An adult cousin was visiting at the time and I can remember her absolute grief over his death. I didn’t understand it then, but as I get older I’m beginning to understand more. How do these people, people we will never meet, mean so much to us? RIP Chester, Numb will always be at the top of my playlist.

toni xx

Ps. I still have knobbly knees!

Day 4 – Frosty’s Christmas Bundle

Hi and welcome to Day 4 of our Christmas in July promotion.

Today’s super-special is the Frosty’s Christmas PDF pattern bundle which I’ve listed for the low price of $5! You get two patterns for less than the price of one!

craftsy-reindeerIncluded in the bundle are the Frosty’s Christmas quilt pattern and the Merry Little Reindeer softie pattern. Pop on over to Etsy to grab your cheap-as-chips patterns!


frosty bright

I have (3) copies of the Frosty’s Christmas PDF pattern bundle to giveaway today plus (1) fantastic $30 voucher from my fave folk at Therm-0-Web (HeatnBond fusible, DecoFoil and more!). Simply fill out your details below to enter.

Christmas Gift Certificate

Congratulations to Sue, Gerrie, and Inge who have each won a copy of the Fun at the North Pole quilt pattern, and to Rachel who won the Henry the Moose pin. I’ve sent you all an email/message.

I’ve gone off snowmen for the moment and I’m starting to think about a cow quilt LOL.

Have a lovely Sunday, see you tomorrow! toni xx


Taking Stock. June.

Howdy folks, it’s the end of the Australian financial year and it’s time to take stock. I set myself the 30th June deadline to decide whether to keep Red Boots running or not.

After several weeks of angst I’ve decide to keep the business open for another year – health and finances permitting. When I’m tired I’ll take a rest, when I’m stressed I’ll step away for a while.

My main issue is exposure. I need you my lovely, lovely followers to share as much as you can. I know a lot of you already do that for me and I’m extremely grateful for your help. As an independent designer I don’t get the exposure so many of the bigger, affiliated guys do and I can’t afford the $1,000’s it takes to attend the craft fairs.

If you know about any market places or groups I can join and share my quilts please send me links to their sites. I’ve been invited to join several market places over the past year but some of them take up to 70% of your sale amounts and it’s not worth the work you put into it.

So what’s in store for Red Boots? A new website (hopefully) so I’m not so reliant on Etsy, a huge giveaway, a Red Boot Quilts group so you can share your quilts and ask advice, and lots more happy quilts.

Later this year I will be giving away the Wild Things (monster) quilt from the Happy Quilts book! Stay tuned for details.



This week I’ve been working on an updated version of the Santa’s House quilt. I retired this quilt at the beginning of the year but I’ve had so many emails requesting its return, I thought I would give it a refresh and redesign. Santa’s House 2 will be available soon (if Remy-the-Lion gets his butt off it).

Xmas Santas House

On a personal front I’m still growing out my hair, my horrible neighbours are still my horrible neighbours, and property developers are still pestering us, and offering us too little, for the house (Australian property prices are some of the highest in the world). A lotto win is starting to look like the only way we will ever move out of here LOL.

I’m going to stop reading politics, avoid the news, get out in the sunshine and forget the thoroughly depressing woes of the world.

Here’s to another 12 months! xx


The Red Boots Club

One of the greatest pleasures I have is seeing the quilts and toys you have made using my patterns. I’ve been toying (no pun intended LOL) with the idea of having a ‘Red Boots Club’ for some time, but I haven’t quite worked out how to do it, or whether you would be interested.

Let me know what you think, and any suggestions on how we could run it. xx

A big thank you to Debbie, Sonia, Shelley, Dawna, Sue, Lois, Margaret, Kylie, Anthea, Terri, Kirsten, Janet, Michelle, Kate, Tarnyia, Sio, Elaine, Jo, Wendy, Martha, Fiona, Vicki, and Jenny for sharing their photos with me. I will draw a name from the Red Boots hat and send you a gift in the post.