Hello Friday.

Gosh what a week it’s been. It is Friday isn’t it? I’ve been caught out once already this week, thinking Thursday was Wednesday LOL.

First up I wanted to say thank you again for your empathy and kindness. I was blown away by your emails of support. I haven’t caught up with everybody yet, but I’m working my way through all the messages. I love you guys.heart coffee this

This weekend I’m going to start sorting my fabrics into project piles. I’m hoping this will clear some of the chaos in my head and allow me to move forward and put some of my designs to fabric. Small steps.fabric

I’m also going to use the old artists trick of drawing 100 drawings to kickstart my creativity, except I want to make 100 blocks. I think they’ll be mostly applique blocks but we’ll see. No time frame and no pressure. I’ll see where I end up. I’ll probably upload the templates to the website for you to use too, I haven’t quite worked out the logistics yet. The need to earn money vs. my generous streak LOL. Curse not winning the lottery this week!pugs 1

Anyway my neurotic cat needs me to take him to the toilet. Actually it’s unfair calling him neurotic, both of them are just as stressed as we are. Spud has decided he won’t go to the loo unless I go with him (and sit down beside him). Don’t ask and stop laughing LOL. It’s better than ‘accidents’.spud 1Love to all, toni xx