Day 10 – Flamingo Dance

Hey y’all,  it’s Day 10! and our special is the ‘Flamingo Dance’ quilt pattern.

The pattern is on special for $3.50 for the PDF pattern and $11.50 for the printed pattern (with free postage worldwide). These prices don’t include local taxes.

This special will last 24 hours only. You can find the patterns in our Etsy store or in our Red Boots store (please use the search function). 

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A big thank you to Sharon Parr for allowing me to use the photo of her Flamingo Dance quilt. Isn’t Sharon’s quilt GORGEOUS! I’m totally jealous, the grey and pink colour scheme is AMAZING. flamingo dance 1flamingo dance Sharon PI’ve almost finished the cat and dog pet mats, the sewing is done, and I’m finalising the pattern. I’d say Thursday or Friday at this stage. Have a lovely week everyone, toni xxIMG_1016.JPG

Paper Mermaids…

I’m almost done with the mermaids. They remind of a string of paper dolls, bright, fun, colourful. I’ll have the quilt done tonight and the pattern ready sometime mid-week.

mermaid quilt newWe’re still without hot water. Strangely hubby and I are enjoying the austerity of bathing from a bucket of water. It’s startling how little water you need to get really clean. The main pain in the toosh is boiling the water on the stove first.

mmaid hair

I’m taking it one day at a time. My stress levels are such that I can’t turn off my fight or flight response. It’s a bit scary but we’re working on it. I’d love to move out of suburbia, maybe to a cottage in the country. Maybe have some cows and ducks and geese, dogs and cats, and no scary neighbours LOL.

mermaidsHave a great week everyone, mid-week for the mermaids and the free doll house quilt pattern. xx

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