Going Grizzly.

Happy Monday lovelies! I made great progress on the pugs this weekend, I should be finished the top by the end of the week. Then I’m planning on tackling the giraffe quilt.

We are still without an internet connection and I’m desperately saving what little is left of our data allowance on my cell phone. We can top up, but it’s hellishly expensive to do so.


Eeek! I just did some math. We pay $80 for 1000GB on our home plan, but it costs $10 for 1GB on the mobile phone. It would cost $10,000 to have the same amount of access on our mobile. Dear God, surely I’m mistaken!

Time to go all Camp Grizzly on their butts!

Don’t forget that our weekend specials end today. ‘Space Quest‘ is up for $5 and ‘Our House‘ is $4 (PDF only). You have a few hours to grab a copy at these cheap-as-chips prices!

Have a fun day everyone! toni xx

I finished one!

OMG I finished the space quilt. I’m so relieved LOL. It’s all packaged up and ready to go to the lovely Fiona’s for quilting. Yippee!


I spent weeks fussing over the borders only to decide that simple was best. Three weeks of fussing and only half an hour of sewing and it’s done! Go figure!

IMG_4985Hey, have you ever noticed when you’re blanket stitching some black & white fabrics that white or black thread looks out of place? Try stitching with grey thread, it blends in and doesn’t fight with the pattern.

grey blanket stitchHappy Thursday everyone! toni xx

A Space Odyssey…

Hi y’all, how has your week been? I’m starting to get back into the swing of things. I’ve woken up this week to the sound of the local school bell ringing and that always signals a return to routine.

Hey I don’t have to do the 8am school run or make school lunches anymore! What a thoroughly blissful thought. Did I tell you that Kelly was accepted into her University course? 

Rem has been particularly stubborn this week and every time I’ve tried to get some work done he has planted his furry little bottom on the fabric and ironing board.

When I eventually shooed him off I got some work done on the space quilt. I promised this one two years ago and it got caught up in the to-do bin. Another few days and it will be done and I’ll be able to start on the giraffe quilt and pug quilt.

space quest

Cheat of the Week: I’ve been making 4in Sawtooth Star blocks for the quilt and I messed up one of the seams on this one. You can see that it’s about an 1/8th of an inch out of whack.

I didn’t want to unpick the seams – with the small pieces the fray factor was too high and the rest of the block was fine – so I cut a strip of lightweight fusible interfacing, aligned it with the edge of the block, then fused it in place. It will stop the fabric from fraying and I’ll be able to sew the block into the quilt without any further problems.

Use white interfacing for light fabrics and grey interfacing for dark fabrics. Use a short stitch length when sewing over the offending seam for strength. When you quilt the flimsy, the quilting will further strengthen the seam. I wouldn’t recommend using this cheat on a seam that is less than 1/8in wide.

Did you know that I have a Facebook group called “The Red Boots Gang” ? Pop on over and say ‘hi’ to everyone there. In 2018 I’ll be doing monthly giveaways and you will have early access to new patterns, products, and sales.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I have five more Sawtooth Star blocks to make before I can go to bed tonight :o>

toni xx