Neat as a button.

Remember yesterday how I suggested you fuse a strip of interfacing to the opening of your soft toys? This is how neat it stays when you do. No fraying!

Double tip – don’t fuse it too close to the edge of the opening, leave a hair’s breadth between the edge of the interfacing and the edge of the fabric so your needle will go through the fabric with ease. xx

A mouse in the house…

Hey lovelies, how was your weekend? I’ve been testing out a really old plushie pattern I had stashed away. A little cutie patootie mouse called Mixie.

As always these little soft toys are designed to be quick and easy to make. You can whip them up in an afternoon. No inset seams or fiddly bits (mostly ha!).

Here’s a tip, have you ever had troubles with the fabric fraying around the stuffing openings? I fuse a narrow (say 3/8in) strip of lightweight fusible interfacing to each side of the opening (on the wrong side of the fabric). It really helps stop the fraying as well as strengthening the openings.

Time to get back to work, I positioned the arms a little high and I need to adjust the templates! Happy Monday, toni xx

Friday Faves.

Hey lovelies, it’s Friday!

This week’s specials are the Santa’s House, Land Down Under, and Farmhouse Daisies patterns – the printed patterns are 20% off and the PDF patterns are 40% off the normal price until Tuesday next week.

You can find them in our Etsy store and our webstore.

One of our lovely customers, Sio, sent us this photo of her Land Down Under quilt today – isn’t it ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

Another lovely customer, Rosa, made this version of the Santa’s House quilt a few years ago now and it’s still one of my favourites.

Question – would you like to do another block of the month next year? Let me know.

I’ve spent the past few days making teddy bears for some little friends of mine. I’ve still got to stuff them – NOT my favourite job – then I can post them off. This is the Best Friends Bears pattern with the trousers from the Koala pattern. I’ve added some braces by making (4) fabric straps and stitching them into the neck seam front and back. I’ll add some big bright buttons to the front to finish. Super easy and quick to make and cute to boot!

Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

Friday Faves on the Farm

Happy Friday lovelies and Happy (belated) Fourth of July to our lovely friends in the US.

A quick question – do your children or grandchildren watch Bluey? I’ve been thinking…

This week’s Friday Faves are the Windy Hill Farm quilt, the Little Bears quilt, the Snuggle Bears soft toys, the Jingle Bells Snack Mats, and the Merry Christmas Snack mats.

Please don’t purchase the Windy Hill Farm pattern if you own the Happy Quilts book. A similar pattern is available in the book.

All patterns have a printed version and they are on special this week too – except the Windy Hill Farm pattern. The printed pattern is $16.50. This is a huge pattern and I need to increase the price to make even a small profit. There may be some further price increases on a small amount of patterns over the next few weeks. Sorry guys. xx

Little Bears Quilt

The Winner of our Thermoweb June giveaway – for sharing your project photos with me – is Gay T. I’ll be in contact shortly Gay. Congratulations!

Terri and I have been updating the ‘mug rug’ patterns. The internet has decided that ‘mug rug’ is a granny term and has updated it to ‘snack mat’. Therefore… these are our Christmas snack mats LoL. They are now available in printed format.

The Snuggle Bears pattern includes the Grumpy Grizzly templates. If you already own the Happy Quilts book or the Grumpy Grizzly pattern you don’t need to purchase this pattern.

Please message me if you are unsure whether you already have these patterns. Occasionally I will change the name of a pattern to try and rank better in the search algorithms. Gone are the days when you purchased most patterns through your local quilt store, now we’re competing with a billion other entries on Google and have to stay as relevant as possible.

Terri has been helping me pull everything together and we’re hoping to be done updating everything by the end of this year – sooner I hope! Once done, the patterns will remain as they are and won’t be changed in the future.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, take care, toni xx

New Store up and running.

Hey lovelies, I’ve got the new independent store up and running. You can find it here. You will be able to purchase patterns using your credit card and PayPal.

You will also be able to make wholesale orders directly via the website. Please message me for details.

Our free patterns are also on the site.

Our Etsy store is still open for business and will continue to operate as normal. I’ve opened the second store as a backup. My Etsy store belongs to Etsy and if anything ‘out of the ordinary’ happens the site can disappear overnight and my income with it. 

Have a wonderful week, toni xx

Ps. Please let me know if you find any errors on the site. I’ve spent 100 plus hours getting it up and running and I may have missed something. xx



Calling all Happy Quilters

Good morning Happy Quilters! Do you have any photos of the projects you have made from the Happy Quilts book or my patterns that you are willing to share with me and others? 

As a lot of you would know, I don’t keep my quilts and soft toys. I simply don’t have the room and it seems such a waste to keep them in a cupboard when someone could be using them. I sell some to fund future projects, but I give most of them away. This makes it awfully difficult to use the quilts and toys for promo shots LOL.

Your photos don’t have to be perfect or magazine quality – happy snaps of your projects would be great. 

The photos would be used here on our website, and on Facebook, Instagram, and possibly Pinterest and Etsy. You would be credited of course. 

Please email any photos you are happy for me to share on social media to plus a quick ‘permission note’ to use them on social media platforms. Please also let me know the details you prefer to be on the photo – I’ll watermark each photo with your name or username, whichever you prefer.

Thanks heaps, toni xx


Christmas is Coming…

Like I said to the lovelies on Facebook, you can slap me for saying that if you like. It really is a bit too early to mention the C word – unless you are planning on sewing handmade gifts of course!

With this in mind I’ve put our soft toy patterns on special this week. If you get started now you can easily make a whole family of dolls for your cuties for very little cost. You could make a little pillow and mini quilt to match each toy. Feel free to resize the templates from any of my patterns to suit. You could also make a matching tote bag to keep them in.

I’ve also put our Scrap Bin Sheep and Land Down Under quilt patterns on special. Same as always $4 for the PDF’s and $11.50 for the printed patterns.


Would you like me to make more easy-to-make soft toy and doll patterns? What about mug rug patterns, are they still a thing? What would you like to see?

I have quite literally spent all of my week chasing copyright infringements. There are a ton of people on Facebook and Instagram claiming my work as their own, as well as a couple of companies making products with my images on them. Some backpacks have shown up with my Wild Things critters on them.wild things cropped

I’ve decided the best way to deal with the Facebook and Instagrammers is to spam their posts with my details – I’ve picked up some new followers (hi!) – and then report them. If you come across them please just direct their followers to my page and then report the page (thank you). The companies I can prosecute!

Enjoy your weekend lovely people. I’m hoping to get some sewing done and to add a few thousand steps to my Fitbit count :o>  toni xxIMG_0559


Happy August.

Hi y’all, it’s August and everyone is talking about how close Christmas is. My head is firmly in the sand when it comes to Christmas, I’m just not ready to accept it’s the end of the year.

I haven’t quite got my head around the new Uni timetable yet so I’m not getting much work done. I’ve got the fabric ready for the cows and my sketchbook is full of ideas for a Summer Christmas quilt.

Some of my older quilts need updating using new fabrics, so I’m slowly working through them, making a block here and there when I find the time. The Rabbits at Hyde Park is currently in the queue for a fabric makeover.

I’ve put some patterns on special this week for you. Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Fun at the North Pole, Scrappy Alphabet, Scrappy Snowmen, Flamingo Dance, and Isaac the Robot are all $4 for the PDF version and $11.50 for the printed patterns. You can find my store here.

I’ve also done the draw for the July giveaway. Congratulations to Christine and Lynda. I’ll pop your prizes in the post as soon as I hear back from you. Thank you to everyone who participates and enters.
Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 10.01.36 pm.pngI hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I really hope to get some sewing done, it’s been a real struggle to find the time this year. toni xxrabbits-craftsy-small

It’s $4 Friday!

Hiya lovelies, it’s $4 Friday! This week’s patterns are Santa’s House, Boot-n-SkootA Pug’s Life, and Scrappy Cats. The printed patterns are also on special for $11.50 which includes postage.

Happy Quilts is still ‘out of stock’ on Amazon dot com, but it’s still available on the Amazon Australia and Book Depository websites. I was about to link you to Amazon Australia but then I read the fine print and the Oz site ships from Book Depository anyway and it’s $5 dearer – how cheeky is that!

Hubby goes back to work on Monday so I should be able to knuckle down and get some sewing done. We’ve spent our holiday fixing the bathroom instead of having some much needed time away. We’re still showering in a giant plastic bag which isn’t optimum in Winter ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, the bathroom is finally free and the plastic bag awaits! toni xx





It’s $4 Friday!

Hello lovelies! It’s $4 Friday, so what do we have on special this week? LOADS. It’s bear week!

We have – Best Friends Bears, Honeybee Bears, The Beary Bunch, Fun at the North Pole, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, Panda Party, and Camp Grizzly on special this week.

$4 for the PDF patterns and $11.50 including postage for the printed patterns. The patterns and pins will remain on special for the weekend only, they will revert to full price on Monday AEST.

We’ve also put our gorgeous ‘Little Mermaid’ pins on special. You can grab them for $15 the pair or $7.50 each plus postage. They are seriously cute. The fantastic ‘YAY’ pin on my overalls, plus lots of other pins, can be found here.

To complete our bear theme this week (those mermaids really do look like bears don’t they *cough cough*) you can download the free ‘Little Bears’ pattern here thanks to the lovelies at Thermoweb (the makers of my favourite fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite).


I think that’s it for today. I’m going to grab a coffee and get back to work on those Koala (bears? toni ducks and hides from angry Aussies – because Koalas aren’t bears).

Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

IMG_0129Ps. don’t forget we are doing the draw for our giveaway on the weekend. You can find the details here. xx