Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi y’all, Happy Thanksgiving to our lovely followers┬áin the US. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends. I can’t wait for Christmas to arrive in Australia – it’s the only time I can buy turkey and I adore the stuff (and so do the kitties)!

This is just a quick hello to let you know we are having a Black Friday sale in our Etsy store this weekend. Everything is 20% off the full price (including clearance lines).

Have a wonderful weekend, don’t eat too much pie! toni xx


Lost in Space

Hi y’all,

I’m feeling a little lost this week (when it comes to what to do next). I have plenty of ideas and suggestions to work with but I’m feeling a little ambivalent towards all things made from fabric.

I think I need a hobby, something that is creative but not related to quilting.┬áI would love to learn how to make cheese, to grow vines and olive trees and spend my days working with my hands in the sun. But that’s my retirement plan, so until then I need a hobby.

In the meantime I’m staring at my sketch book waiting for the next quilt to leap off the page and catch my imagination.

I wish it would hurry up! xx

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