Friday’s News.

Hello lovely people, it’s Friday again and I have a few things to tell you this week.

First up, it’s $4 Friday and the following patterns are on special in the Etsy and Red Boots stores. $4 for the PDF and $11.50 for the printed pattern which includes postage. This weeks specials are The Kennel Club, Catnip, Santa’s House, and Scrappy Snowmen.

We’ve put our enamel and acrylic pins on clearance sale. They can only be purchased from our Etsy store. Grab a bargain for Christmas. Keep in mind shipping times for this time of the year.

EDIT: The fabric has been given a new home. Thanks everyone. xx I have three garbage bags full of mostly ‘country coloured’ quilt fabric to give away to someone here in Brisbane. First person to message me can have the fabric. No postage available, you must be local.

Keep in mind I have cats and there will be cat fur. I will arrange to deliver the fabric to your house or work, pickup not available due to neighbourly reasons.

I also have somewhere between 30-50 ‘mug rug size’ pieces of wadding if anyone local wants them. Most are a poly-cotton blend.

fabricI’ve been having a massive clean up and clear out this week. I’ve been ruthless and my scrap bins have been emptied.

rubbish binUnfortunately there won’t be many or any new projects for the rest of 2018. After weeks of pain I’ve been diagnosed with a stress fracture of the pelvis. Sitting, standing, and even sleeping for too long in one position is painful and distressing. I’m worried sick about not being able to work as much as I need to – being self-employed is the pits quiltI’m hoping that I’ll be healed in a few weeks (ha ha!) – in time for the start of the New Year. I had so many plans for Red Boots this year but so much has happened and some days I feel like I’ve been kicked and punched all the way back to the starting line.

I’m feeling positive that I can carry Red Boots into 2019 and keep producing quilts that make you smile. I have a few ideas to work on in the meantime. Ultimately I’d like to be able to attend one of the quilt markets in the US next year. Wouldn’t Houston be great!? I’d like to find someone to share a booth with so we could help each other etc.

In the  meantime I’ll continue to watch Dave our local scrub turkey make a nesting mound in one of my gardens. He’s hilarious, flinging compost, branches, and plants left, right and centre. I love our local wildlife even if they are destructive and messy!

Take care, have a lovely weekend, toni xx

Tutti Fruity Pandas.

Hey y’all, how has your week been? Mine flew by and I can’t believe it’s nearly midnight on Friday night already.pandas 2

We’ve had multiple real estate agents walking through the house this week. We’re living in the middle of a $100 million dollar plus development zone, with apartments being built behind and to one side of us. We were going through the specs for this one (below) and saw our property mentioned in the development report LOL. I wish they’d buy us out already so we can move on with our lives. We’ve been living in real estate limbo for too long.

development 1

Concept art of an apartment block being built one house from us.

I did get a little bit of sewing done. The panda quilt has been giving me trouble and I’ve unpicked it four times so far. No wonder they were originally assigned to my scrap bin! I can report that I’ve turned the corner with them though and the quilt should be finished soon. IMG_0676

I’ll do the August giveaway draw this weekend and let you know the winners sometime Sunday night. Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

Ps. I’ve left the store in ‘sale mode’ until Monday.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 8.07.21 pm

For Sale – Hound Dogs.

Hi Y’all, I’m working my way through my sample quilts and putting them up for sale. Our ‘Hound Dogs’ quilt is next on the block.

Approx. 59 1/2in x 59 1/2in. Professionally quilted.

$120 including postage within Australia. Please message me for o/seas postal quote. You would be looking in the vicinity of $60 to $80 Australian dollars.

You can find the pattern here. There is a printed version too.

hound dogs 1

$4 Friday!

It’s $4 Friday!

Canine Capers, Hound Dogs, The Kennel Club, and The Bunny Bunch are all on special this weekend. $4 for the PDF version, $11.50 with free shipping for the printed version.

The Space Quest quilt pattern should be finished this weekend. The pugs are still ongoing.

We are still without internet and it doesn’t look like we are going to get it back anytime soon. Our Telco won’t commit to a timeframe and are avoiding answering questions. It’s not a great situation, and I’m getting pretty grumpy with them.

pug meets tula

I’m taking some time out tomorrow to attend a lino cut printing course. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, but now I’m feeling a bit nervous. What if I make a complete arse of myself? I figure I’ll buy a jumbo bucket-o-coffee, swallow my nerves, and jump in feet first.

Speaking of coffee, it’s time for a late night cuppa and a cookie. Enjoy your weekend lovelies, toni xx

Canine-Capers-smallBunny-Bunch-Quilt-Smallkennel-club-etsyhound dogs 1

I finished one!

OMG I finished the space quilt. I’m so relieved LOL. It’s all packaged up and ready to go to the lovely Fiona’s for quilting. Yippee!


I spent weeks fussing over the borders only to decide that simple was best. Three weeks of fussing and only half an hour of sewing and it’s done! Go figure!

IMG_4985Hey, have you ever noticed when you’re blanket stitching some black & white fabrics that white or black thread looks out of place? Try stitching with grey thread, it blends in and doesn’t fight with the pattern.

grey blanket stitchHappy Thursday everyone! toni xx