Popcorn is yummy…

flower header weebly 13

And so are these popcorn buckets.  Aren’t they fantastic.


I was sitting in the car yesterday, gently dozing in the warm sun and waiting for Kate to supply us with hot caffeinated beverages, when I saw a woman walking across the car park with these spotty delights in her bag!  They had to come home with me  (I left the woman in the car park *giggle*).

There was once a time when I used to be the most organised woman in the city.  Seriously.  I used to get paid big bucks for my organisational skills.  Now I can’t find the caffeine in my coffee.  These delightful spotty buckets are to stick stuff in.  My drawing pens.  My threads.  My car keys.  Maybe even my glasses.

How could I possibly sit on my glasses if they are in a bright pink spotty bucket!  My optometrist will love me again.




What do I write about?

flower header weebly 13

That’s how I feel, when I sit here looking at the blank page that is this blog.  Or Facebook.  Or any social media platform.  Just what in the name of all things do I write about?

I’ve been asking my friends that question, asking the internet that question, asking Dr Google that question.  There is still this blank page… staring at me.  Judging me for leading such an uninteresting life.

An old work colleague of mine has just climbed Kilimanjaro.  Kilimanjaro.  I went to the copy shop yesterday.  I hummed “Climb Every Mountain” while I was waiting in the queue.. .does that count?


Some suggestions…  write about what you are wearing.  Ummm, ok.  Monday – jeans, white t-shirt, sneakers.  Tuesday – jeans, white t-shirt, red jumper, sneakers.  Wednesday – jeans, white t-shirt… do you see the problem?  Next…

Tell your audience something interesting about yourself…  Ummm, ok.  I have a phobia of hairdressers and cut my own hair.  No?  Next…  I’m a fully ordained Minister and can marry you in a variety of countries and states.  No?  I hate the feel of nylon socks against my feet and love my 100% cotton ones so much that I’ve worn them out.  Maybe they are holy socks?  See previous statement.

holey socks

Not interesting?  Ok… I’ve got a thing for red vintage glasses, unfortunately I also have a thing for red lounge chairs and keep sitting on my glasses.  I’ve gone through two pairs in six months!  My optometrist thinks I’m insane… can’t you buy PURPLE glasses toni???


l do love fabric.  But I find it hard to blog about it.  I do love using my quilts, isn’t that why we make them?  There are three on this bed, it was cold last night *giggle*.


And moose are one of my favourite animals.  I do think the plural of Moose should be Meese.  The English language can be so boring sometimes.

meeses to pieces

Oh and I can’t live without my coffee but caffeine makes me ill.

Happy Saturday, xx.