This Little Fishy.

Howdy, super-lovely quilters! How are you all on this slightly chilly Spring/Fall day? We’ve been muddling along, my hubby’s step-brother passed away suddenly and left us reeling a little. Life is so unexpected, it’s made us step back a little and re-evaluate everything. As always sewing has been my happy place, a place of safe […]

Fairy Tale Friday!

I’ve updated the Snuggle Bears soft toy pattern to include the templates for these smaller bears. They measure approx. 12 1/2in tall and are perfect for little hands. If you already have the pattern simply print the templates at 75% of their original size. You can do this in your printer preferences. For the scrappy […]

Download Issues : Who’s at the Zoo

Hey lovelies, I need to update you regarding the Who’s at the Zoo download in the online store (not the Etsy store). Just after I released the pattern a customer posted their download link to a Facebook group (not ours). It allowed hundreds of people to download the pattern for free. The only way I […]

Who’s at the Zoo!

Hey lovelies guess what!? We’re done! The lovely Katie and I think we’ve done all we can to ensure the math and instructions are right. It’s been hard to proof everything this time around, what with some of the harshest lock-downs and restrictions in place across half of the country. Me (us) having the cold-of-doom […]

Hello lovely quilters!

I’m very, very happy to say the ‘Who’s at the Zoo‘ quilt top has been finished, bundled up, and posted to the lovely Julie to work her magic. I’m extraordinarily pleased that I finished a quilt and didn’t bin it because I didn’t think it was good enough to be released. I’m hoping the pattern […]

Happy Sunday Yee-haw!

Good morning and Happy Sunday to y’all. I had to go and get a Covid test bright and early this morning, I’m feeling fine, I’m just a low risk casual contact from a shopping centre. To celebrate my early morning nasal probe I’ve put four PDF patterns on special for the next 24 hours! You […]

Fairytale Friday

Hey lovelies, due to tech issues there won’t be a Fairytale update today. Apologies to all, there will be a double issue next instalment day. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up! Love to all, toni xx

Fun at the Brisbane Pole…

Howdy folks, gosh it’s cold, damp, and miserable here today. So much for the ‘Sunshine State’ LoL. It’s the perfect day for hot coffee, happy quilts, and more happy quilts. It’s been a busy week again, but this time a productive one thank goodness. Before I forget the ‘Fun at the North Pole’ PDF quilt […]

Fusible techniques.

Hey y’all, I’ve uploaded a quick and dirty fusible webbing tute to the files. My dragon is giving a few people grief because of all the small pieces. I thoroughly recommend using an applique sheet when putting more complex shapes together, seriously it will revolutionise your applique life. The tutorial was mostly written to show […]