A mouse in the house…

Hey lovelies, how was your weekend? I’ve been testing out a really old plushie pattern I had stashed away. A little cutie patootie mouse called Mixie.

As always these little soft toys are designed to be quick and easy to make. You can whip them up in an afternoon. No inset seams or fiddly bits (mostly ha!).

Here’s a tip, have you ever had troubles with the fabric fraying around the stuffing openings? I fuse a narrow (say 3/8in) strip of lightweight fusible interfacing to each side of the opening (on the wrong side of the fabric). It really helps stop the fraying as well as strengthening the openings.

Time to get back to work, I positioned the arms a little high and I need to adjust the templates! Happy Monday, toni xx

Christmas is Coming…

Like I said to the lovelies on Facebook, you can slap me for saying that if you like. It really is a bit too early to mention the C word – unless you are planning on sewing handmade gifts of course!

With this in mind I’ve put our soft toy patterns on special this week. If you get started now you can easily make a whole family of dolls for your cuties for very little cost. You could make a little pillow and mini quilt to match each toy. Feel free to resize the templates from any of my patterns to suit. You could also make a matching tote bag to keep them in.

I’ve also put our Scrap Bin Sheep and Land Down Under quilt patterns on special. Same as always $4 for the PDF’s and $11.50 for the printed patterns.


Would you like me to make more easy-to-make soft toy and doll patterns? What about mug rug patterns, are they still a thing? What would you like to see?

I have quite literally spent all of my week chasing copyright infringements. There are a ton of people on Facebook and Instagram claiming my work as their own, as well as a couple of companies making products with my images on them. Some backpacks have shown up with my Wild Things critters on them.wild things cropped

I’ve decided the best way to deal with the Facebook and Instagrammers is to spam their posts with my details – I’ve picked up some new followers (hi!) – and then report them. If you come across them please just direct their followers to my page and then report the page (thank you). The companies I can prosecute!

Enjoy your weekend lovely people. I’m hoping to get some sewing done and to add a few thousand steps to my Fitbit count :o>  toni xxIMG_0559


Scrappy Bunnies.

Hi y’all, are you watching the Winter Olympics? What are your favourite events? I don’t think there are any that I don’t like.

The Scrappy Bunnies pattern has been updated and uploaded to our Etsy and Craftsy stores.

scrappy-bunnies-2The old pattern is almost the same as this one. The new one is a little larger, and has a scarf and template for a pair of glasses. It’s been redone to update the photos and bring the diagrams and layout into line with the newer patterns.

scrappy bunny oldI felt some of the old spark return this week, which I’m extremely grateful for. Remaking the bunnies has helped enormously in my getting back to work. The pugs are next on the agenda.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies. We’re stripping and repainting the ceilings. There are sixty years of paint to remove. It’s not pretty! toni xx