Patchwork Kitties and Elephants.

Hey lovelies, how has your week been? It’s been a good week here, it’s amazing what NOT running on a (stress) fractured pelvis (plus painkillers) does for a girl ha ha!

I’ve managed to get a little sewing done, in between paying attention to the large ginger kitty who keeps getting in the way. It’s like he knows I’m not supposed to be doing much at the moment – his owner’s keeper? LOL.

The Patchwork Elephants pattern is our Four Dollar Friday special this weekend. You can find the PDF and printed patterns in our Etsy or Red Boots stores. A big thanks to Joan and Vicki for their beautiful project photos.

It’s actually been great having to slow down a little. I’ve been able to take a breath and think. In 2019 I’d like to run things along the lines of the “Happy Quilts” book. For each quilt a matching soft toy. I’d like to make a few ‘grown-up’ quilts too.

I’m not going to stress about the Christmas sales period. There will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale though. I think that starts next week, I’ll let you know when. In the meantime have a lovely weekend, I hope you get some happy sewing done! toni xx

Howdy folks. June Giveaway.

Howdy folks, how has your week been? Mine has been spent catching up on household chores and getting that all important annual breast check. Have you had your breasts checked lately? Pick up the phone and make that appointment lovelies.

I’ve a couple of things to share with you this week. First up, June’s Red Boots/Thermoweb giveaway. This month’s prize includes (1) pack of HeatnBond Ez-Print Lite, (1) pack of HeatnBond Iron-on Lightweight Fusible Interfacing, a selection of Red Boots patterns, and (1) Ecosilk shopping bag. You can find how to enter here.

June-GiveawayI use my stash of HeatnBond Interfacing for all sorts of things. I fuse it to background blocks where the fabric is a little too see-through, I cut it in strips to stabilise the fraying edges of applique and pieced blocks, and it’s great for fusing to the back of stitchery blocks.

I can also highly recommend the EcoSilk shopping bags. Hubby and I have used them for about seven years now and they are the perfect replacement for single-use plastic shopping bags. No affiliations or sponsorship, just a great local product.Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 9.23.09 pm

The lovely Joan from Moosestash Quilting wrote a wonderful blog post about her “Pachyderms in my Petunia Patch” quilt this week. Joan’s quilt is gorgeous don’t you think and her quilt-name is much better than my lame ‘Patchwork Elephants’ ha ha! Pop on over to her blog to say Hi.

joan's elephantsKerry also shared a piccy of her (almost finished) ‘Mr Fox’s Garden‘ quilt with me. Kerry added an extra row of foxes and flowers to make the quilt longer. It’s going to look amazing when it’s finished.

P1060057 (800x600)Thanks for letting me share your photos guys. Your photos always make my day. xx

In some not-so-good news, Etsy is increasing their fees by 40% in mid-July. I won’t be increasing my standard prices and will suck up the extra fees, however it will affect $4 Fridays. I’ll have more info about that when I do the math.

The Land Down Under

In other news I am removing the bonus templates from ‘The Land Down Under‘ quilt for all future pattern sales.


Well that’s it for tonight, I’m heading off to make a coffee and then I’m going to clean up my work space. Time to get ready for another happy quilt. Cows anyone?

Enjoy your weekend, toni xx



OMG guys I’ve caught up! Being without an internet connection for a month left us with a backlog of work. It feels so good to have a fresh slate. A couple of days ago I could’ve cried at how much work I had to get through. Thank you for your patience, support, and general loveliness.

All parcels, orders, quilts, paperwork, and emails have been sent and replied to. If you haven’t heard back from me it’s because I probably didn’t receive your email or message. A number of emails and messages have ended up in the black hole of cyberspace.

YIPPEE HALLELUJAH HUZZAH! I can finally move forward and get some sewing done!

small-elephantsMy ‘Patchwork Elephants’ quilt has gone to live with somebody else and I waved goodbye to it today. I think I’ll miss it.

elephant quilt lounge

Remember to check back tomorrow for our $4 Friday specials and have a lovely night! toni xx

It’s Five Dollar Friday!

Welcome to Five Dollar Friday! This week’s PDF patterns are Scrap Bin Sheep, Scrappy Alphabet, and Patchwork Elephants. The patterns will be available at this special price until Monday (AEST).

I did a quick stats check this week and our free patterns have been downloaded 26,088 times since January this year. Wow, that’s a lot of patterns and a lot of quilts. We’ll have a new free Christmas project courtesy of Therm-o-Web in a few weeks time, accompanied by another amazing giveaway.

I’m hoping to get to the sewing machine this weekend. This week has been incredibly busy family wise and I’ve not had time. When I did manage to grab a few minutes, I’ve totally botched everything I’ve touched LOL. Not an auspicious start to the Christmas season!

Did you know I’ve set up a Facebook group called “The Red Boot’s Gang” where you can hang out and share piccies and projects and stuff,

Pop on over and sign up, it’s still in it’s infancy but I’m hoping you will enjoy being there. You are welcome to chat about other projects (other than Red Boots) but I ask that you keep politics and religion out of the chat.

There will be giveaways and exclusives (starting in the New Year) so come on over and say Hi.