Paper Doll Sew-Along #16

Hi lovely quilters, it’s time for the next instalment of our ThermoWeb Paper Doll Sew-Along. We also have a couple of bonus blocks this week. I had a request for an AFL (Australian Football League) player and a request for a doll with a beard and moustache. Click on the images below to download the […]

Paper Dolls + Labor Day Sale

Hello lovely quilters, are you ready for the next instalment of our Thermoweb Paper Dolls Sew-Along? This week is a little different. Block #29 is really Block #23. The block order got a little mixed up when I had to pack everything up for a house inspection. If you’ve already sewn the blocks together, don’t […]

Good Things.

Hello lovely people, how have you all been this week? We’re heading into Spring, the birds are singing their hearts out and what’s left of our garden is waking up and starting to bloom. Our macadamia nut trees are finally flowering and the bees are deliriously happy. Road signs have popped up everywhere declaring ‘Koala […]