Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Die Hard is on the TV… giggle. Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie in our house. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman in the same movie, what could be better!? Except maybe Clark Griswold.

The ‘Mrs Claus in a Bikini’ template has been uploaded to our free pattern page. Mrs Claus will fit the Christmas Apron pattern and the Here Comes Santa, Santa Sack pattern (Etsy).

The ‘Mr Claus in his Board Shorts’ template from the Santa Sack pattern will also fit the Apron pattern if you’d like to make a matching set of Summer Santa aprons.

You can download the apron pattern from the free patterns page here. Confused yet? LoL.

Please read the size guide instructions carefully. It’s very easy to resize the apron but I would recommend making a template to check your sizing before you begin, especially the top of the apron where it fits over your bust. Keep in mind that Aussie sizes are very different from US sizes.

No. 1 daughter is modelling the apron (whilst doing the dishes ha ha). She is wearing a medium sizing. I would strongly suggest making a paper or scrap fabric template to check your size before making the real thing.

The Mrs Claus in a Bikini template and Christmas Apron pattern will only be free for a couple of weeks so download them while you can. They will revert to being paid patterns in 2020.

Did you see the photos of the Godzilla Christmas tree in Japan? Isn’t it amazing. I love that it breathes smoke.

And on that note, it’s time for coffee and some down time before bed. My kids are arguing about space turkeys. I have no idea and I don’t intend to ask. The only turkey I’m interested in is one stuffed and served with cranberry sauce. Nite lovelies and Merry Christmas, toni xx

Ooh la la! Mrs Claus.

Hey lovelies, someone asked me to draw a Mrs Santa in a bikini, so I did :o) The template will be free for the next few weeks (it’s not ready yet).

Tomorrow I’ll resize the templates so you can use them on the Here Comes Santa (Santa Sacks). Mrs Claus matches Mr Claus in his board shorts.

I’ve also got a free Christmas Apron pattern (that we’ve updated) for you. I’ll upload it in the next couple of days. Are you ready for Christmas? I’m in panic mode! xx

Christmas Apron