Friday on my mind.

Hi y’all,

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been in the Alexander household. The roof and skylight have been repaired. The poor guy who fixed it had a brace on his leg, I don’t know how he was climbing up and down ladders, and scuttling all over our double-height roof (without a harness)!

You mustn’t think we live a life of woe, we absolutely don’t. I write about the crazy things that happen to us because otherwise this blog would be mundane. I could tell you that I spent seven hours today sitting on a computer doing paperwork and drawing diagrams, or I could tell you about the risotto I had stuck in my belly button (true story from tonight’s dinner). So please laugh with us, life is a crazy road trip full of laughter and tears.

remzoar small

My leg is healing nicely. Did you know Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world? I grew up in tropical North Queensland and spent a large part of my childhood on a beach or a boat. When I was a kid adults would plaster you with oil so you would get a sunburn/suntan; it was thought to be healthy. I remember my GP getting me to sit in the sun everyday to help combat teenage acne. Of course I’m paying the price for those years in the sun with inevitable skin cancers.

pugs 1

Remy-the-Lion is babysitting the pug quilt. He’s quite determined never to get off it. The lovely Fiona is very busy right now, but I’m in the quilting queue. If I can get a good piccy this weekend (without the quilting) I’ll get the pattern up early for you.

It’s been a week of paperwork and putting together wholesale orders. I don’t think I’ve been near the sewing machine – much to my distress. I have a list as long as my arm of quilts I want to make but time is my enemy. I need to go fabric shopping this weekend, my scrap bins are overflowing but I’ve run out of bigger pieces that I can use for background fabrics.

IMG_1082The sample sale has been postponed for a week or so, I do apologise for the hassle. I wasn’t expecting the week that was. I’ll be in touch with everyone who contacted me sometime in the next few days.

Etsy is having a big sale promotion this week and I’ve decided to join in. We are offering 20% off everything in store (except Henry). Pop on over and grab yourself a bargain or two.

I picked up three vintage wool blankets on Etsy this week. The price for new ones was horrendous, upwards of $250 each and the available colours were so blech. The three I bought are excellent brands, in perfect condition, and cost under $150 for the three. Bargain!

I’ll leave you tonight with this gorgeous quilt that Cherie H. made for Liz. It’s adapted from the Cuddle Bears pattern in the Happy Quilts book. Isn’t it absolutely stunning. I love this so much. Thanks Cherie and Liz for sharing it with us.

bears liz and cheriHave a wonderful weekend everyone, toni xx