I’m experimenting with cow shapes (for a new quilt) tonight. The shape looks great on paper, but that doesn’t mean it will translate well to fabric.

This little dude looks absolutely fantastic on paper but it hasn’t quite worked in fabric. I’ll need to squish and distort it a little until it looks okay.

I use all my scrap pieces of fabric to test out the shapes so sometimes I get some weird and wonderful combos, not to mention tons of failed critters! xx


Dog vs. Dog

Hey guys, I’ve had an awful lot of requests for templates for different dogs breeds. How would it be if I made a template pack to go with the Pug’s Life / Kennel Club quilt patterns? You could insert your preferred dog breed without me having to make a new quilt each time. xx

The Australian Drop Bear.

Have you heard of a critter called the Australian Drop Bear?

The Australian Museum describes them as “large, arboreal, predatory marsupials related to the koala.”

koala 1

Drop Bears are an Aussie joke. We like to pretend to tourists that our koalas are fearsome creatures that deliberately drop out of trees onto the heads of unsuspecting tourists. Koalas are not the cuddly creatures portrayed in tourism ads though – they fight, snarl, and are wont to pee on you at the zoo.

I’ve been working on a koala quilt for three or four years now. I start, stop, throw it in the bin, and start again. This time around I’m determined to get it finished.

If I add some extra Aussie critters, what ones would you like to see? I’m not sure where I’m heading with this quilt, it may end up being just koalas, but if I add some friends, what would you like to see?

Happy Friday lovelies, toni xx

Ps. The ‘Flamingo Dance’ pattern is on special this week. $4 for the PDF and $11.50 for the printed pattern.

flamingo dance 1

It’s done!

It seems like I took a long time getting here, but the pugs are done!


March, and now April have been full of false starts and dead ends and finishing the pug quilt is a huge thing. A step forward, out of the endless rut I’ve found myself in. I’ll get the pattern in the store tomorrow night.


In local news my daughter heads off to France in a few weeks time as part of her University studies. It’s a huge opportunity and I’m so proud of her. It took a lot of hard work to get accepted into the study course. Luckily she knows how to order coffee in French LOL.

I was going to take a week off and meet her in Amsterdam for a short holiday but the hole in the roof took care of that LOL. I’ll have to live vicariously through her LOL.

pugs 1On a side note – I’m sitting in my lounge room and baby spiders keep falling from the inset lights. Obviously there has been a hatching somewhere in the light fixture/roof cavity and the baby spiders are on the move. It’s not a big deal and it happens a couple of times a year, but seriously can they not land on me! It’s really creepy LOL.pug meets tulaAnyway, nite everyone. It’s 11.30pm, I’m starving hungry, and we didn’t get to sleep until 2am the past couple of mornings. Neighbours hey? You either love them or want to put them on a rocket to Mars. I didn’t realise I knew the words to so many Metallica songs! LOL xx