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The Aussie quilt pattern is almost ready to send out. Expect it in your inboxes late tomorrow afternoon/early evening. I’m just waiting on a proof-read or two. My son says I need to make y’all a Dingo template!
Thanks everyone for ordering, your response was amazing, I’m humbled, thank you. xx


$4 Friday + Aussie Quilt

Howdy folks. As my son would say – it’s me! ha ha. How has your week been? I’m sitting here chatting with my daughter who right at this moment is at Paris Disneyland. Don’t you just love technology. There is 16,540 kilometres between Brisbane and Paris and we’re able to talk and squeal over Disney souvenirs LOL.

First up, instead of $4 Friday, everything’s on sale this weekend. Pop on over and grab a bargain in our Etsy store.

kennel-club-etsyThe Aussie quilt is almost done. I had some unpicking to do, I really botched drawing the possums. After a fair bit of unpicking, I got the top put back together this afternoon. You can pre-order it in our Etsy store this weekend. The pattern will be emailed to you on Monday, 11th June AEST. It measures approx. 54 1/2in x 58 1/2in (unless I add a smallish final border).

aussie quilt finished

The cold weather has crept in today and I’ve dragged out the flannel quilts. I’ve always been drawn to the soft, luxurious feel of flannel and I love working with it. This quilt is king sized and is actually made from scraps. It has four giant Sawtooth Stars and is so warm and snuggly. It’s also a cat magnet – the fur, oh the fur!


Flannel is absolutely fabulous for making the animals and critters on your quilts ‘furry’. The textural difference between normal cotton and flannel is fantastic. Flannel works fine with fusible webbing too. I would recommend using a machine blanket stitch though.

The Scrappy Daisies quilt is actually made from flannel and the (fusible) applique has stood the test of time. The quilt is about 10 years old now and has survived many a machine wash (did I mention the cat fur!?).

Ps. The Scrappy Daisies pattern is free and you can find it under the ‘Free Patterns’ menu tab.


I have totally lost my train of thought (don’t you just hate it when that happens) so I’ll say goodnight. Enjoy your weekend lovelies, toni xx


Kitty strikes again!

It was an unprovoked kitty attack! Rem decided to take a runner down the hallway and slide across the floor using the Aussie quilt as traction – one of his all time favourite games. He has now left the scene of the crime.

It’s $4 Friday!

It’s $4 Friday!

Fun at the North Pole, Camp Grizzly, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, The Wild West, and Frosty’s Christmas are all on special this weekend. $4 for the PDF patterns $11.50 (incl. postage) for the printed patterns.

Our Aussie quilt is coming along. I’ve spent all day today trying to get an echidna right. I’m not sure whether I’ve cracked it yet, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve also found that wombats need their eyes and noses placed just right otherwise they look like fat koalas LOL.

The white background fabric is still giving me a little trouble from a (lack of) colour point of view. I’m thinking of adding some colour and texture via some hand-stitching. This quilt could be adorable but it could also go very wrong. I’m actually finding it very difficult to get right.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I’m hoping to get some sewing done, but there is so much to do around the house, I don’t know where to start. toni xx

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