Just keep swimming…

with the mermaids.


That title could apply to us too. Our hot water system dumped 315 litres of hot water all over the laundry floor yesterday… eeeek! $3000 later…

mmaid hairHenry has finally arrived! All orders and prizes will be sent out tomorrow. Henry will be in the Etsy store this weekend. Hopefully the mermaid pattern will be too, but no promises. xx



I know I’m supposed to be taking a break but Henry isĀ on his way and I’ve been waiting so long to see how he turned out.

This photo isn’t the best, there’s a better video of him on the Red Boots Facebook page that I can’t upload to here. He’s a limited edition enamel pin that I had made in the UK. Henry is super gorgeous and will be available in our Etsy store in a couple of weeks. A big thank you to Jess, who has been the best xx.


Henry will also be the Birthday Club giveaway gift for the next couple of months. I will no longer being giving away store vouchers. There is too much disparity between currencies at the moment and it’s creating problems.

I will be making more enamel pins in the future, especially the happy peeps that are in my banner, maybe even a mermaid and flamingo?