Paper Dolls Sew-Along #3

Hey lovely quilters, the next instalment of our free Thermoweb Paper Dolls Sew-Along is ready to go! Click on the photo below to download the file. You can find previous instalments and information here.

This week is giveaway week and we have a fantastic bag of goodies to send out to one lucky winner! Leave a comment on this post to win – tell me your favourite flower. I will choose (1) random winner from all entries on here, Facebook, and our newsletter.

In further news this week…. the C-19 virus. I would love to avoid this topic, I think we’ve all just about had enough media saturation this week don’t you? but I need to let you know about our printed patterns.

We are still sending out printed patterns, it is safe to do so and we are following all CMO (CDC) guidelines. However delivery times are going to be extended. If you wish to purchase a printed pattern please keep this in mind.

I will not be refunding money due to slow delivery times. Lost mail is a rarity, please be patient. We will be updating the status of our printed patterns every few days. If necessary we will stop selling them for a short time. Thanks for your understanding.

PDF patterns are a great alternative. They are half the price of a printed pattern and you only need print the templates. Use the draft printing option on your printer and you’ll save ink too. It works out at approx. 10c a sheet to print a pattern on a normal home printer (including ink and paper).

If you’ve ordered a printed pattern and it hasn’t arrived yet please message me. I can send you the PDF pattern via email so you can get started on your projects.

That’s it from me tonight. I’m feeling scared and unsure and I want to curl up on the lounge, eat comfort food, and watch something reassuring on the TV.

I’m sure that most of you are feeling the same way and you don’t need me rabbiting on any further. Take care of yourselves, tell your family you love them, we’ll get through this together. Much love to all, toni xx

Paper Dolls Sew-Along #1

Hello lovelies! and welcome to the first instalment of our Paper Dolls Sew-Along. Did you know that instalment is spelled differently in different countries?

Click on the photo below to download the file for Blocks 1 and 2. I will also upload it to the Sew-Along page as listed in the menu. You will be able to download the files for a full year for free. After that the pattern will revert to a paid pattern (February 2021).

Click on this photo to download the file.

Our Paper Doll Sew-Along is brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb, the makers of my favourite fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite.

The next instalment will be uploaded on the 6th March. Have fun everyone! toni xx

Paper Dolls…

Hey everyone, how has your week been? It’s back to work for us, the Christmas break being over all too soon.

First up, I’ve moved the donation links for the Aussie Fires to their own page. You can find the links by navigating the menu at the top of the page. The header is “Aussie Fires”. If you have a link you’d like me to add please message me. Links to craft/quilting groups are welcome.

I’ve been working hard to get our new Paper Dolls BoM ready. I’m hoping for a start date some time mid-late February. More details to come. Enjoy your week! toni xx

Another trip around the sun…

Hey y’all, how was your weekend? I’m still on weekend time as it’s a public holiday here in Queensland – the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (even though it’s not her actual birthday).

It was my birthday on Saturday, my real one LoL. It was nice to celebrate another successful trip around the sun. As is tradition (with us) we’ve spent the weekend watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy whilst eating cake.

I will be having a celebratory sale and a few giveaways this week, so please check in mid-week for details. You’ll find more details on our Facebook page.

I’ve been working on the gnome quilt in between sorting out this black printing issue which has become No. 1 priority. There are well over 1000 images to look at but I’m determined to get it fixed before the start of the New Year so I can start afresh (without this hanging over my head).

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, take care and be kind to each other, toni xx

Ps. If you’ve been linked to our website via the lovelies at Thermoweb, please message me about the quilt pattern you are looking for. We’re having download issues, so I’ll respond via email. Thanks, toni xx

Happy quilts…

Hey lovely quilters, it’s Friday again. How has your week been? Did you get any sewing done? Or did you save it all for the weekend?

I’m finally getting back into the swing of sewing and designing again. It’s been a long time coming and there have been times over the past nine months where I feared I’d never get the urge to sew again. There were some very dark days when I nearly closed the business and gave up.

These little guys have been so much fun to play with. Very bright, very happy, and the perfect salve for a wounded soul.

Give me a week or two and the pattern will be ready for sale. I’m currently adding some frogs and working out a couple of overlap issues.

This week’s Friday Favourites are the Fishy Fishy Fishy, Fun at the North Pole, Flamingo Dance, and Farmhouse Daisies quilt patterns. You can find them in our Etsy and Web stores at our special Friday Faves price.

Don’t forget to download the ‘This Little Piggy” BOM blocks. We’re almost done! Where did the year go? Remember to enter our fantastic Thermoweb giveaway too.

I hope you have a great weekend, take care and be kind to each other. toni xx

This Little Piggy #8

Hey lovelies, the next instalment of This Little Piggy has been uploaded. You can find Month #8 plus the previous blocks here. I’ve also uploaded a printing guide – if you’re having trouble with that pesky black printing issue, please download it and have a read.

Congratulations to Valerie B. who is the winner of this month’s Therm O Web This Little Piggy giveaway!

Enter our Month #8 giveaway by commenting and telling us what you are currently reading.

Friday the 13th confession… I have never mastered the art of eating and reading a book at the same time. Not even a cuppa and a bikkie. I turn into a dribble monster. It’s quite a sight to behold. I’m the same with anything that has ketchup on it LoL.

Thank you to the lovely people at Therm O Web for their generosity and support. I use and I recommend HeatnBond Lite for all your projects.

Not only is it Friday the 13th, it’s also full moon, and we have real bats swooping around our yard tonight. There’s a large colony not far from us, and you can hear them squeaking in the trees.

To celebrate all things spooky our wee ghosties & ghouls are on special in our webstore and Etsy store! Monster Mash,Pretty Little Kitties, Pink Piggy Farm, and Merry & Bright are also on special this weekend.

I hope you have a great weekend everyone. We’ll be clearing the dry grass and plants on our back hill. Fire season has come early and the drought has made everything tinder dry. I fear this is the new normal and rain is but a sweet memory. I’m also hoping to squeeze in some quality sewing time. Wish me luck! Stay safe, have fun, and most of all be kind to each other. toni xx

Do the Monster Mash

Hey lovelies, how was your weekend? I hope you are safe from hurricanes and bush fires. We’ve had high winds and dust storms all weekend and we’ve lost power a couple of times. If tonight’s gale is anything to go by, it won’t be the last time we do. Unfortunately I put the candles away ‘for safe keeping’ last time I did a big clean up and I can’t find them anywhere LoL.

The next Piggy block is due this Friday. Have you caught up yet? Remember to enter the Thermoweb (Heat-n-Bond) giveaway by commenting and telling us the name of your fave Red Boots pattern.

The new quilt (pattern) in the Wild Things series will be available this week. If you own the Happy Quilts book you will be able to make a similar quilt using the pattern in the book. Monster Mash measures 56 1/2in x 56 1/2in and is easily adapted to fit a single bed.

Wow, that gust of wind shook the house! I’m going to hit publish on this post before the power goes out again. Take care of yourselves wherever you may live, stay safe, and be kind to each other. toni xx

Fusible hints & tips…

Hi lovelies, from time to time I’ll upload some hints and tips to the blog to help make your sewing experience easier. I’m not set up for videos as yet, so they will be in photo/text format for the time being. You’ll also be able to find them under ‘Hints & Tips’ in the menu.

The following is a quick tutorial on fusible applique and how to tackle the see-through fabric problems that sometimes occur. I use a low-cost lightbox when I’m working and I also use an applique mat to put my more complex applique shapes together before fusing them to the background fabric. Please message me if I’ve left anything out. You don’t have to follow all of these steps to make a great applique block. This is my method. Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Fusible Applique & Solving Fabric Transparency

1. Use a pencil to trace the required appliqué shapes onto the paper side of the fusible webbing—leave approx. 1/2in   between each shape. When you have finished tracing, roughly cut out the individual shapes 1/4in outside the traced lines. I’ve traced (2) face shapes to help solve the fabric transparency issues that happen with some fabrics.

2. Fuse the appliqué shapes to the wrong side of the fabrics you have chosen for the project following the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut the shapes out carefully on the lines when cool to the touch. Remove the backing paper from the appliqué shapes as you need them.

3. Use a lightbox or sunnwindow to help trace the features on the appliqué shapes before you fuse them to the background block. In this instance, place the top face shape over the pattern template and trace the facial features onto the shape using a sharp pencil or erasable pen. Not only have I traced the mouth for stitching, I’ve marked where the eyes are to be sewn, and where the nose will be fused.

4. I like to take the time to roughly trace the whole template in reverse onto a large sheet of paper before I begin – you can do this by using a lightbox or sunny window to trace the applique shapes straight from the pattern onto a large sheet of paper to make a whole shape. This is optional and only necessary when the shape is larger than the printable piece of paper in the pattern. I then lay out the pieces on top of the drawing so I can get the order of the shapes right before I starting fusing. Even the most experienced quilter will mess up the order of the pieces from time to time.

5. Place the template on the ironing board, then place an applique mat or Teflon sheet on top (make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and don’t overheat the pieces). Start fusing the applique pieces to the applique mat, overlapping them as you go.

6. This is where I double applique the face (or any see-through piece of fabric that’s bothering me). I traced and cut (2) face shapes to begin. Fuse the first face shape in place, then carefully fuse the second face shape on top. Always use lightweight fusible webbing when you are using this technique. Thermoweb has a great Featherlite HeatnBond product that’s perfect for this!

7. Once the face is fused, continue fusing the remaining shapes to the applique mat. When it’s cool to the touch – and this is important – peel the whole shape away from the mat. If you don’t wait for the piece to be cool you can lose glue, stretch the shapes, or burn your fingers (me every time).

8. Now your shape is complete you can fuse it to the background fabric and stitch around the shapes using your favourite method.