Paper Doll Sew-Along #12.

Howdy folks, how are you all this week? It’s cold, damp, and very gloomy here in our little part of Australia. Despite the gloom it’s been a productive week overall and I’m finally starting to feel good about myself and what I do again. It was a huge blow to lose out on a big job which I was highly recommended for because I don’t make ‘real’ quilts only children’s quilts. It threw my confidence in the scrap bin along with the dozen or so projects I’ve started this year. Phooey!

My daughter gave me a big kick in the pants earlier this week and reminded me of the hundreds of children, grandchildren, sick children, sad children, and adults who have sent me letters and photos of (themselves with) their quilts and soft toys over the years. She also reminded me that the CEO of a corporation doesn’t speak for everyone. Smart cookie my daughter. She may have also told me to stop being stupid and to get on with it ha ha! What can I say? I’m a sensitive soul and these things hurt like crazy and send me spiraling into self-doubt.

So here I am, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m drinking my 20th cup of coffee for the day. I promise it’s decaf LoL. The sloths have been dragged out of the bin, and believe it not, so have the Paper Dolls. I just didn’t have the heart to finish anything. I’ve unpicked the border on the Paper Dolls quilt (which I didn’t like) and now it’s ready to be finished and sent off to be quilted.

Over the next few weeks you will be given extra templates to add to the paper doll blocks. For eg. I’ve given a couple of the beach girls ice cream cones, and one little guy is holding a balloon etc. I haven’t put up any finished photos because of the high incidence of theft that is occurring at present. Please be patient xx.

Instalment #12 of our sew-along has been uploaded to the web-page here. You can also click on the drawn image below to download the file. As always the Paper Dolls Sew-along is sponsored by my lovely and wonderful friends at Thermoweb. Their HeatnBond fusible webbing is the best on the market in my opinion and I don’t use anything else. I prefer the HeatnBond Lite, but I know a lot of you love the HeatnBond Featherlite.

As mentioned the sloths are back on the sewing table. I’m a little lost with these guys, I can picture the quilt in my head, but I can’t quite get a layout right. I’m hoping to get them done asap though, I’m so behind. Curse the idiocy that is my crushed hurt feelings LoL.

Okay, that’s it from me today. Everyone is due home from work soon and I need to work out what to feed the hungry hordes. I hope you are all keeping safe and well and taking good care of yourselves. Everything is so scary and messed up right now isn’t it? Are you as done with politicians as I am? All of them! Much love and thanks always for your support, even when I’m being ridiculously silly, toni xx

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hello lovely quilters! How has your week been? I’ve been diving into my scrap bins, getting creative with recycled materials, and catching up on admin. I completely forgot our wedding anniversary last week, not that we really celebrate beyond marvelling at how we’ve put up with each other for so long. Ha ha ha! But it shows that my mind has been elsewhere.

I’ve put together a sweet little (medium sized) quilt made from scrap fabrics and an old, recycled sheet (for the borders). Rem has claimed it for his own, but I’m really pleased that something so.. so happy, can be created from left over scraps. If you look closely you can see where I’ve joined fabrics to make whole shapes.

My local supply/fabric stores have been closed under the Coronavirus lockdowns so I had to get creative with fabric, especially for the borders. I found an old, orphan sheet in amongst my linen; I gave it a good starch and pressing and took to it with the rotary cutter. Voila! a finished quilt top!

It’s been pressed, de-furred and packaged up ready for quilting. I’ll have the pattern uploaded to Etsy in the next day or two. Now to make a proper start on the Sloths. I wonder if I have another orphan sheet somewhere to cut up for borders LoL. Have fun, take care, stay healthy, give someone a virtual, virus free hug. Much love, toni xx

Back on Deck

Hello lovely quilters, how has your week been?

We’re back on deck, off the couch, and almost ready to get back to work. Hubby’s surgery went well and the virus I picked up from the hospital is finally on the wane.

In between it all I managed to get my fabric bins sorted. They were in a horrendous mess. Remember my thread box? Well the fabric wasn’t much better. Twisted and tangled and quite the dog’s breakfast. It feels wonderful to have it sorted into colours and projects – ready to slice, dice, and sew.

The paper dolls BOM is taking shape. I have a bit of catching up to do, but it will be ready to go late February. I’ll set up a page for it shortly.

Later this week we will be releasing the second quilt in the Speedy Racers series. If you have the Happy Quilts book you will be able to adapt the pattern (in the book) to look similar to this.

Remember to download the “This Little Piggy” (free BOM) pattern before the end of April. It will revert to being a paid pattern on the 1st Maya girl’s got to make fabric money :o)

Well that’s it from me today, take care lovelies and be kind to each other. Happy quilting, toni xx

Honey Bee Bears

Hey lovelies, how are you all this weekend? We’ve had some glorious rain and storms. The plants and wildlife are happy and so are we. Rem and Spud have been sulking, neither like thundery rain!

This week we’ve put together the prize packs for the 2020 Paper Doll BOM. A big thank you to the lovelies at Thermoweb for their ongoing support. I’ve used HeatnBond Lite fusible webbing for about seven years now and I can genuinely recommend their products.

We’ve updated the Honey Bee Bears pattern to the new format and have given it a fabric makeover. It’s the last of the available patterns to be updated and it’s slightly bigger than the old version.

Over the years I’ve had so many emails requesting the 16-patch blocks be square rather than rectangular so I’ve changed it to suit. This has made the quilt a couple of inches bigger than the old version. What can I say, I went through a rectangle phase years ago LoL.

Both the PDF and printed Honey Bee Bear patterns are on special in our Etsy store this week – 50% off the PDF pattern and 20% off the printed pattern which includes postage.

I’ve also included a star template for the border if you prefer. As always, email me at if you would like an update to your pattern. Proof of purchase is required.

We’ve been working on getting a Speedy Racer pattern ready for upload to Etsy. The original Speedy Racers quilt is in the Happy Quilts book and this will be the second quilt in the racer series. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.

Have a fantastic week everyone, we have a huge week or two ahead of us and I’m stressing about it before it begins. January is one of those months don’t you think? Take care and happy quilting, toni xx

A Happy Dance for Happy Quilts

We’ve done it, we’ve updated all of the patterns and they’re just waiting to be print checked. It was a marathon effort, one we don’t want to repeat anytime soon! Thank you to Terri and everyone who has been helping me out, I appreciate it so much. I can now get back to the job of making happy quilts!

This is Jill’s Gnome Sweet Gnome quilt, isn’t it gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Jill.

You can find loads of our ‘seconds’ (printed) patterns in the Esty store. Most of them are $7.50 including postage. The seconds patterns are simply misprints. They look the same as normal printed patterns – the only difference is they may have typos or misprints in them. A spelling mistake, an extra space, or a format error. Most, almost all, errors you won’t even notice.

Home Sweet Gnomes…

Hey y’all, ‘Home Sweet Gnome’ is now available in our Etsy store for the usual special introductory price.

I’m not able to get decent photographs at present, I just don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with my nutty neighbour. It’s something I’ll sort out in the New Year. Thanks for understanding. Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

A pig in mud.

Well hey everyone, how has your week been? Mine has been one great big jumble of weird work schedules, uni (college) exams, end of semester parties, visitors from the US, and the horrors of the house being re-wired. Add nutty neighbours to the list and you get the gist. I sat down to have lunch today and woke up two hours later with my sandwich stuck to my shirt LoL.

I worked like crazy today to get the final instalment of the This Little Piggy quilt done only to realise that I’m a week early. Ta Da! Surprise! ha ha ha. I’ve uploaded it to the website so you can download Month 10 (our final instalment) now.

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in our little piggy adventure. We will be running a new BOM next year starting in February – the theme will be announced early January.

The gnome quilt pattern is almost done. I would have had it uploaded last week but our nutty neighbour made trouble while I was trying to photograph it. I ended up drawing it out instead which took a couple of extra days. I’m planning on having it uploaded to the Etsy store tomorrow morning.

I can’t believe how quickly this year is disappearing. The university year is finished (thank goodness) and Kelly had her last exam at dawn o’clock this morning. Being the nice Mum that I am, I volunteered to drive her into campus this morning before breakfast – hence the unscheduled lunchtime nap LoL.

The weather has suddenly heated up and Dave the scrub turkey has been hit with a fresh surge of turkey hormones. His nest is now at least four metres wide by two high (4 1/2 yards x 2 1/2 yards) and what was left of our garden is now the plant icing on top. He is very, very lucky we consider him to be part of the family.

The water dragons are out in force and have started laying their eggs in what’s left of the garden. Dave has done them a favour, the soil is dug over and soft, and they don’t have to do much work LoL.

The warmer weather has brought all the wildlife out of Winter hiding. I can hear the flying foxes (bats) squeaking in the trees as I’m typing. They make a heck of a noise, quite loud, and it’s very distinguishable from the other wildlife. The mango tree is finally getting fruit and they are coming in to feast. I was driving home at dusk on Tuesday night when one swooped down towards the car and pooped on my windscreen. Bat poop is disgusting!!!

Best of all the birds are back. The cockatoos are demanding seed and the rainbow lorikeets are screeching in the palm trees. Aussie birds tend to be very, very noisy and screech a lot – a bit like our politicians but much, much nicer :o)

Anyway lovelies, have a fabulous weekend. I’ll pop in tomorrow and let you know when the gnome pattern is done. toni xx

New Store up and running.

Hey lovelies, I’ve got the new independent store up and running. You can find it here. You will be able to purchase patterns using your credit card and PayPal.

You will also be able to make wholesale orders directly via the website. Please message me for details.

Our free patterns are also on the site.

Our Etsy store is still open for business and will continue to operate as normal. I’ve opened the second store as a backup. My Etsy store belongs to Etsy and if anything ‘out of the ordinary’ happens the site can disappear overnight and my income with it. 

Have a wonderful week, toni xx

Ps. Please let me know if you find any errors on the site. I’ve spent 100 plus hours getting it up and running and I may have missed something. xx



Birthday Bash Sale & Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies, it’s my birthday today and we are having a massive 25% off everything sale in our Etsy store plus giveaways galore!Birthday-GiveawayI have (2) HeatnBond Happy Quilts packs plus (5) Lucky Dip prizes to giveaway (the cake isn’t included LOL).IMG_0559Simply leave a comment on this post telling me ‘what is your favourite Birthday cake’ and you will go in the draw to win one of the prizes. All prizes will be drawn at 10pm on Friday, 12th October, 2018 AEST and the winners notified by email.IMG_1084Have a fantastic weekend everyone, I’m about to dive into some dark chocolate birthday mousse and my fabric stash… in that order! Love to all, toni xxcake

Giveaway T&C’s can be found by navigating the side-bar menu.

Calling all Happy Quilters

Good morning Happy Quilters! Do you have any photos of the projects you have made from the Happy Quilts book or my patterns that you are willing to share with me and others? 

As a lot of you would know, I don’t keep my quilts and soft toys. I simply don’t have the room and it seems such a waste to keep them in a cupboard when someone could be using them. I sell some to fund future projects, but I give most of them away. This makes it awfully difficult to use the quilts and toys for promo shots LOL.

Your photos don’t have to be perfect or magazine quality – happy snaps of your projects would be great. 

The photos would be used here on our website, and on Facebook, Instagram, and possibly Pinterest and Etsy. You would be credited of course. 

Please email any photos you are happy for me to share on social media to plus a quick ‘permission note’ to use them on social media platforms. Please also let me know the details you prefer to be on the photo – I’ll watermark each photo with your name or username, whichever you prefer.

Thanks heaps, toni xx