Scrappy Bears Freebie

Hi y’all, I was hoping to get this uploaded tonight but I’ve had to do a hard reboot on my computer and it took most of the day. Don’t ya just love technology LOL.

I’ll have it uploaded late tomorrow morning instead. It’s a teeny little fun wall-hanging measuring just 27 1/2in square, and it’s brought to you by the lovelies at Thermoweb (the makers of my favourite fusible webbing).

Of course you can go crazy and stitch heaps of these little blokes to make a much larger quilt.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.18.42 pmI’ve also included HeatnBond EZ-Print templates to the pattern so you can print your templates directly to this fantastic product. I’ve got (4) packs of HeatnBond EZ-Print to giveaway and I’ll let you know the details tomorrow.


Etsy is having a Birthday Sale this week. Pop on over to grab a bargain, everything including our enamel pins are 10% off.

We’ve had a crazy busy week. Hubby is on hols and we are sanding and painting the exterior of our home. The hardwood weatherboards have 60 years worth of paint on them. It’s not a fun task, but when we tested out the dark grey exterior paint today (on the bit we sanded and primed) it looked fantastic.

We also found some water damage behind our bath so we’ve had to pull the walls off the bathroom. It never ends does it!?  #moneypit

I’m hoping to get some new projects started this week, but I need a trip to Peppermint Stitches to re-stock my stash of background fabrics before I sink my teeth into anything new. I have a tendency to work backwards, thus working myself into a frustrating corner. While I’m waiting to buy new fabric I’ve been making some scrappy Shoofly blocks.

shooflyIt’s nearly midnight again, so I’m going to say nite and wish you all a happy weekend. I’ll upload that pattern file tomorrow. toni xx

Ps. Look what we managed to do, Happy Quilts is out of stock on Amazon!

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.17.37 am

Spring Fling – Quilt for Sale.


$135 including postage to Australia. Please message for me o/seas postage quote.
‘Spring Fling’. This is a really super gorgeous quilt, the photos don’t do it any justice. The shapes are raw edge applique (straight stitch instead of blanket stitch). Fresh Kate Spain fabrics on off-white, professionally quilted.
The pattern is, of course, available in our Etsy store.

Friday notes.

I’m go glad I decided to make a second ‘Scrappy Bunny’. I had the leg template backward (on the updated version). Duh! I’ll stuff this one tonight, get a good photo tomorrow, then update the pattern. The old pattern is the same, I’m just refreshing the fabrics to bring them up to date.

second bunnyDo you have trouble fitting the arms and legs inside your softie when you’re sewing it together? Just tuck the arms (and ears if appropriate) inwards, pin, then sew around the sides and head. Leave the bottom OPEN. When you’ve done this, tuck the legs up and pop them through the back opening. Pin, then sew across the bottom. Easy peasy and no frustrating slippage or wayward bulges.

sewing the soft toyTo clarify on yesterday’s post – choose a shade of grey thread to suit the print you are using. Sometimes a lighter grey will look better than a darker grey and vice versa. It won’t be invisible, but it won’t be as harsh as black or white thread.

Right, speaking of wayward bulges… I need to put on my trainers and go for a walk. This Christmas weight gain needs to go! xx