Hello Friday.

Gosh what a week it’s been. It is Friday isn’t it? I’ve been caught out once already this week, thinking Thursday was Wednesday LOL.

First up I wanted to say thank you again for your empathy and kindness. I was blown away by your emails of support. I haven’t caught up with everybody yet, but I’m working my way through all the messages. I love you guys.heart coffee this

This weekend I’m going to start sorting my fabrics into project piles. I’m hoping this will clear some of the chaos in my head and allow me to move forward and put some of my designs to fabric. Small steps.fabric

I’m also going to use the old artists trick of drawing 100 drawings to kickstart my creativity, except I want to make 100 blocks. I think they’ll be mostly applique blocks but we’ll see. No time frame and no pressure. I’ll see where I end up. I’ll probably upload the templates to the website for you to use too, I haven’t quite worked out the logistics yet. The need to earn money vs. my generous streak LOL. Curse not winning the lottery this week!pugs 1

Anyway my neurotic cat needs me to take him to the toilet. Actually it’s unfair calling him neurotic, both of them are just as stressed as we are. Spud has decided he won’t go to the loo unless I go with him (and sit down beside him). Don’t ask and stop laughing LOL. It’s better than ‘accidents’.spud 1Love to all, toni xx

Easy Pet Mats – Free Pattern

Hi y’all, for split second just then I couldn’t remember what day it was. Gosh this week has flown by and we’ve been so busy. The crew are working long retail hours and I’ve been juggling two property developers who are interested in putting an apartment block where our house currently stands. I got five hours sleep last night and I’m ready to wave the white flag of surrender!

I’ve decided to end our 24 Days of Christmas early – I simply can’t keep up with all the demands on my time at the moment and this coming week is going to be a doozy. It’s also possible that we could be looking for a new place to live in a hurry.

2018 has been an interesting year, both defeating and rewarding, and at times intensely stressful. I haven’t had the time to grow Red Boots as much as I would have liked. To be honest I think I stalled this year, it was hard to stay positive and immensely difficult to be creative. 

I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas just yet, I’ll be popping in before the big day to say hi. I’m just giving myself permission, if I want, to take a little Christmassy break and focus on my family and friends.

I’ve put together a little free pattern to end the year. Forgive the lack of decent photos, between the rain and property inspections – well you know how it is. You can download the pattern by simply clicking on the file below –

Easy Pet Mats PDF

Enjoy your week lovelies and thank you, toni xx


Free Spring Quilt & Cushion Pattern

Hi y’all, it’s finished. The Spring Mandala quilt and cushion pattern is ready to download. Click on the photograph to download the pattern. It can also be found on our ‘Free Patterns’ page (in the menu). Enjoy!

A big thank you to the lovelies at Therm-o-Web who sponsor these free patterns.


Winners and Freebies.

Hi y’all, how was your Easter break? I must admit I’ve spent the better part of my life thinking that you all (those of you not living in Oz) get a long weekend/public holiday break for Easter. I didn’t realise that for a lot of you Easter is just part of a normal week.

easter sale 2

We’re (very) lucky to get a four-day public holiday weekend. In recent years this has been eroded by the retail sector, but in general everything outside retail/food shuts for four days. Easter also coincides with our school/University holidays in Queensland so we get a long break. Bliss.

This year the Universities are closing for an extra study week because of the Commonwealth Games. Is anyone going to the Games? We’re not far away but we’ll be (sadly) giving it a miss.


Today I’ve been working on my free Therm-o-Web pattern for this quarter. I’ll get the pattern up later this week. Rem has taken my absence from the sewing table as an invitation and has settled his furry little kitty butt on it – thus preventing me from doing any further work tonight LOL.

thermoweb project spring


I’ve finally managed to find a minute to do the giveaway draw for March… drum roll please… Julie P. won the newsletter giveaway and Regina L. won the Red Boot’s Gang giveaway. Congratulations Julie & Regina! thank you for being a part of the Red Boots family and for your continued support.

congratulations 2

April’s giveaway prize for each group is a (1) copy of the Happy Quilts book and (1) starter pack of Heat-n-Bond Lite. You can find details on how to enter here.

happy quilts with frame

Nite guys, I hope you had a lovely Easter, toni xx