Day 12 – Mermaids and Fishies

Hey y’all,  it’s Day 12! and our special is the ‘A Mermaid’s Tale’ and ‘Fishy Fishy Fishy’ quilt patterns.

Both patterns are on special for $3.50 for each PDF pattern and $11.50 for each printed pattern (with free postage worldwide). These prices don’t include local taxes.

This special will last 24 hours only. You can find the patterns in our Etsy store or in our Red Boots store (please use the search function).

Our Little Mermaid pins are on clearance sale too. They are $10 for BOTH pins including free postage worldwide. These guys are so cute. I can’t guarantee the pins will arrive in time for Christmas but there is a chance if you order before the weekend.

Please share this post where you can and pop on over to our Facebook page for daily giveaways. 

The pet mat pattern is coming but we’ve had three house inspections this week – gosh I’m so tired of it all. They’ve all been developers who want to demolish the house, but they also want to inspect the house (go figure). I’ve cleaned, vacuumed, mopped, and cleaned again. 

Kate graduated from Uni this week too (and most importantly). One proud mother here! She’s relieved to be finished and is looking forward to earning enough to pay off her uni debts LOLz.

Anyway I’m falling asleep so it’s time to say goodnight. I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of our recent visitors. The rainbow lorikeets come in and get drunk on our neighbours palm tree flowers LOL. They are funny, noisy, silly, and totally adorable. toni xx

Look, no kitties!

Rem has been a total pain in the kitty butt this week. Every time I’ve sat down to sew or draw he’s plonked his furry toosh right in the middle of everything and has refused to move. IMG_0785I managed to get some sneaky work done tonight. He’s just found me though and looks so offended that I stitched without him LOL.IMG_0794I sew eyes on my critters the minute I stitch around the applique shapes. It’s a nuisance when they are being quilted but I need to do it. It gives them life and personality, and that’s important to me when I’m creating something.IMG_0796Are you doing anything special this weekend? Wrangling your own kitties? Have fun and happy quilting, toni xx

A Wild Giveaway…

Hi y’all, how was your weekend? I spent mine working off a case of the Christmas-time blues. We jumped in the car first thing Saturday morning, drove to the South side of the city and picked up our Christmas ham, went plant shopping, and bought some Korean Soju (Sake). Oh, and I found some chocolate coated coffee beans that are so divinely delicious I can’t stop eating them!


Then I re-potted our cactus, divided the succulents, dug up and transplanted an heirloom rose, and generally got hot and sweaty. I think it did the trick, I’m feeling a lot better tonight.


I had hoped to get the ‘My Family’ pattern finished on Friday, but I didn’t (obviously LOL). At this stage I’m thinking tomorrow night or sometime Tuesday. This pattern will absorb the ‘Best Friends’ pattern and have the added instructions for a dad, little brother, little sister, and baby dolls. They are quick, easy to make, and loads of fun. I’m thinking of adding some moustache shapes to the pattern for Dad LOL.

group shot smallAs a thank you for all your support during 2017 I am doing an end of year Christmas giveaway, the prize being the ‘Wild Things’ quilt from my ‘Happy Quilts’ book. Amazon is out-of-stock of the book, but Book Depository still has copies. Details about the giveaway to come…


Did I tell you I recently received my first royalty cheque for the book? Almost three years after I first started writing it, I got a cheque for $97. $97 for a full year’s work ROFLOL. The funniest bit is that the cheque bounced!! It took too long getting to me via snail mail, so it was cancelled. No, actually the funniest bit (or most depressing depending on how you look at it) was that the bank took a $25 fee for processing it, so I’m actually -$25 out of pocket ROFLOL.

I hope you all have a fantastic week-to-come. I hope that all of you who live in SoCal are safe from the fires. We’re all thinking of you. Stay safe, toni xx

What do you think…

Hiya lovelies,

As you know I added $10 printed patterns to the Five Dollar Friday promotion this week. I’m glad to say it was a great success.

The exercise made me think that maybe it would be easier to list the Five Dollar Friday PDF patterns the same way – all in one listing with a drop-down menu. What do you think?

Do you prefer them listed separately or would you prefer them listed in one listing so you don’t have to leap from page to page (if you want to buy more than one)?

Let me know.

I’m going to leave the (selected) printed patterns on sale for $10 for the rest of the week.

IMG_1219This week has been another week (so far) of catching up with endless end of year paperwork and appointments. I crossed most things off my to-do list today, all I have to do now is clean my workspace and I’m ready to go with some new projects. Yippee, Ms Janome is feeling pretty neglected!

Have a fantastic week everyone, toni xx