Freaky Friday.

I woke up to this this morning. Frank apparently didn’t appreciate having a kitty butt on his face all night ROFLOL. Look at all that kitty fur! Winter has come to an abrupt end and we seem to have been plonked right into the middle of Summer. It’s time to shed ALL the fur!

pug 1

I think I’m almost on track for the design of this quilt, I spent some time with it last night, auditioning fabric, trying out blocks. I have lots of ideas for the applique, for me that’s the easy, enjoyable bit. Getting the colours, fabrics and especially the layout right can be a total pain in the toosh though; it can be extremely frustrating LOL. Thank you for all your suggestions, I love you guys.


Sewing aside, it’s been a mundane, chore filled week for me this week. I’ve had to renegotiate our electricity plan, buy new sheets, and return flammable laptops to their manufacturers. I’ve also had nine phone calls, two letters, and one email from real estate agents, local and interstate, wanting to list our property (and trying to talk us into 1-2 year contracts with development companies). I’m completely over it right now.

Nasty neighbour is (allegedly) vacationing at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a few short months for an (cough, alleged, cough) armed robbery. It buys us time to paint that side of the house and do some much needed maintenance. I got to hang the sheets on the clothesline today – first time in more than a year – without heckling and jeering! I’m looking forward to the smell of sun-dried sheets tonight – *YAY* for small victories!

Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies, I’m looking forward to a sleep-in tomorrow. Bliss.

toni xx


Meet Rover the test block. Well he’s not actually a block yet. I have this really bad habit of making applique shapes before I make a block, even before I come up with a design. I have loads of these little orphan applique shapes everywhere! I was cleaning out a random drawer last week and came across a dozen pandas LOL.

You see, a sketch, which then turns into a template, doesn’t necessarily work in fabric. What looks in proportion on paper quite frequently looks weird when made up in fabric. Sometimes you have to tweak the shape to make it work.


I only have a vague idea of where this quilt will go, no definite plans, but I want a quilt that is snuggly and I felt like making something with dogs on it.

Hey, my daughter’s laptop just caught fire; flames and all. Eeeek! She is frantic, she’s been working all night on a group assignment (due tomorrow) that goes towards her Uni entry mark. Thank God it didn’t catch fire while it was charging overnight and we were asleep. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

Nite y’all. xx