Hello dear people, did you have a lovely Easter break? We used our time off to get a lot of small jobs done around the house.

After 20 years we finally have a fly screen on our laundry window – not to keep the flies out but to keep the snakes out!

We took some time off work and ate fish and chips at the beach and at the dam. I swear Australian seagulls can smell cholesterol from miles around. It was like a scene from ‘The Birds’… they were on the roof of the car and trying to get in the windows.

I had a play with a bunch of Therm-O-Web’s Deco Foil. I’m seriously impressed with this product. All it took was a $20 laminator to get started.

My fabric arrived for my Amish half-square triangle quilt and my 100 blocks quilt.

Our Therm-O-Web goodies arrived for our Little Piggy BOM giveaways. There are some seriously amazing products in this not-so-little bundle of goodness. Remember to enter our giveaway this month to partake in Therm-O-Web’s generosity!

Kate made some socks (not yet blocked) and I tried to remember how to do macrame.

It rained a lot and our succulents are finally starting to look healthy again (after struggling through a particularly dry but humid Summer).

I even managed to sneak in a nap or two.

I’ve uploaded the Harry & Miss Kitty soft toy pattern, the Harry and the Hound Dogs quilt pattern, and the My Family pattern to the website and Etsy. If you own the Happy Quilts book you won’t need the (2) Hound Dogs patterns.

Oh and guess what!? After 10 years of sewing at the dining room table I’m getting my own little sewing nook. No more sewing around people, their homework, food, coffee, cake, cats, and newspapers. Yippee!!!

Four Dollar Friday will be back next week as will I. Take care lovelies, toni xx

Day 3 – The Kennel Club

Hey y’all,  it’s Day Three! and our special is The Kennel Club.

The Kennel Club is on special for $3.50 for the PDF pattern and $11.50 for the printed pattern (with free postage worldwide). These prices don’t include local taxes.

This special will last 24 hours only and then go back to the normal price until the New Year. You can find the pattern in our Etsy store (PDF – Printed) or in our Red Boots store (please use the search function). 

Please share this post where you can and pop on over to our Facebook page for daily giveaways. Have a happy Wednesday lovelies, toni xxThe-Kennel-Club

Patchwork Kitties and Elephants.

Hey lovelies, how has your week been? It’s been a good week here, it’s amazing what NOT running on a (stress) fractured pelvis (plus painkillers) does for a girl ha ha!

I’ve managed to get a little sewing done, in between paying attention to the large ginger kitty who keeps getting in the way. It’s like he knows I’m not supposed to be doing much at the moment – his owner’s keeper? LOL.

The Patchwork Elephants pattern is our Four Dollar Friday special this weekend. You can find the PDF and printed patterns in our Etsy or Red Boots stores. A big thanks to Joan and Vicki for their beautiful project photos.

It’s actually been great having to slow down a little. I’ve been able to take a breath and think. In 2019 I’d like to run things along the lines of the “Happy Quilts” book. For each quilt a matching soft toy. I’d like to make a few ‘grown-up’ quilts too.

I’m not going to stress about the Christmas sales period. There will be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale though. I think that starts next week, I’ll let you know when. In the meantime have a lovely weekend, I hope you get some happy sewing done! toni xx

Look, no kitties!

Rem has been a total pain in the kitty butt this week. Every time I’ve sat down to sew or draw he’s plonked his furry toosh right in the middle of everything and has refused to move. IMG_0785I managed to get some sneaky work done tonight. He’s just found me though and looks so offended that I stitched without him LOL.IMG_0794I sew eyes on my critters the minute I stitch around the applique shapes. It’s a nuisance when they are being quilted but I need to do it. It gives them life and personality, and that’s important to me when I’m creating something.IMG_0796Are you doing anything special this weekend? Wrangling your own kitties? Have fun and happy quilting, toni xx

2019 Mystery Block of the Month

Hey lovelies, I have wanted to do a mystery block of the month for a couple of years now. What do you think? Tell me what you’d like to see – a theme, an animal, a style.I’m looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions!

I did up my stats for the guys at Thermoweb (the makers of my fave fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite) and my free patterns were downloaded 28,626 times in July. Wow! I have you all to thank for those great numbers.

Happy Saturday lovelies! toni xxcatnip craftsy_etsy


It’s $4 Friday!

Hiya lovelies, it’s $4 Friday! This week’s patterns are Santa’s House, Boot-n-SkootA Pug’s Life, and Scrappy Cats. The printed patterns are also on special for $11.50 which includes postage.

Happy Quilts is still ‘out of stock’ on Amazon dot com, but it’s still available on the Amazon Australia and Book Depository websites. I was about to link you to Amazon Australia but then I read the fine print and the Oz site ships from Book Depository anyway and it’s $5 dearer – how cheeky is that!

Hubby goes back to work on Monday so I should be able to knuckle down and get some sewing done. We’ve spent our holiday fixing the bathroom instead of having some much needed time away. We’re still showering in a giant plastic bag which isn’t optimum in Winter ha ha!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, the bathroom is finally free and the plastic bag awaits! toni xx





Dog vs. Dog

Hey guys, I’ve had an awful lot of requests for templates for different dogs breeds. How would it be if I made a template pack to go with the Pug’s Life / Kennel Club quilt patterns? You could insert your preferred dog breed without me having to make a new quilt each time. xx

For Sale – Hound Dogs.

Hi Y’all, I’m working my way through my sample quilts and putting them up for sale. Our ‘Hound Dogs’ quilt is next on the block.

Approx. 59 1/2in x 59 1/2in. Professionally quilted.

$120 including postage within Australia. Please message me for o/seas postal quote. You would be looking in the vicinity of $60 to $80 Australian dollars.

You can find the pattern here. There is a printed version too.

hound dogs 1

A Pug’s Life.

A Pug’s Life is in our Etsy store now.
Special introductory price of $5 for the PDF pattern and $11.50 for the printed pattern.

I told you it was crazy bright :o>

Tomorrow I will have caught up with work (from our month long internet outage) thank goodness. Thanks to everyone for your patience. It’s been a mammoth task catching up!

toni xx