Hello, Hello, Hello!

Well hello lovely quilters, how are you all this week? We’re living in uncertain and scary times aren’t we.

We’ve been juggling work commitments and self-isolation. Hubby’s work is considered an essential service and he’s been informed that even in a strict shut down they will be required by the Government to keep operating. Great news from a financial point of view but worrying on the health front.

My eldest has been stood down from her job of seven years and my youngest is facing daily abuse (at work) from frenzied and angry hoarders. They are hiring a security guard to keep the staff safe – normal, everyday people are becoming abusive and violent over laundry products for goodness sake.

I’ve been experimenting with some new designs. One of the most requested themes has been sloths, so I’ve been working on a sloth template. Now to decide on fabric and layout.

I’ve unpicked this quilt and am re-purposing the blocks. I don’t know what I was doing with this one LoL. Sometimes you’ve just got to bin it and start again! I actually enjoy unpicking things (yeah I know I’m weird, no need to tell me).

I had originally thought on expanding the Canine Capers quilt but it didn’t come together. If you like the dog templates and layout, they are the same as the Canine Capers templates. The only thing missing from the pattern is the star block.

That’s it from me today. Take care of yourselves okay, listen to the experts, wash your hands, be safe. Much love, toni xx

Happy International Dog Day

Good morning, good morning, tra la la la la, happy Monday everyone!

It’s International Dog Day and all dog themed PDF patterns are on sale in our Etsy store for the next 24 hours only.

We’ve had several dogs over the years. I don’t have any photos to share because it was pre affordable digital cameras (OMG I’m sooo old). Sweet little Rosie dog was a black & white patchy bitzer named after my daughter’s kindergarten teacher LoL. Then we had Daisy the totally insane golden labrador who had a penchant for eating sunglasses and barbie dolls, then came Sammy who quite literally tried to eat our timber house. Years later we’re still finding teeth marks – he actually chewed through our stairs at one point.

I love dogs but we don’t have the time, or a fenced yard, to own one right now. I’m also dog poo phobic – yeah doggy do do makes me squeamish like you wouldn’t believe LoL.

So instead we have two gorgeous ginger kitties who are fat, mostly lazy, and adorable. I was telling everyone on Facebook about Rem on the weekend – he likes to get up on my desk (which is in my bedroom) and rake his claws across the keyboard at 3am in the morning to get my attention. It works. Every. Single. Time. He makes such a racket.

If I ignore him he turns my hubby’s computer on, which is feet from my face, and I wake up to a screen saver staring at me. The crew think it’s funny to take turns putting leering faces on it. Currently it’s Nic Cage and I jump every time LoL.

One of these days, when we move house and have a fenced yard, and we’re not so busy I think we’ll get another dog. What breed to choose? A rescue dog? Who can I pay to scoop the poop!?!?

In the meantime I’ll make myself a pack of doggie soft toys and console myself that they mightn’t be as warm as a real dog, as loving as a real dog, but at least there’s no poop and they won’t try and eat the house! Have a fun day lovelies, toni xx

Ps. I just have to share this weird bit of news this morning. I’ve just had the Harry & the Hound Dogs quilt pattern banned on Facebook because it’s sexually implicit. OMG save us from artificial intelligence! I win the internet this week and yes I’m laughing my head off!

Friday Favourites.

Hi y’all, it’s Friday and it’s time me and my slightly scuffed red boots got back on the metaphorical (quilt-y) bike.

$4 Friday is back but it will now be called Friday Favourites. For those of you who are new to the blog (hi, and thanks for following) each Friday I’ll choose a few patterns to put on special. You will receive approx. 40% off the chosen PDF patterns and 20% off the chosen PRINTED patterns.

This week’s Friday Favourites are – The Kennel Club, Patchwork Elephants, Harry and the Hound Dogs, and Harry and Miss Kitty. You can find them in our Etsy store under the “Sale” menu tab and in our webstore.

I walked in today to find this on the notice board. Has your house caught the Game of Thrones virus? I’m pro Tyrion, possibly just because I’ve been a Peter Dinklage fan ever since Death at a Funeral and the Space Pants skit on Saturday Night Live.

That’s it from me tonight, the Nine-Nine is on the tele and there’s ice cream on the kitchen bench. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, toni xx

Canine Capers.

Grog has been helping me send out our Birthday Bash giveaway prizes today. A big thanks to¬†Therm O Web for their continue support and fantastic products!IMG_0806I’ve also been updating the Canine Capers quilt over the past couple of weeks. Some blocks make you happy when you’re sewing them, and this is one of those times. I had the tiniest strip of the red and white spot fabric in my scrap bin and I just had to use it.IMG_0816IMG_0784Grog has done his work for the day and like all good monsters he’s heading back to his rightful place under the bed, for that is where all good monsters live. Right?IMG_0815And it’s time for me to head to bed too. Happy Monday, and almost Tuesday everyone, toni xx

Friday night has gone to the dogs.

Hey guys, I’ve put the Kennel Club, A Pug’s Life, Canine Capers, and Hound Dogs on special this weekend. The usual price $4 for the PDF and $11.50 for the printed patterns.

I’ve also put the Reindeer Games quilt on special.Web-Reindeer-Games-1200Tutti Fruity pandas are on my work table, amongst other things this week. I found them wallowing in my scrap bin and thought I’d do some work on them. I’m jumping from project to project at the moment, I can’t quite settle to one quilt LOL.

Enjoy your weekend lovely people, toni xx