Funny Sunday

Howdy folks, how are you all this funny, sunny Sunday? The news isn’t good is it. Life is getting a little scary for us all.

This morning I’ve been cleaning up the mess in the storage room. Ughhh, it’s disgustingly dusty from the dust storms and fires at the beginning of the year. There are also far too many cobwebs under there. We know there is a giant Huntsman spider living in there and I keep expecting it to jump (they jump!) out at me.

I’ve been trying to avoid doing it (cleaning) but I’ve lost a quilt top. I can’t find it anywhere and I’m starting to think it may have been binned by mistake. It got packed away when we had the house on the market and it’s not where it should be. Damn and blast! as my Grandma used to say.

I’ve also been playing with some scrappy cats. I don’t know where this will lead, I’m not sure I like it anymore. It may end up in my scrap bin, who knows. Maybe it’s the colours that are turning me off – I think if I make all the cats ‘real’ colours it might come together. Who am I to argue with the way my brain works LoL.

The next instalment of the Paper Dolls Sew-Along will be released this coming Friday. This week will also be a giveaway week thanks to the lovely people at Thermoweb. I’ll have some HeatnBond, patterns, earrings (made just for you) etc. to giveaway. More details to come!

My grumbling tummy is telling me that lunchtime was an hour ago so I’d better go and eat. Take care everyone, wash those hands, stay safe, much love to all, toni xx

Reminder! there are only a few weeks left to download the free This Little Piggy BOM from last year. It will revert to being a paid pattern from the 30th April.

This Little Piggy #8

Hey lovelies, the next instalment of This Little Piggy has been uploaded. You can find Month #8 plus the previous blocks here. I’ve also uploaded a printing guide – if you’re having trouble with that pesky black printing issue, please download it and have a read.

Congratulations to Valerie B. who is the winner of this month’s Therm O Web This Little Piggy giveaway!

Enter our Month #8 giveaway by commenting and telling us what you are currently reading.

Friday the 13th confession… I have never mastered the art of eating and reading a book at the same time. Not even a cuppa and a bikkie. I turn into a dribble monster. It’s quite a sight to behold. I’m the same with anything that has ketchup on it LoL.

Thank you to the lovely people at Therm O Web for their generosity and support. I use and I recommend HeatnBond Lite for all your projects.

Not only is it Friday the 13th, it’s also full moon, and we have real bats swooping around our yard tonight. There’s a large colony not far from us, and you can hear them squeaking in the trees.

To celebrate all things spooky our wee ghosties & ghouls are on special in our webstore and Etsy store! Monster Mash,Pretty Little Kitties, Pink Piggy Farm, and Merry & Bright are also on special this weekend.

I hope you have a great weekend everyone. We’ll be clearing the dry grass and plants on our back hill. Fire season has come early and the drought has made everything tinder dry. I fear this is the new normal and rain is but a sweet memory. I’m also hoping to squeeze in some quality sewing time. Wish me luck! Stay safe, have fun, and most of all be kind to each other. toni xx

Friday Faves…

Hey lovely quilters, can you believe it’s Friday already!? The weeks are disappearing at such a fast rate!

Today I finished the last favour on a long list of quilty favours. I say yes to too many (lovely) people and it’s taken me months to finish all the little projects I promised to help with. I’m definitely breathing a big sigh of relief that I’m done!

I wrote earlier in the year that the publisher of my book had filed for Chapter 11 (a form of US pre-bankruptcy). We had some good news this month, I’m now a Penguin-Random House author! I have no idea what this means for the future of Happy Quilts and for me as an author but at least we’re back on track. I’ve been writing a proposal for a second book – if I’m ever asked to do another one LoL.

My little Spud has been sick all week and we’ve been back and forwards to the vet. He’s on the mend, but is still sulking about the whole experience – actually so I am, you should see the vet’s bill!

This week’s Friday Faves are the Scrappy Snowmen, Scrap Bin Sheep, Mr Fox’s Garden, and Catnip patterns – both PDF and printed versions.

The PDF version of The Wild West pattern is also on special. I can’t discount the printed pattern due to high postage costs.

Remember to (please) send me any photos you have of your finished projects. As well as putting them on the website here, with your permission I’d love to be able to share them elsewhere too.

Have you caught up with the Little Piggy blocks yet? I think this month’s instalment may include a horse and a duck. Enter this month’s Thermoweb giveaway by commenting and telling me the name of your favourite song.

Have a delightful weekend everyone. I hope the weather is fair, your coffee cup is full, and there are bountiful cookies! toni xx

Hello lovelies.

Hello lovely quilters, how are you all this week?

I’m slowly getting back my equilibrium. There are twinges of creativity that I’m nudging along. I’m getting a lot of work done behind the scenes, Terri and I are 3/4’s through updating the patterns. I think we’ve edited about 60 out of 80 patterns. They now have clearer instructions, more coloured diagrams, coloured templates etc.

The ‘Pretty Little Kitties‘ pattern has been uploaded to our Etsy store and our web-store. I’ve put the PDF and printed versions on special as part of our Friday Favourites promo. You won’t need to purchase this pattern if you own the Happy Quilts book. This is the second quilt in the Pretty Kitties series.

Farmhouse Daisies, Boot-n-Skoot, and Catnip are on special too. 20% off the printed patterns 40% off the PDF patterns.

Have you downloaded last month’s Little Piggy block yet? Remember to enter this month’s competition to win a bundle of goodies from me and the lovelies at Therm-o-Web.

All you have to do is to leave a comment telling me what your favourite movie is. My daughters have put ‘To Catch a Thief’ on the TV tonight. Don’t you just love the costumes at the end of the movie in the big costume ball scene!

I always loved the deep blue velvet of Jessie Royce Landis’ dress best. The contrast of the silver against the darkest deep blue. It’s gorgeous!

One day I’d like to make a quilt from velvet. It would be so heavy, but so decadently gorgeous too. The closest I came was the Bohemian Rhapsody quilt which was made out of the heaviest, velvet-like flannel.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Oooh there’s that little spark of creativity again, it surfaced for a minute in a thrill of fabric-y anticipation.

Lastly, Terri and I made the executive decision to re-write the Spooky Sleepover pattern so it’s just a quilt. We’ve renamed it Sleepy Hollow and I’ve fixed the horrendous border instructions. How the heck did a stuff up a simple border like that? Don’t panic if you already have the pattern, the border is fine if you follow the instructions. However, damn! what was I thinking. I plead lack of sleep, neighbourly stress, and the need to make the measurements of the quilt fit the parameters of a quillow LoL.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, I’m heading off to google where to buy velvet! toni xx

Day 9 – Catnip Kitties

Hey y’all,  it’s Day Nine! and our special is the ‘Catnip’ quilt pattern and the ‘Catnip Kitties’ plushie pattern.

Both patterns are on special for $3.50 for each PDF pattern and $11.50 for each printed pattern (with free postage worldwide). These prices don’t include local taxes.

This special will last 24 hours only. You can find the patterns in our Etsy store or in our Red Boots store (please use the search function). 

Please share this post where you can and pop on over to our Facebook page for daily giveaways.

Etsy Links –

  1. Catnip PDF Quilt Pattern $3.50
  2. Catnip Printed Quilt Pattern $11.50
  3. Catnip Kitties PDF Plushie Pattern $3.50
  4. Catnip Kitties Printed Plushie Pattern $11.50 

joan blanchette 2A big thank you to Joan for letting me use her photographs which are much better than mine!joan blanchette