Going Grizzly.

Happy Monday lovelies! I made great progress on the pugs this weekend, I should be finished the top by the end of the week. Then I’m planning on tackling the giraffe quilt.

We are still without an internet connection and I’m desperately saving what little is left of our data allowance on my cell phone. We can top up, but it’s hellishly expensive to do so.


Eeek! I just did some math. We pay $80 for 1000GB on our home plan, but it costs $10 for 1GB on the mobile phone. It would cost $10,000 to have the same amount of access on our mobile. Dear God, surely I’m mistaken!

Time to go all Camp Grizzly on their butts!

Don’t forget that our weekend specials end today. ‘Space Quest‘ is up for $5 and ‘Our House‘ is $4 (PDF only). You have a few hours to grab a copy at these cheap-as-chips prices!

Have a fun day everyone! toni xx

Pumpkin spice and all things nice.

Hiya folks, another week has flown by and the school hols are coming to an end. It’s been a delight not to have to drive into the city at least twice a day. Thankfully the coming semester is a short one for us, a mere seven weeks, and it’s followed by our long Summer/Christmas break. Phew!

I’ve been working on a new free pattern for you, a Halloween/Fall project for the lovelies at Therm-o-Web. I started with these pumpkins but soon realised they were slightly too big and too fat. In the bin with them!

After a couple of days of trial and error I’ve got them right and I’m hoping to get most of the project sewn this weekend.

On a personal front I’m still covered in hives and tonight I can barely sit down. I’ll let you guess where the biggest and worst of them are! You’re allowed to laugh, lots. If it wasn’t so painful I’d been laughing too, it’s so ludicrous. I’ve spent years dealing with the curve balls my over-active immune system throws at me but this one takes the cake on the miserable meter.

Okay, that’s it for me, I’m off to find an ice pack for my butt. Now I’m sure I heard you laugh! Last time this happened was when the cat attacked me in the middle of the night and left teeth marks in my butt! xx

BTW I’ve left the Camp Grizzly pattern at $5 (plus appropriate taxes) for this weekend. Monday night and it’s back to full price.


Friday on my mind…

Hiya folks,

It’s Friday night, thank goodness, and we are finally relaxing after a stormy start to the weekend. Our first big thunderstorm of the season swept through earlier tonight, sending kitties and humans scuttling for cover.

The Camp Grizzly quilt came back from the lovely Fiona’s yesterday. I love unwrapping Fiona’s parcels, she does a wonderful job quilting my flimsies for me.

It’s always a joy to see a quilt top turn into a quilt, it’s almost magical. I always ask Fiona to keep the quilting simple, I like my quilts to remain soft and squishy so heavy quilting is out. grizzly 2

Tonight the binding went on. You can’t see them, but there are two kitties hiding from the storm under the quilt LOL. Hail on a tin roof is almost as terrifying as lightening and thunder!

I’ll finalise the pattern sometime this weekend. This quilt is all about having fun and I had so much fun making it. It truly made me happy, especially those grizzly teeth.

grizzly 3

Have a lovely weekend, toni xx