A land of sweeping plains…

We made our escape from suburbia today and headed for the hills and my favourite local watering hole. The sky was incredibly blue and it was so peaceful. My anxiety and stress disappear out here.somerset 1somerset 2We were being watched the whole time. Can you see our visitor? Hint, he’s next to the big termite mound.kangaroo 1Ps. the sky was really that colour, no filters or Photoshop.

When we got home this photo was in my inbox and it really capped off a brilliant day. This is Gay’s Land Down Under quilt. Isn’t it gorgeous and fun and happy. I love how Gay has put it together and her fabric choices are amazing.gay thomas aussie quiltI hope your Sunday was as lovely as mine. All I need to do now is find a willing volunteer to cook dinner and it will be perfect ha ha! toni xx

Howdy folks. June Giveaway.

Howdy folks, how has your week been? Mine has been spent catching up on household chores and getting that all important annual breast check. Have you had your breasts checked lately? Pick up the phone and make that appointment lovelies.

I’ve a couple of things to share with you this week. First up, June’s Red Boots/Thermoweb giveaway. This month’s prize includes (1) pack of HeatnBond Ez-Print Lite, (1) pack of HeatnBond Iron-on Lightweight Fusible Interfacing, a selection of Red Boots patterns, and (1) Ecosilk shopping bag. You can find how to enter here.

June-GiveawayI use my stash of HeatnBond Interfacing for all sorts of things. I fuse it to background blocks where the fabric is a little too see-through, I cut it in strips to stabilise the fraying edges of applique and pieced blocks, and it’s great for fusing to the back of stitchery blocks.

I can also highly recommend the EcoSilk shopping bags. Hubby and I have used them for about seven years now and they are the perfect replacement for single-use plastic shopping bags. No affiliations or sponsorship, just a great local product.Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 9.23.09 pm

The lovely Joan from Moosestash Quilting wrote a wonderful blog post about her “Pachyderms in my Petunia Patch” quilt this week. Joan’s quilt is gorgeous don’t you think and her quilt-name is much better than my lame ‘Patchwork Elephants’ ha ha! Pop on over to her blog to say Hi.

joan's elephantsKerry also shared a piccy of her (almost finished) ‘Mr Fox’s Garden‘ quilt with me. Kerry added an extra row of foxes and flowers to make the quilt longer. It’s going to look amazing when it’s finished.

P1060057 (800x600)Thanks for letting me share your photos guys. Your photos always make my day. xx

In some not-so-good news, Etsy is increasing their fees by 40% in mid-July. I won’t be increasing my standard prices and will suck up the extra fees, however it will affect $4 Fridays. I’ll have more info about that when I do the math.

The Land Down Under

In other news I am removing the bonus templates from ‘The Land Down Under‘ quilt for all future pattern sales.


Well that’s it for tonight, I’m heading off to make a coffee and then I’m going to clean up my work space. Time to get ready for another happy quilt. Cows anyone?

Enjoy your weekend, toni xx


The Land Down Under

Hey lovelies,

Thank you for your terrific response to my new Aussie critter quilt. All pre-ordered PDF patterns have been sent out (early hours of this morning) and the pattern should be in your inboxes.

If you haven’t received the pattern yet, please check your spam/junk folders. If you have a hotmail or yahoo mail account please message me with an alternate email address if you can. Both of these mail providers will block attachments.

Can Carol Anne Kellett please message me, your email address is bouncing and I can’t contact you to let you know or send your pattern.

Have a lovely week everyone, and thank you. toni xx

Ps. your Etsy notification will say that the pattern is being posted to you because I had to send it manually. All pre-order sales were for the PDF Pattern.

The Land Down Under

Aussie Aussie Aussie

The Aussie quilt pattern is almost ready to send out. Expect it in your inboxes late tomorrow afternoon/early evening. I’m just waiting on a proof-read or two. My son says I need to make y’all a Dingo template!
Thanks everyone for ordering, your response was amazing, I’m humbled, thank you. xx


The Australian Drop Bear.

Have you heard of a critter called the Australian Drop Bear?

The Australian Museum describes them as “large, arboreal, predatory marsupials related to the koala.”

koala 1

Drop Bears are an Aussie joke. We like to pretend to tourists that our koalas are fearsome creatures that deliberately drop out of trees onto the heads of unsuspecting tourists. Koalas are not the cuddly creatures portrayed in tourism ads though – they fight, snarl, and are wont to pee on you at the zoo.

I’ve been working on a koala quilt for three or four years now. I start, stop, throw it in the bin, and start again. This time around I’m determined to get it finished.

If I add some extra Aussie critters, what ones would you like to see? I’m not sure where I’m heading with this quilt, it may end up being just koalas, but if I add some friends, what would you like to see?

Happy Friday lovelies, toni xx

Ps. The ‘Flamingo Dance’ pattern is on special this week. $4 for the PDF and $11.50 for the printed pattern.

flamingo dance 1