Coming in 2020!

Hello lovelies, thank you for being part of the Red Boot’s family in 2019 ❤️

We will be doing a new free BOM in 2020 thanks to the lovelies at Therm O Web ❤️

Want a hint? It will be a paper doll quilt with a Red Boot’s twist!

Have a wonderful, New Year everyone. Our thoughts are with everyone in the fire zones, please stay safe and remember to have an evacuation plan in place. Love to all, toni xx

Home Sweet Gnomes…

Hey y’all, ‘Home Sweet Gnome’ is now available in our Etsy store for the usual special introductory price.

I’m not able to get decent photographs at present, I just don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with my nutty neighbour. It’s something I’ll sort out in the New Year. Thanks for understanding. Have a lovely weekend everyone, toni xx

Bears, Daisies & Nine-Patch Blocks

I’m having a late night sewing session. Warm colours, fun shapes, and a toddy for the body – perfect!

My sweet Janome has sat idle for so long, she spluttered a little before she found her groove. To be honest I spluttered a little too.

I’ll need a quick trip to Peppermint Stitches tomorrow to buy some fabric. Why is it that the fabric you decide will anchor your project is the piece you have least of?

I hope Stacy and the crew have the fabric I’m looking for otherwise I’m going to have to do a LOT of unpicking! Wish me luck and have a great weekend, toni xx

High Noon

Edit: Hello happy quilters, I’ve found the templates and have added them to the pattern. If you purchase the pattern now the alternate templates will be included. If you already have the pattern and would like the templates please send me an email ( and I’ll send them through to you. xx

Hey Lovelies, I was going through my photos this morning and found Doreen’s photo of the High Noon quilt and fell in love all over again. So much so that I added the pattern to our Friday Favourites sale. Doreen’s horses are different to the ones in the quilt pattern – see my photo below – please message if you’d like different templates and I’ll send them to you if I can find them).

I originally made this quilt for a friend’s grandson, who loved horses. It turned out so well I wrote the pattern for it. You could use some of the templates from the Wild West pattern to add more details ie. cactus. You may have to resize them though. Happy sewing, toni xx

Friday Favourites!

Hey lovely quilters, it’s time for Friday Favourites!

This week’s patterns are – Panda Party 2, Northern Exposure, and Mr. Fox’s Garden. You can find our Friday Favourites in our Etsy store and our Red Boots store. Both the PDF and printed versions of the patterns are on sale until Monday night.

Have you downloaded this month’s Little Piggy BOM yet? You can find it, plus the previous three downloads here.

Enter our Month #4 giveaway by commenting and finishing the following – Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had a…. let us know what animal you would include on your farm.

We have some fantastic Thermoweb (HeatnBond fusible webbing) products to give away including their Heat-n-Bond Stretch which is for use on stretch fabrics like t-shirts and pullovers.

Starting next month (June) we will be having a monthly lucky dip giveaway. All you have to do is email me with photos of your finished Red Boots quilts or projects. Please let me know if I can use your photos for promotional purposes.

Terri’s Mr Fox’s Garden Quilt

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, I’m hoping to get some gnome-ing happening. toni xx

Nine-patch Rockets & Daisies.

A long time ago (or what seems like a long time ago) I taught beginners how to quilt. These two quilts were super popular and I’m now able to offer them as a combined pattern. Nine-patch Rockets and Daisies will be available tomorrow as a $4 quilt pattern. I’ll probs list them as a $2 special for a couple of days though. I’ll let you know when I’ve put them on the website.

The pattern has been thoroughly updated – boy I was a complete novice when it came to writing patterns back then. I absolutely cringe at those early patterns.

There is a bonus butterfly template included in the updated pattern and I’ve tweaked the rockets slightly to make them look better (this photo is 12 years old LoL).

The rocket quilt measures approx. 54 1/2in x 72 1/2in and the daisy quilt measures approx. 42 1/2in x 60 1/2in (I think). You can add the extra borders to the daisy quilt to make it the same size as the rocket quilt.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend, toni xx

This Little Piggy – Block #4

Hi y’all, the next instalment (No. 4) of ‘This Little Piggy’ is available for download here. Congratulations to Bronwyn H. for winning last month’s giveaway. Bronwyn’s favourite movie is ‘Titanic’. Thank you all for entering, I loved reading about your favourites movies.

Enter our Month #4 Thermo-o-Web giveaway by emailing us and finishing the following – Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he had a…. fill in the blanks and make sure you add noises LoL. You know what I mean, quack quack here, quack quack there etc. Any animal, living or extinct. Have some fun.

We have an amazing pack of Therm-o-Web products to giveaway, including a pack or two of my favourite fusible webbing Heat-n-Bond Lite.

I’ve not had a great week this week, I still haven’t picked up a rotary cutter or turned on the sewing machine and it’s getting me down. Actually it’s downright terrifying. I’m so.. blank. This little black kitty is making me smile though. Step by step, day by day right?

Help nudge me along by commenting or messaging me to tell me what you’d like to see me design. Kids or adults quilts, it doesn’t matter. Whilst I adore making kids quilts, I’d love to make some quilts along more adult themes too. Thoughts?

Our Friday Favourites this week are Panda Party 2, The Lion King, and The Wild West. The PDF patterns are 40% off which makes them approx. $4.50 and the printed patterns are 25% off which make them around $11.60 depending on taxes etc.

All patterns are on special in our Etsy store – look under the Sale menu on the left-hand side of the page – and in our stand-alone web-store.

Pop Stars

Have a lovely weekend everyone. To all you Aussies out there, have a great democracy sausage type weekend.

toni xx

May the Fourth be With You.

May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day everyone.

The Space Quest and Isaac the Robot patterns are on sale today to celebrate. 40% off the PDF’s and 20% off the printed patterns. You can find them in our Etsy store and our Webstore. xx

Harry and the Hound Dogs

Hello lovelies, how was your weekend? Today was beautifully sunny, a real Autumnal (almost Easter) day. It was a bit of a zombie weekend for us, none of us got much sleep. We mowed a bit, cleaned up a bit, and yawned a lot LOL.

‘Harry and the Hound Dogs’ will be available later this week. It’s quilt No. 2 in the ‘Hound Dog’ series of quilts and artworks. The first quilt in the series appeared in the Happy quilts book. 


My sewing machine is still sitting idle this week. My 100 blocks fabric hasn’t arrived as yet. I’m hoping it will arrive tomorrow so I can make a start. I need to make a trip to Peppermint Stitches to pick up some basics and some flannel; I have the urge to play with some gorgeous wintery flannels. Do you like sewing with flannels? I adore them!

Remember to download Month 1 and 2 of the This Little Piggy BOM. Oh and remember to enter this month’s competition. Entries close at the end of this week. Month 3 will be uploaded this coming Friday.

Some of our lovely customers shared their quilts with us recently. Aren’t they wonderful. Thank you for sharing everyone, I’m always humbled and honoured that you’ve chosen my patterns. 

Have a lovely week everyone. I hope mine includes loads of coffee and laughter and maybe a lotto win LOL. toni xx


Heather’s beautifully bright Kennel Club quilt.

Mr Fox Terri Caporn

Terri’s marvellously bright and happy Mr. Fox’s Garden quilt.

Scrappy Bears

Enid’s wonderfully scrappy ‘Scrappy Bears’.

Sharon Vasickanin Pugs

Sharon’s pugalicious ‘A Pug’s Life’ quilt. This gorgeous quilt is being donated to raise money for rescue pugs.

The Kennel Club Karen Young

Karen’s gorgeous pretty in pink, spotty bordered, Kennel Club quilt.