Hi y’all, from time to time we will need to make a correction to one of our patterns. These things happen, we’re only human afterall. We do our best to update you as soon as we can. Please contact us with any questions you may have and for replacement pages (where appropriate). toni xx

2 December 2019.
Hey lovelies, we’ve noticed a recent error in the My Family doll pattern. Not all patterns will be affected. The ‘Little Brother’ back body shape is too small. The pattern has now been updated with the correct template piece.

26 December 2018.
Hey y’all, it has been brought to our attention that there is a typo in the Camp Grizzly quilt pattern.
Steps 21-22 should read 2 7/8in not 3 3/4in. Please make a note of the correction on your pattern. All new print runs have been corrected.

6 May 2018.
Hey lovelies, it has been brought to our attention that a small amount of the printed Fishy Fishy Fishy quilt patterns have been sold with an incorrect ‘what you will need’ list
. It may differ from the cutting instructions. Please contact us if yours is one of the patterns affected, it is easily solved.

19th January, 2019.
Hey lovelies, this correction is for the Denim & Daisies quilt pattern. Silly old me said to draw (1) stem for each flower and it should be (2). I couldn’t count that day obviously. The pattern has been updated. xx