Corrections ~ Printing

Hi y’all, from time to time we will need to make a correction to one of our patterns. These things happen, we’re only human after all. We do our best to update you as soon as we can.

If you have any questions please contact us.

2 December 2019.
Hey lovelies, we’ve noticed a recent error in the My Family doll pattern. Not all patterns will be affected. The ‘Little Brother’ back body shape is too small. The pattern has now been updated with the correct template piece.

26 December 2018.
Hey y’all, it has been brought to our attention that there is a typo in the Camp Grizzly quilt pattern.
Steps 21-22 should read 2 7/8in not 3 3/4in. Please make a note of the correction on your pattern. All new print runs have been corrected.

12 December 2020.
Hey y’all, I’ve found a small typo in the Speed Racers pattern. I’ve asked you to cut (8) strips of binding but the instructions say join (7) strips. No biggie, just common sense here folks. The pattern has been corrected. xx

6 May 2018.
Hey lovelies, it has been brought to our attention that a small amount of the printed Fishy Fishy Fishy quilt patterns have been sold with an incorrect ‘what you will need’ list
. It may differ from the cutting instructions. Please contact us if yours is one of the patterns affected, it is easily solved. The border measurements are also incorrect. The border width should be 7 1/2in not 10 1/2in. We apologise for the typo.

19th January, 2019.
Hey lovelies, this correction is for the Denim & Daisies quilt pattern. Silly old me said to draw (1) stem for each flower and it should be (2). I couldn’t count that day obviously. The pattern has been updated. xx

Printing Issues

Hi again lovelies, a few of you are having problems with the templates and/or images in our PDF patterns printing with a black background. Thankfully this is uncommon and is due to differences between the various apps, devices, and printers we all use.

We have audited all of our patterns and feel, at this time, we have overcome the black printing issue. Please contact us if we’ve missed anything. It was, at times, an overwhelming task.

All of our patterns are test printed multiple times by a group of reviewers before release. If we find an issue we correct it immediately and update the pattern concerned.

We’ve found, after an extensive review of the problem, that it happens mostly on Apple devices, especially if you are printing from ‘preview’ or your browser window. Regardless of what device you use, 99.9% of black background issues are solved by the following –

1. Always save the PDF file to your hard drive.

2. Always open the file using a PDF reader (eg. Adobe or Foxit) not your browser.

3. Always print from the PDF reader. Never print from your browser window.

4. Always print a template test page – use the draft print options to save printer ink if something goes wrong.

5. Printing in black & white instead of colour sometimes resolves the problem.

toni xx

NB. The instructions and information contained here are given in good faith, but no guarantee is given due to the fact we have no control over your computer, device, and/or printer. We are not liable for the ink used when printing our patterns.