Happy Quilts is now available at all good book stores. You can find it online here –

Barnes & Noble
Book Depository (Free Shipping)

There are 10 quilts and 10 soft toy patterns in the book, a terrific mix of quilts that suit both boys and girls including racing cars, monsters, spaceships and princesses. The Happy Quilts book is great value-for-money.

Included in the book is a CD/DVD with all the templates included. You will need access to a CD/DVD drive to be able to access, then print the templates. If this is an issue for you, please message me and I will arrange for the templates to be sent to you. Proof of purchase required. toni xx

I like to use felt when I’m making my soft toys, it gives a smooth finish to my toys, but this doesn’t mean you have to use it. All of the projects will turn out just fine using cotton or other fabrics such as fleece or corduroy. Keep in mind that you will have to alter your stitching methods to suit the fabric you have chosen.