Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi y’all, how are you this week? I hope our US friends had a lovely Thanksgiving. The biggest of hugs to those of you who are quarantined or isolated due to the Coronavirus. We’ve been talking to friends in the US about the differences in our cultures; we tend to eat pumpkin as a savoury […]

Happy Friday

Hello lovelies, a happy Friday to y’all. I hope you’re all hanging in there, what a week it’s been with the US election and all. The anxiety everyone is feeling seems to be spilling over into everyday life and I’ve spent my week trying to soothe frayed tempers over extended shipping times. More about this […]

Checking In.

Hello lovely people, how have you been this week? Our week was derailed because we had to get tested, and therefore quarantined for Corona-virus. We’re all good, it was just a precaution for a speaking engagement. The probe wasn’t too bad. Actually it wasn’t bad at all – an uncomfortable prickle at the back of […]

Paper Dolls (Printed)

Hiya lovely people, I’ve had a lot of requests for a printed version of the Paper Dolls Sew-Along instructions and templates so I’ve added a purchase option to the Paper Dolls page here. The $20 (Australian) purchase price covers the printing costs and includes postage worldwide. Have a lovely Thursday! toni xx

Alice + the Rabbit

“I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late … thanks everyone for your patience, the last instalment of the Paper Dolls Sew-along is ready to go. As you know, I totally messed up the numbering of the instalments towards the end. You will see […]