Meet Rover the test block. Well he’s not actually a block yet. I have this really bad habit of making applique shapes before I make a block, even before I come up with a design. I have loads of these little orphan applique shapes everywhere! I was cleaning out a random drawer last week and came across a dozen pandas LOL.

You see, a sketch, which then turns into a template, doesn’t necessarily work in fabric. What looks in proportion on paper quite frequently looks weird when made up in fabric. Sometimes you have to tweak the shape to make it work.


I only have a vague idea of where this quilt will go, no definite plans, but I want a quilt that is snuggly and I felt like making something with dogs on it.

Hey, my daughter’s laptop just caught fire; flames and all. Eeeek! She is frantic, she’s been working all night on a group assignment (due tomorrow) that goes towards her Uni entry mark. Thank God it didn’t catch fire while it was charging overnight and we were asleep. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

Nite y’all. xx

Christmas in July with Turkey Dressing.

christmas cracker

Happy End of Christmas in July!

In between painting the lounge room walls, again, I finished the patterns for the “Santa’s House 2” and “Reindeer Games” quilt patterns. They’ve been uploaded to our Etsy store for the special introductory price of $5.00 (plus whatever taxes your State, County, or Country is charging at the moment).



How was your weekend? The local tribe of scrub turkeys (wild native turkeys) got into our Winter bulbs, annuals, and succulents and we’ve had to re-plant twice this weekend. Everything has been netted, wired, and generally turkey-proofed I hope – fingers crossed – otherwise they may end up trussed, stuffed, and cooked!


They are making nest mounds and even though the babies are the cutest things you will ever see running about the yard, they are super destructive when it comes to gardens. Bless their destructive little hearts. Have a fun week, t. xx

Pizza and Reindeer.

The kidlets are out and about tonight so it’s pizza, Netflix, and some hand-sewing for me. Candy cane bindings are truly wonderful things. Have a fantastic weekend everyone. I should have these two patterns ready on Sunday sometime. No promises LOL. xx


Back to School with Santa.

After two months of lazy mornings and minimal driving I’m back to being on the road for several hours a day. The inadequacies of the public transport system are never more apparent than when you are driving three siblings to three separate sets of classes each day. I’m absolutely knackered!

I’ve just got back from picking up No. 1 Daughter from the train station and have flopped on the lounge; I think I’m sitting on a knitting needle but at this point I don’t care LOL. There is yet another message on the machine from a real estate agent promising the sale of our house for a fantastical price, today’s dishes are piled in the sink, and I need to come up with something for dinner.

Instead I’m going to have nap with Santa and his crew. The three siblings can take control tonight!