A Mermaid’s Tale…

mermaid hair 1

The mermaid pattern is available for the introductory price of $5 for the next 24 hours, then the price goes back up to $7.50. Get in quick to catch a bargain.

I’ve put the Fishy Fishy Fishy pattern on sale for $5 too! I have every intention of making another beachy/seaside quilt with some of your favourite and requested critters. Stay tuned!

fishy fishy fishyDid you know that there is an easy-to-make mermaid (and merman – my daughters suggested I call him a mer-dude) doll pattern in the Happy Quilts book?

If you have the book and don’t want to use felt for the hair, click on the Happy Quilts menu at the top of the page and there is a tutorial on how to make the hair from cotton.

happy mermaid

I’m a little unsure what to write here anymore. I have had a number of emails telling me to stick to quilting and to keep my personal life out of it. I’ve thought about it a lot.

My favourite blog is one where the writer is openly bipolar. She’s a self-admitted hot mess, but she’s warm, kind, loveable, and human. Her life is more calamitous than mine could ever be, but she’s never boring and I’ve never come across anyone as willing as her to give of herself. I would rather be a loving mess of a person than a perfect, cold, advertising machine.

So what have I been doing this week? On the quilting front – I’ve started five new quilts, and have written a list of 100 quilts I want to make. I threw out three old quilts that were beyond fixing, and have saved most of the fabric and HeatnBond from the great hot water flood of last week. Boiling water and HeatnBond don’t mix!

fishy and lion

We’ve had most of the plumbing replaced in the house and have our hot water back – no more boiling saucepans for baths. I was fine with bucket baths until the mercury took  a plunge into the depths of Winter. Our bathroom was like a scene out of Game of Thrones… icy cold (and full of white walkers).

I saw my doctor this week, trying to get a handle on my stress. My body has decided to react by breaking out in hives from bottom to top and I’ve had enough. What do you do when your Doctor is just as stressed as you are and asks your opinion on the state of the world? It just goes to show that we’re all stressed in different ways and should always be kind to each other.

We’ve made pastrami, chocolate cake, and pizza this weekend. My favourite K-drama (Korean drama series) is coming to an end and it has us on the edge of our seats. I just want the protagonists to get a happy ending. Recently I have had this childish need for ‘happily every after’ endings. Perhaps it’s a reaction to the madness in this world.

Right now I’m sitting next to a warm, purring ginger furball, the Benadryl is kicking in and I’m not so itchy. I’m thinking of making a hot chocolate before I jump into bed with a hot water bottle and some sweet Korean dreams.

Monday morning signals the end of Uni for this semester, plus hot coffee and pancakes for breakfast. Senior High has a few weeks left, then it’s hols from the stress of exams for a couple of weeks. Yippee!

toni xx

henry 1

Henry is not a Mermaid.

He’s a nerdy Moose and he’s in our Etsy store tonight. Henry the Moose is a hard enamel pin.

– Approx. length – 3 cm (1 inch) and width – 2.5cm
– Metal + enamel pin – Gunmetal metal detailing.
– Smooth shiny surface.
– Glitter antlers and suspenders.
– Henry has a butterfly clasp.

A Mermaid’s Tale is in our Etsy store tonight too for the special introductory price (PDF) of $5. I’m sorry about the terrible photograph, it’s much nicer in real life. I’ll take more photos when the plumbers and electricians have finished in the house.
Remember the hot water system blow-out? Well it’s caused some major issues, and we are replacing the plumbing and some wiring throughout the whole house. The disruption and mess is huge and I think I may actually faint at the bill :oP
The house is almost 60 years old, so it had to be done eventually. The catastrophic failure just happened sooner than we had hoped LOL.
Have a great weekend everyone, toni xx

Ps. The free dollhouse quilt will be available this weekend too.


Paper Mermaids…

I’m almost done with the mermaids. They remind of a string of paper dolls, bright, fun, colourful. I’ll have the quilt done tonight and the pattern ready sometime mid-week.

mermaid quilt newWe’re still without hot water. Strangely hubby and I are enjoying the austerity of bathing from a bucket of water. It’s startling how little water you need to get really clean. The main pain in the toosh is boiling the water on the stove first.

mmaid hair

I’m taking it one day at a time. My stress levels are such that I can’t turn off my fight or flight response. It’s a bit scary but we’re working on it. I’d love to move out of suburbia, maybe to a cottage in the country. Maybe have some cows and ducks and geese, dogs and cats, and no scary neighbours LOL.

mermaidsHave a great week everyone, mid-week for the mermaids and the free doll house quilt pattern. xx

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