March-Easter Giveaway

Hi y’all,

I’m not sure where to start, now that we have our internet connection back I have a lot to catch up with. Emails and enquiries are slowly trickling through, so if you don’t hear back from me by mid-week please message me again.

I didn’t get to finish the pug quilt on the weekend, the hole in the roof took precedence I’m afraid, but I’m almost finished. The hole in the roof is still a hole LOL but the ceiling material has been removed and repaired. My camera is dead, water has got into the lenses and it can’t be fixed :o<

bucket of pugs

This month’s Therm-o-Web giveaway is fantastic! There will be two prize packs to giveaway as usual and you can find the details on how to enter ‘here‘.

This month’s prize pack consists of (1) 1.25 yard pack of HeatnBond Lite plus (1) pack of Pressing Sheets plus (4) printed patterns plus (2) of our new Mermaid Pins! One pack will be given away to each group. Good Luck!

To make Monday even better, we’ve brought forward $4 Friday and put all our Easter Bunny patterns on special today. $4 PDF $11.50 Printed. They will remain at the special price until next Monday. I’ve included the Scrap Bin Sheep pattern in there too, our local stores are full of Easter Sheep this year LOL.

I’ve also listed the Mermaid Pins here. You can choose one or both, simply use the drop down menu to select the option you prefer.

1_mermaid pins_2018

Have a lovely, happy, fun filled Monday everyone, toni xx



Free Bunny Applique

Hi y’all,

Easter is fast approaching – I didn’t realise it was so early this year. Why don’t you have some fun playing with our free bunny applique pattern. You can put these cute little guys on a quilt, mug rug, wall-hanging, tee, or bag. Anything you like.

Our free projects can be found under the ‘free stuff’ menu tab at the top of the page or you can click on the file name below to download the PDF.

Have a wonderful week everyone, we’re repairing the ceiling in the lounge room. I’m liking how large the room is without the furniture! Check back next week for specials on our Easter and rabbit themed patterns.

Cottontail Bunnies



Early morning in a small blue house…

Picture this…  early morning in a small blue house in suburban Australia. A harried looking woman is standing in her lounge room, she’s on the phone to her Telco trying to sort out her non-existent internet connection.

She frowns, realising something isn’t right. Her feet are wet. It takes a minute to register. WET!?!

Picture this only a few minutes later… an extra harried looking woman has a phone to each ear, the Telco on one, the SES on the other.

She hears the front door open and turns to find a policewoman standing behind her. She frowns again, not believing what’s she seeing. The policewoman speaks, “Ma’am we’re here about your neighbours”.



  • you’re supposed to laugh, we are!
  • still no internet connection.
  • our skylight was badly damaged in a storm that knocked out the power and the internet but we didn’t find out until we had torrential rain on Monday night.
  • our neighbours like to try and kill each other every so often.
  • SES = State Emergency Service, who put a tarp over the hole in our roof to stop our lounge room becoming an Olympic sized swimming pool.