A Day at the Zoo

Happy Sunday lovely quilters, how has your week been? Ours went by in a foggy blur of seasonal allergies and (far too many) antihistamines. It was my daughter’s birthday this week and we relived her childhood with a Barbie cake *giggles*. Kate’s workmate makes the most amazing cakes, this not only looked amazing, it tasted […]

Fairytale Friday #4

Quilt of the Week! This week’s quilt of the week is the ‘Little Bears’ quilt pattern. Pop on over to our Etsy store to get 20% of the normal price of the digital PDF pattern. You can also find the ‘Little Bears’ quilt pattern in our very own store here! It’s been another hectic week […]

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a lovely Easter break. It’s hard to believe it’s our second Covid Easter isn’t it. It’s been a rainy weekend here in Brisbane and we’ve spent most of our time in the garden replanting and repairing the damage done (from) when the trees were removed earlier in […]

Fairy Tale Friday #3

Don’t forget to download our free Pocket Bunnies PDF pattern. They are super easy to make and very, very cute. Click on the image to the right to download the file. All of our digital PDF bunny patterns are on sale this week! Pop on over to our Etsy store and get 20% off the […]

Wednesday chatter…

Good morning lovelies! Gosh it’s Wednesday already, the past week has flown by. It’s been raining for the better part of the past five days and everything is damp (including us). The garden is revelling in good soaking rain after a couple of years of near drought and already there is new growth where there […]

Quilt of the Week #1

Happy Saturday lovely quilters! Starting today we will run a ‘Quilt of the Week’ special every Saturday. This week’s quilt of the week is FISHY FISHY FISHY! Get 20% off the Fishy Fishy Fishy digital quilt pattern in our shop here or you can pop on over to our Etsy store here. Offer ends midnight […]

Fairy Tale Friday #2

Hello lovely quilters and welcome to Fairy Tale Friday brought to you by the lovely people at Thermoweb! Block #2 is ready to go! Simply click on the image on the left to download the file. You can also find the patterns on our Fairy Tale Sew-Along page. Today is mega Freebie Friday – click […]


Hello happy quilters! How are you all on this sunny Wednesday? I have to keep reminding myself it’s Wednesday, I’m a day behind. University has gone back to on-campus classes for the first time in a year (thanks Covid) and we’re out of sorts so to speak. It’s difficult to comprehend the complete ‘loss’ of […]

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! On my worktable this week… jungle critters and the next instalment of our Fairy Tale Sew-Along. I’m working on a giraffe today. Have a wonderful week! toni xx