Happy Halloween!

Hello witches, goblins, ghosts, and ghouls, Happy Halloween! I was going to upload the witch templates (Fairytale Sew-Along) to the website today but I got sidetracked making Halloween decorations for tonight’s trick or treating. I may have got a bit carried away making giant cardboard ghosts and bats. Never fear I will upload it this […]

My Family, Snuggle Bears & Elves

Hi lovely people, I’ve updated the ‘My Family’ doll pattern. Nothing has really changed, I’ve just cut down on the pages involved. It was bunglesome and bulky before. The ‘smile’ is slightly different but nothing you can’t draw yourself. Message me if you are concerned. The digital pattern is on special (25% off) in the […]

It’s not Friday – Fairytale Sew-Along

Hi lovelies, it’s not Friday yet but it is Fairytale Sew-along time! I had a call from someone wanting to view the house and even though I’m pretty sure it’s just a fishing expedition, I know that they’ll want an inspection just when I’m in the middle of uploading everything tomorrow. Gosh I’m so tired […]

Hello! Christmas is Coming!

Hello lovely quilters! I’m just checking in to say hi to everyone. How are you all? Christmas is on it’s way guys. I’m not sure whether I’m overjoyed at the thought of some seasonal festivities or really depressed at the thought of another year slipping by so quickly. I’ve bought all my gifts already… how’s […]

The OK Corral

Good morning lovely quilters! I’ve finished revamping the old (original) Wild West quilt pattern and have uploaded it to the website and the Etsy store. It’s been renamed “The OK Corral” to save confusion. As always the introductory price is cheap as chips :o) If you are wondering about the original pattern, well it’s old […]

Freebies Update!

Good morning y’all, it’s an overcast day here in the Sunshine State and it looks like the gloomy weather brings the gloomy news of a possible Covid lockdown for us. I’ve updated the free projects page so pop on over and sew some happy projects. I’m currently working on the next group of new designs, […]