Frosty the Snowman.

It’s been a rough three weeks here at Red Boot Quilts. I’m covered in severe hives of all things. I’m intensely itchy and drugged out of my brain with Benadryl. No-one knows what’s causing it. It could be something as simple as stress or it could be the Thyroxine I’ve just started taking.

Has anyone out there in blog-land had an adverse reaction to their thyroid meds? This morning I felt so bad I nearly called an ambulance. I’m sooo tired of this nonsense, I want my life back!

In the meantime, Frosty’s Christmas has been re-jiggied using blue background fabric instead of the grey. I’m working in between scratching, panicking and taking Benadryl induced naps; as soon as we work out what is causing these hives I’ll be back to some semblance of normality.


Frostys Xmas 840



The Red Boots Club

One of the greatest pleasures I have is seeing the quilts and toys you have made using my patterns. I’ve been toying (no pun intended LOL) with the idea of having a ‘Red Boots Club’ for some time, but I haven’t quite worked out how to do it, or whether you would be interested.

Let me know what you think, and any suggestions on how we could run it. xx

A big thank you to Debbie, Sonia, Shelley, Dawna, Sue, Lois, Margaret, Kylie, Anthea, Terri, Kirsten, Janet, Michelle, Kate, Tarnyia, Sio, Elaine, Jo, Wendy, Martha, Fiona, Vicki, and Jenny for sharing their photos with me. I will draw a name from the Red Boots hat and send you a gift in the post.

Lost in Space

Hi y’all,

I’m feeling a little lost this week (when it comes to what to do next). I have plenty of ideas and suggestions to work with but I’m feeling a little ambivalent towards all things made from fabric.

I think I need a hobby, something that is creative but not related to quilting. I would love to learn how to make cheese, to grow vines and olive trees and spend my days working with my hands in the sun. But that’s my retirement plan, so until then I need a hobby.

In the meantime I’m staring at my sketch book waiting for the next quilt to leap off the page and catch my imagination.

I wish it would hurry up! xx

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