Aussie Fires

Our beautiful country is on fire and I’m both filled with anger and despair. My social media feed is full of horror scenes, dying or dead wildlife, constant and relentless. 

If you would like to show your support by making a donation, I’ve listed some of the many links to the fire services below. The Red Cross is also taking donations.

NSW Rural Fire Service

Qld Fire and Rescue

South Australia Fire Service

Victoria Country Fire Authority

I’m sorry I can’t find a proper link for Tasmania and Western Australia. Please message me if you have any links you’d like me to share.

You can donate to our First Nations people here.

To date almost one billion, yes that’s billion, animals have died. The koala population has been decimated. It’s an extinction level fire event for many other species. So many animals are hurt or burned. To support our wildlife and animals you can donate here –

RSPCA Bushfire Appeal

WIRES Wildlife Rescue

Thank you, toni xx

Ps. I’ve managed to offend a few people (without meaning to) about sending quilts to the disaster zones. Please don’t misread my comment, I just wanted everyone to check with their local coordinators before sending anything. I only ask this through previous disaster relief experience. The wildlife centres are calling for pouches etc. for the animals but again always check with the coordinators for what’s specifically needed. ❤️❤️❤️