2022 Sew-Along

My Favourite Things

Hi! and welcome to our 2022 sew-along brought to you in conjunction with the lovely people at Thermoweb, the makers of my favourite fusible webbing, HeatnBond Lite.

This year’s sew-along will be different, you won’t be getting a completed quilt pattern but a series of blocks that you can pick and mix to make your own quilt. My blocks will be put together into a giant quilt and you are welcome to follow and make my layout if you prefer. Scroll down and click on the images to download the files.

You are given permission to resize the templates to suit your project but copyright must be respected in all instances.

Please consider making an occasional Ko-fi donation. A small donation helps me continue to earn an income doing the thing I love most – making people happy. Have fun, much love to all, toni xx

Please note: you do not need to print the ABC files that spell Love, Hope, Dream & Wishes more than once.

Basic Info.
Block 5
Block 10
Block 15
Block 20
Block 28
Block 33
Block 38
Block 43
Block 51
Block 56
Block 61
Block 71
Block 76
Block 81
Block 91
Block 96
Dotty Border
Block 105
Block 110
Block 115
Block 120
Block 1
Block 6
Block 11
Block 16
Block 21
Block 29
Block 34
Block 39
Block 44
Block 52
Block 57
Blocks 62-67
Block 72
Block 77
Block 82
Block 92
Block 97
Block 101
Block 106
Block 111
Block 116
Block 121
Block 2
Block 7
Block 12
Block 17
Block 26
Block 30
Block 35
Block 40
Block 45
Block 53
Block 58
Block 68
Block 73
Block 78
Block 83
Block 93
Block 98
Block 102
Block 107
Block 112
Block 117
Block 3
Block 8
Block 13
Block 18
Block 27
Block 31
Block 36
Block 41
Block 46
Block 54
Block 59
Block 69
Block 74
Block 79
Block 84
Block 94
Block 99
Block 103
Block 108
Block 113
Block 118
Block 4
Block 9
Block 14
Block 19
Blocks 22-25
Block 32
Block 37
Block 42
Blocks 47-50
Block 55
Block 60
Block 70
Block 75
Block 80
Blocks 85-90
Block 95
Block 100
Block 104
Block 109
Block 114
Block 119

17th October, 2022

Hi y’all, I’ve uploaded the last of the bonus blocks for this year. I’ve joined them together vertically and added them to the right-hand side of the quilt. You will need to make extra border blocks (if you are making my borders). You will need (22) border blocks for each of the top and bottom borders and (24) for each of the left and right-hand borders a total of (92) blocks. Remember to adjust the requirements for the backing and binding too. Much love to all, toni xx.

Please respect copyright and don’t sell patterns made with these blocks.

14th October, 2022

Hi y’all, I’ve uploaded the first batch of bonus blocks. I’ve joined them together and added them to the bottom of my quilt as shown below. The next (11) bonus blocks will be added to the right side of the quilt, extending it to make an 11 x 11 layout. Have fun lovelies! toni xx

Please respect copyright and don’t sell patterns made with these blocks.

1st October, 2022

Hi y’all, we’ve finished 10 rows! You can join the blocks together as shown in the image below or you can use the templates to make your own version of the quilt. I’ve uploaded instructions for the dotty borders above.

I will be adding extra blocks to my version of the quilt. If you want to continue this mad journey with me don’t add the borders yet. If you are saner than I am, you can finish your quilt here. The border instructions and requirements list are for the 10 x 10 block (layout) quilt. The border instructions will be easily adapted for the larger quilt with the extra blocks. I will be uploading the remaining (21) blocks over the coming weeks. I hope you had fun, thanks for joining our sew-along. Much love, toni xx

Please respect copyright and don’t sell patterns made with these blocks.