Well hello y’all. What a day. I woke up to an email from FreeSpirit Fabrics asking if I can whip up a quilt to be displayed at Houston this year.

The quilt is one I designed using a fellow Aussie’s new fabric range. Very much not my usual stuff. Pray peeps, pray to the quilting fairies that I get the fabric in time. The quilt in question is king sized – will I ever learn to keep things a sensible size? Probs not!

I’m going to have to take things very easy for the next week or so otherwise I won’t be able to use my arms again. Darn it, why now God, why now?? In other news my lovely physio recommended (actually it was a frightening warning/demand) that I buy a new style mouse/work setup. What he didn’t tell me was the eye-watering price tag involved. Take the average price of a good computer mouse and multiply it by about 100 *eeeeeeeeeek*. Looks like I won’t be buying flower seeds for quite some time. Or eating, or doing anything fun whatsoever :oD

But he promises me that it’s the best ergonomic setup you can get and every single review I’ve read sings it’s praises. Fingers crossed everyone.

In other news, postage is going up again. Grrrr. Don’t be fooled by government spin, AusPost is making a profit they’ve just split the service in two to fudge the figures. Everyone needs to be reminded that it is a government service and is protected by law. Do you think I’m angry? :oD

I won’t be increasing pattern prices, but I will continue to adapt old patterns, it’s the only way to keep things affordable. Some patterns will be retired but then re-released in a smaller format or style. You won’t need to re-buy any patterns, as always I will upload bonus blocks and old blocks to the website. I’m a little behind with that chore at the moment because of my joint pain, but it will get done eventually. Remember it’s just little ole achy me doing the work.

Well that’s just about it on the news front. I’ve logged my allowed keyboard time, so no more typing or scrolling for me today. Happy sewing, much love to everyone, toni xx

3 thoughts on “Houston!”

  1. you might try a sit stand work station along with that ergonomic mouse. Perhaps instead of coffee we need to contribute to mouse control.

  2. KING sized?!? Or, rather, TEXAS sized?! 🙂 You are crazy!! I’m praying your joints behave themselves and that you get your fabric in time!
    I wish you were coming to Houston with the Texas-sized quilt so that I could finally meet you in person!! I live in Austin so I usually drive the 2.5 hrs over to the quilt show every year. Couldn’t go last year so I’m hoping to go this year if my body will allow it.
    Loved all of your pics in your last post!! So incredibly beautiful – including Dave!! Just love all of your descriptions and pics.
    Take care of yourself!

  3. What fun..sending a quilt to Houston! Wow! Wonderful! Sending wishes to you that you will feel good enough to get it done..without touch pain! Wish I’d found time to do more quilting when younger..thought I could retire and enjoy! Yep well not going so good!. Look forward to your quilt,!

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