Hello my lovely friends…

Hi y’all, how’s things in your neck of the global woods? I hope you’re all keeping well. I’m zooming along, the H in ADHD = hyperactivity after all.

I have a few newsy bits and bobs to tell you. The “A Pug’s Life” quilt pattern will be retired this week. It will be replaced with “Pugs in My Garden”. The old templates will be uploaded to the freebies page as bonus blocks.

The “My Favourite Things – Love & Hope” quilt pattern is done. The digital version will be uploaded to the freebies page shortly and the printed pattern will be available to purchase in the next couple of days.

The second quilt “My Favourite Things – Dreams & Wishes” will be available soon and it will include extra, never seen before templates.

Next year’s sew-along will be “My Favourite Christmas Things”. It will probably start in February – I’ll let you know as it gets closer. I’m still dealing with horrendously inflamed joints but it’s time to simply deal with it and adjust my working day to fit around flare ups.

There is something else I needed to tell you but I’ve forgotten what it was. It’s been a long day lol. Love to all, take care, happy sewing! toni xx

7 thoughts on “Hello my lovely friends…”

  1. Thank you for the update. Glad you are feeling somewhat better even though it continues as an ongoing uphill battle. Hug and Prayers

  2. You are always so generous with your freebies Toni…
    Good you are able to work between your flare ups…
    Hugs Maria 🤗

  3. Hello, I thought I would just tell you how much I love your patterns. I always loved making dolls for my granddaughters but they are all grown up now and I stopped making them ( no great-granddaughters yet). My daughter works in a learning center with 2 year olds. They had old rag dolls that she brought home to wash, they fell apart. She asked if I would be able to fix them, of course I said I would try (I couldn’t). I decided to purchase your My Family pattern and the Harry & Miss Kitty pattern. I used scrap fabric to make one of each. The kids loved them and now some of the other teachers asked if I could make them some. I told them I would love to. They were so easy and I had so much fun making them.

  4. Sorry you still have joint pain but good for you working around it !! Love the positive attitude. Excited about favorite Christmas things- Christmas quilts my favorites !!! Continue to feel better !! Debbi

  5. Love your logo at the bottom! Makes us all happy to create happiness!In this funny world if we don’t create it…won’t happen!:)

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