New! My Favourite Things.

Hi y’all, I’ve removed the “My Favourite Things” sew-along page from the website. The individual blocks will be replaced with more manageable individual quilt patterns. The digital files will be available for free as promised and I’ll be making the printed versions available for purchase.

The first quilt is “My Favourite Things – Love & Hope”. The PDF and printed versions will be available in the next couple of weeks. I will upload it to the Free Patterns page as soon as I can. I’m not sure how much the printed version will be at present, there are 73 templates! I’ll let y’all know when I can.

The second quilt will be “Dreams & Wishes” but that’s a few weeks off yet. I’ll let y’all know when it’s ready to go.

I’m still pretty incapacitated but I’m slowly identifying triggers. Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to offer advice and to say they are going through, or have gone through the same thing post Covid. It seems women in particular are being affected by debilitating post viral joint pain and inflammation. Some have said it took them 18 months post Covid to show improvement. Blech!

Take care y’all, I’ll talk soon. Happy quilting! toni xx

3 thoughts on “New! My Favourite Things.”

  1. Love your quilt patterns and, I understand the struggle! Take care of yourself first.

  2. Toni, so sorry to hear you are still having trouble with your health. Even though it’s somewhat better, I know you must be ready to get back to your old self. Thank you for your generosity! I LOVE the whimsy of your patterns. I haven’t used any of your free patterns yet but just completed a quilt using Who’s at the Zoo (and some creative license). My great grandson loves it. Thank you

  3. Ohmygoodness Toni! That version of the quilt is ADORABLE!! Glad to hear you’re a wee bit better, but wish this post-Covid nonsense would go away!!!!
    Gentle hugs~

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