Happy Friday!

Hi y’all, it’s Friday! *yay*. Happy limpy gimpy leg dance!

Do you have anything special planned for the weekend? I’m very much looking forward to spending some time at home with my hubby. He works long hours during the week and I really look forward to his company on the weekends *hearts*.

I got a little bit of work done this week. I absolutely loved to be able to play with my fabric again.

Yesterday we got invaded by mutant ants – I swear they had glowing red eyes – which necessitated some heavy duty work on my behalf. Unfortunately it put me straight back on the couch. I’m completely fed up with this leg business.

I’ve downloaded an app that comes highly recommended by the ADHD community that reminds me to move every 30-40 minutes so I don’t put strain on any one part of my body.

Here’s hoping it engages my brain worm (what we call my ADHD) enough for it to help.

My goal is to be cha-cha-cha-ing again by Christmas!

Much love, toni xx

Ps. I murder Fitbits otherwise their vibration setting would be great (while it worked lol).

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Toni, I love your blog and patterns and all the things you share. I recently bought some of your patterns and I have to say, you do the BEST job! I love that you use colors and numbers on the pieces so I can tell what I’m doing without frying my brain. Your instructions are clear and concise. LOVE! However as I was looking through the pattern for the “zoo” , the keepers looked very familiar. I headed straight to my copy of Happy Quilts and sure enough! Red Boot “stole” those people! I was livid and was fully prepared to tattle. Imagine my chagrin when I discovered you were them! Good grief! Lol

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