I met him on a Tuesday…

Hello you lot, how are y’all? The calendar has clocked over to a new month and I’m still treading murky post Covid waters. I was doing really well then I was catapulted back to square one-ish. The physio thinks we pushed too hard and I’m a hobbling, painful wreck again. It was a blow and it hit very hard. However onwards, upwards, forwards, and hopefully not backwards too often!

It was our wedding anniversary this week, a surprisingly big one too, where does time go? Hubby took a week off work and because we don’t have a single romantic bone in either of our bodies, we spent it moving and installing a muddy 5000 litre water tank (in the rain). I do like having him home and I hate that he went back to work today. Curse the need for $$$ lol.

I really don’t have a great deal to post right now. The garden is in flux with the change of the seasons and I’m sure you don’t want to see photos or videos of Cyril the possum eating python. Let’s just say that at the moment it’s Cyril 2 Local Possums 0. Spud and Rem are peeved that they have restricted garden access but let me tell you it’s over in seconds, there is nothing you can do to save a critter from Cyril.

Pythons are supposed to hunt by night but Cyril likes to nab his prey right in the middle of brekky or morning tea. He likes an audience. Its brutal. Anyone who wants to see a python do his thing let me know, I can provide full blow by blow footage thanks to my science student daughters lol.

Take care of yourselves, I’ll have new projects for you when I can work again. Love to all, toni xx

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  1. I wanna see Cyril!! I love love love all things reptilian. I studied wildlife biology back in college and I’ve had lots of pet snakes and lizards over the years… I’d move to AUS but … spiders … those, I do not like. They freak me out for some reason, while snakes absolutely do not. (Shrug)
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad again. Have you heard of Post-Covid POTS? Or post Covid small fiber neuropathy? My entire family has POTS (not Covid related, just bad luck), and I have small fiber neuropathy from Ehlers Danlos. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
    Gentle hugs, my friend.

  2. So sorry you are still ill. I hope slow and steady works for you. And, since when is installing a water tank taking it easy? lol
    It was our 41st anniversary yesterday and we planned to go to a tulip festival. But, there was a large barn fire near the tulips and then someone hit an overpass, so we did not go. It is now not looking good for this year at all. 🙁 Hubby laughs and says it is me: computers go down when I walk into the bank, carefully made plans go up in smoke, literally.
    Love that fabric. So vibrant and cheery.

    1. I’m a great supervisor! I pulled up a chair (out of the rain) and directed hubby in all things muddy and tank like hahaha. I’m sorry about the missed tulip festival (wow, I’d love to see it) and like with you my family laughs and says it’s me. I can look at a clock or watch and it will stop (etc.) xx

  3. AAw Toni – its just too much – a pain in the “you know what”…take it easy – guess you have to! I’ll pass on the Possum videos thanks…and I am sure most of us have plenty to work on as much as I know you’d like to tempt us!

  4. Sorry you are still ill Toni. I really hope you are feeling better very soon. Sending best wishes and thoughts 😘

  5. Sorry you’re still sick Toni. Sending you good thoughts and wishes that very soon you are feeling better. 😘

  6. Take care of yourself. Even after you feel better. This Covid stuff can really hit hard. My nephew and his fiance have a brick and morter store and all they have is reptiles. I have seen pythons hunt for their prey and play with it before they eat it. Take care of yourself.

  7. Lovely to hear from you in my inbox again. I’m sorry to hear you are still struggling with Long Covid, but glad you got to “celebrate” your big anniversary so romantically 😂

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