Bargain Basement Friday!

Hiya lovelies, how are you all?

Things are getting a bit of a shake up and restructure at Red Boots so I’ve taken 40% off the retail price of all digital PDF patterns in our Etsy store this weekend. Pop on over and grab a bargain.

A number of patterns will be retired in the next couple of weeks; some temporarily some permanently.

It’s all about making it easier for me to run the business as a sole trader as well as removing old patterns that are out of date or need updating to meet ‘modern’ fabric aesthetics.

Love to all, toni xx

A few gentle reminders…

Y’all know how much I try to help everyone who contacts me and how I will go out of my way to accommodate most requests, but lately things have spiralled out of control.

Please ensure you enter your correct and most recent email address.

Please save all digital (PDF) patterns to the hard drive of your device, whether it be your iPad, phone, or computer.

Make sure the files are actually saved to your hard drive and not to your device’s download folder.

These downloads are NOT saved to your hard drive and will be deleted when you do ‘housekeeping’ on your device. Some devices auto-clear these temporary files every so often.

I didn’t know that when I pressed ‘download’ my computer wasn’t saving to my hard drive, I just assumed it was. However most of the time they are being saved to your browser files not your hard drive.

Please remember that I have no control over your device or how the files are saved.

It’s your responsibility to save them and keep them secure – like you would a printed pattern.

Seriously I can’t access your computer and I certainly can’t save anything to it or delete anything from it.

Please ensure your address is correct if you are ordering a printed pattern.

There have been so many orders with incorrect addresses lately. Please double check the address you’ve entered on the order. I know how easy it is to make a typo but I cant keep sending replacement patterns.

Mail (globally) is moving at a snail’s pace at the moment and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can deliver but the airfares would cost you a fortune ;o>

Thanks guys, I appreciate you reading to the end. If everyone did these few simple things it would save me hours of time every week.

toni xx

4 thoughts on “Bargain Basement Friday!”

  1. You have many fabulous patterns in your Etsy Shop. I wish I knew specifically which ones were on your retirement list. Any way of getting that information? Thanks!

  2. Quick question… Will the purchase links in Etsy still work after retirement?
    Gretchen Roberson

    1. Hi Gretchen, thanks for your message. They should work yes, please download the patterns you have purchased and save them to your hard drive just in case you can’t log in or Etsy changes it’s policy etc. toni xx

  3. Sorry it’s been so hard lately. Unfortunately it’s just ” the crazy world” right now.. I just retired from being a cashier for years. It has gotten so out of hand. You have always been so helpful and supportive…just harder to do right now. You helped me out long ago when I first ordered from you! 🙂 I haven’t forgotten that. Thank you Toni…appreciate you.

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