Thursday Hello!

Hi everyone! how are y’all today?

I’m just popping in to say I’m sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately and apologise for the lack of new projects and designs.

This week’s great news – I have some new stockists yay! I’ll upload their details when I get a chance. Thank you guys!

This week’s more great news – I’m walking reasonable distances again! OMG and yay! This morning I walked 2klm on the walking track. It’s an Easter miracle! Last December I could barely walk to the bathroom and back. It was terrifying. I’ve been slowly increasing the distance I can walk for months, quite literally metre by metre.

To be able to go for a brisk walk, albeit a physiotherapy type walk, is just joyful. I still have inflammation and loads of pain but it is getting better. My arm joints are another story but I must work. When money grows on trees for all to use then I’ll be able to rest completely *winky face*. Curse Covid right?

I do apologise if the cover on your printed order hasn’t been quite right recently.

Unfortunately my local print shop went out of business. I thought I’d found a replacement but the print run has come back blurry, heavy on the cyan ink, and the paper is of dubious quality grrr!

I’ve purchased a new mid-range printer and I’m currently calibrating everything to print correctly from home.

That’s about it from me. Easter was lovely, it was nice to have the family at home. We did exciting things like build a compost bay and a new garden so we can plant peas and beans. Aren’t I the glamorous one? *giggles*. Okay, I’m off to pick up child number one from the train station. Enjoy your Thursday, love to all, toni xx

Ps. I become incredibly dyslexic when I’m tired so please bear with me if I get my sentences back to front or my grammar is jumbled. It’s a me thing.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Wishing you continued success with your recovery

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