Once Upon a Time there was a Little Princess.

Hiya lovelies,

The ‘Little Princesses’ pattern has had a quick makeover and to celebrate, the digital pattern is on special this weekend for only $6!

The templates are now easier to put together and it has a fresh new look. You can find the pattern on our website here and in our Etsy store here.

‘Little Princesses’ also comes in a printed format and you can find the printed pattern in both stores. Please keep in mind that shipping times are very slow due to the current Covid situation and the adverse weather events that are occurring globally.

If you purchase a printed pattern and it’s taking longer than normal to reach you, please let me know and I’ll send you the digital version free of charge so you can make a start on the project.

The garden is having one last hurrah before the glorious warm days of early Autumn turn to Winter cold and gloom. The dahlias and hibiscus are blooming and this season’s battle with endless grasshoppers has (almost) been won.

I’m still struggling with this post-Covid joint inflammation and I’m not very happy about it… actually I’m really cranky and fed-up lol. The problem with ADHD is that you can hyper-focus for hours on end and not notice that a half hour turns into five hours and you’ve blown your allotted work time. I’m back to not being able to hold a damn pen due to the inflammation. Grrrrrrr!!!!

That’s it from me for this week. I’m going to grab an ice pack and go sulk on the couch lol. I’ve been reading The Hobbit and the Lord of Rings trilogy to pass the time. Can I spend a few months with the Elven folk, where time stands still, and be healed and rested please? Have a fantastic weekend everyone, love to all from this grumpy old penguin. xx

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time there was a Little Princess.”

  1. Am so sorry that the nasties are pestering you and that it’s hard find relief.
    On the bright side, I laughed out loud when seeing the penguin. That is so cute.

    Yes, I bought the princesses back when you first brought it out. Having the digital file works just fine for me. Thanks for updating them.

    Always enjoy your photographs. You’re so good at it as well.

    Thanks for all you do sharing your talents, Dottie

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