Hiya Peeps!

Hiya peeps, how are you all?

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for us… isn’t it always?

I’ve decided not to continue being a brand ambassador for Therm-o-Web, the makers of my fave fusible webbing HeatnBond Lite.

The lovely Julia, the absolute Queen of Halloween, let me know that she was moving on from her position at Therm-o-web and I thought it was the perfect time to take a break from the workload involved with the sew-alongs. It was a really hard decision to make, I’ve loved every minute of the experience and HeatnBond is still the only fusible webbing I use. I will continue to promote their products where I can because they really are fantastic.

I will be doing a new sew-along this year but it will be starting later in the year. I need time to catch my breath, let my body heal, and my brain rest. ADHD can be a real pain in the backside when you are tired and not on top of things physically.

Unfortunately my joints are still inflamed and painful, and I’m not getting enough rest. Curse Covid and it’s associated post-viral blahs! At least I can walk again even if I can’t go very far. Ice packs are my best friend but I’m not looking forward to them in Winter lol.

I’ll check back soon, or rather when I feel up to it. Take care and much love to all, toni xx

18 thoughts on “Hiya Peeps!”

  1. I appreciate the update as I’m sure we all do. I can sympathize with your fatigue. I have Lupus+Fibromyalgia. When diagnosed it changed my life. I pray that you can let your body rest and still keep up your exercise. Quilty hugs.

  2. Toni ~ Sorry for the lingering crap from COVID. I know you had to deal with that for quite some time. We are fortunate neither my husband or myself got that at all. Being on oxygen and other things, I was warned that I did not want to catch that as it could be fatal. My husband didn’t go to many places other than work and to get groceries or pick up meals. I am happy you are just dealing with the leftovers and nothing worse, although I would be thrilled to read you have finally kicked its butt.

    Take time for yourself and enjoy the lack of a deadline for a bit. Have your life back for awhile. Maybe that will help kick COVID out the rest of the way.

  3. A totally understandable decision – sometimes the planets align and give you a message. Rest up – take the meds – relax for as long as you need to. We will still be here when you are back fit &B healthy.

  4. Covid is evil and I am so sorry that you are experiencing the lingering effects. Feel better soon!

  5. You’ve earned a rest. Thank you for all of your lovely patterns. May there be rainbows in the sky, food in your belly and a warm cosy bed. Enjoy your time off. Love Stacey ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  6. Hey Toni – So sorry to hear that you’re still suffering with the post-Covid crap. Take a well-earned break and do not feel even the slightest bit guilty about it. You deserve to rest and take good care of yourself! And while it’s sad to hear you won’t be working with Thermo-Web anymore, now you won’t have to stress over a scheduled QAL. I think the man upstairs is trying to tell you to take it easy for awhile longer!! We’ll still be here when you’re feeling like yourself again.

  7. Thanks Toni for all the time and effort you put in to keep us up to date, just having a chat with us let’s us get to know you. Wishing your health to continue to improve so you begin to feel normal again. 😊

  8. Rest and take care of yourself. Your followers will be here whenever you get back to us.

  9. Toni, Thanks for all the wonderful patterns. I am praying for your recovery from all that is making you feel so badly. I look forward to the next project but in the meantime…REST!!!

  10. hope that you can recover quickly. this just sucks with all the after effects from covid. I am right there with you. arrgghh thanks for the update and look forward to hearing from you in the future

  11. It’s really hard to give yourself permission to take a well deserved and well needed break and not feel guilty. I get it! Your body is telling you and really glad you are listening. All the best ❤️

  12. Oh, no. Will you ever be able to sell your past ones? Or post them as 1 download eventually? I understand, You need to rest and take care of yourself. Start a new adventure when you are refreshed.

  13. So sorry Toni for your left overs from Covid! It’s been a strange weird world hasn’t it? Best wishes on a continued recovery.
    We will be happy when you start a new sew along. Your designs are wonderful and you are so talented. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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