Sloths & Misprints

Hiya lovelies, how are you this week? Summer has finally arrived here in Brisi and we are heading into heatwave conditions this weekend. The garden and I are not looking forward to it!

I’ve nearly finished the sloth quilt… it’s only taken two years lol. I just couldn’t get my head around these little dudes.

I’ll get the borders finished this weekend and then finalise the pattern. My joints are still inflamed post-Covid (almost three months now *eeek*) so I’m taking my time lest I push myself too far and can’t use my hands again.

I’ll pop back in a week or two with details of the sloth quilt and our 2023 sew-along but until then have a great weekend. Much love to all, toni xx

Ps. scroll for details of pattern misprints on sale!

Misprinted Patterns

I’ve uploaded a number of misprinted patterns to the web-store at discount prices. I’ll list them below. I hate the waste of misprints, they shouldn’t be put in landfill because they aren’t perfect. Click on the photos, then on the pattern page scroll the pattern options to “3 Misprint” to see the price and add to cart.

The misprints only affect the pattern covers – the colours may be too light, or slightly off retail quality. In some instances there is a ‘stutter’ or smudge where the flowers and logo have printed. The actual pattern/instructions are fine. A lot of patterns will have a double fold mark (wholesale to retail sizing).

T&C’s – The pattern/s may be shipped flat, folded, or double folded. Buying these patterns means you agree to them being a misprint or ‘second’. Returns are not accepted.